Lunch with Cebu Pacific + Exciting New Updates!

Two weeks ago, I attended an intimate lunch with the Cebu Pacific team, where we just spent our time enjoying the delicious food at Man Ho, Marriott Hotel, catching up, playing games and also learning some important news and updates! Sharing with you a few photos and some important announcements...


Cebu Pacific Mounts Taylor Swift-themed Flight 5J 1989!

Calling all Swifties going to Singapore for #TheErasTour! Cebu Pacific just made your trip more exciting! I'm sure you've already seen a few viral posts about it, but CEB’s Flight 5J 813 set to fly from Manila to Singapore on March 1-9, has been changed to 5J 1989, after Taylor Swift’s birth year and fifth studio album, to mark the Eras Tour’s only Southeast Asian pit stop at Singapore National Stadium on March 2-4 and 7-9. So much FUNNN.


Lights, Camera, Panalo: Puregold CinePanalo Film Festival Introduces Finalist Directors

Puregold CinePanalo Film Festival, the much-awaited event set to hail a new generation of outstanding Filipino films, officially introduced the recipients of its coveted film grants during a press conference held at the Artson Events Place, Quezon City.

Attended by representatives from Puregold, the film directors, their respective producers, and other key members of their teams, the press conference highlighted Puregold’s primary objectives: to provide a platform for both well-known and emerging filmmakers and to showcase narratives—collectively called Kuwentong Panalo—that can touch the heart and remind us of the indomitable Filipino spirit.


Avida Land Unveils the Biggest Outdoor Mural in the South

Avida Land excitedly announces the official unveiling of “In Her Future Memories,” a stunning mural artwork and winner of their recently concluded South Park District Mural Design Competition.

From championing local artists to elevating spaces with Filipino artistry is Avida's dedication to the arts, and this advocacy will continue to strengthen for years to come. They believe in the power of art to inspire, connect, and spark conversations, and "In Her Future Memories" embodies this spirit. Read on to know more...


Pleasure for All Year-End Party: Redefining Naughty and Nice with Durex

As a bold testament to empowering personal pleasure, Durex Philippines hosted the "Durex-mas for All, Pleasure for All: Naughty and Nice Year-End Party" at Ugly Duck, Poblacion, Makati, last December 15, 2023. The night is a resolute declaration of Durex's dedication to cultivating a community that revels in individuality, the empowerment of personal pleasure, and the nurturing of meaningful connections. This gathering encapsulated the very essence of Durex, celebrating uniqueness, exploration, and pleasure. Read on to know more...


Doc Pao Bellosillo: A Blessing and a Perfect Partner

In a world that underwent profound transformations during the pandemic, one remarkable individual emerged as a beacon of goodness, embodying qualities that make him an ideal partner and a true blessing to those around him. Dr. Paolo Bellosillo, known affectionately as Doc Pao, not only possesses exceptional looks but also dedicates his life to doing good and making a positive impact on the community. His story mirrors that of a captivating Kdrama hero, evoking feelings of admiration and appreciation. Read on to know more...


Jakarta, Indonesia Day 1: Flying there, Where to Stay and Road to D-Day!

You already know how big of a BTS army I am, so getting to experience their Yet To Come concert in Busan (even if we're team labas) in October of last year was a dream come true. After that, we didn't expect another concert/tour soon (after their group hiatus announcement) but then my love Suga surprised us all with a solo tour! He's my ultimate bias so I was really desperate to watch. We already know ticketing would be HELL (more so since he chose smaller venues) so I prayed so hard hoping I'd be able to get a ticket. So thankful for my roomie and ka Sugababe Ruthie who fought during the Jakarta ticket selling! Oh, the relief & joy I felt when I found out she was able to secure tickets. Huhu. Ana was also able to buy from a friend of a friend. So with that out of the way, next thing we did was plan our trip and book flights and accommodations! Read on to know more...