LUMOS RAY Smart Projector Review: My Own Home Theater!

From the start of the pandemic up until now, I spend more time at home than outside. I only go out when it's necessary or whenever my work requires me to. So with this new set-up. I constantly find ways to keep myself entertained at home. And when I'm not sleeping, I usually just read a book or watch my favorite TV series & BTS videos. So excited to have discovered a way to upgrade my viewing experience at home! Read on to know more...

My own home theater!


Adulting 101: To Rent or Buy a Property?

I've been living independently for 12 years, and I have now reached a point in my life where I'm thinking about whether renting a place is more feasible than owning one. I live in a small 2-bedroom in the heart of the city for 8 years now, paying $250 monthly rent (plus utilities), and while I love my humble abode, I keep thinking if I should just apply for a housing loan and pay a monthly mortgage instead. My Mom offered to finance a 2-story townhouse 3 years ago (when we still had money after my dad's retirement) but I declined because of the location. Now I'm regretting my decision. Haha! Read more...

OOTD before going out of my apartment!


5 Cities in the US that Have a Small Town Feel

If you're in the US and you're thinking of moving or relocating, here are some places you might want to consider! A large number of Americans are considering picking up and moving to greener pastures, and something high on many peoples’ list is an area that feels like the perfect mix between a city and a small town. Thankfully, this isn't impossible to find! These are five awesome cities that feel like small towns while offering every piece of fun you could want out of city living. Read on to know more...


Coron, Palawan Day 4: Sunlight Eco Tourism Island Resort

Ladies and gents, we have come to the end of my Coron, Palawan adventure! It was fun reliving this memorable trip, and I'm happy to end it with our wonderful stay at Sunlight Eco Tourism Island Resort in Culion, Palawan! Sharing with you photos of this paradise on earth, as well as our amazing experience. Read on to know more...


Coron, Palawan Day 3 & 4: Island hopping & Culion Tour

Here's the 2nd installment of my Coron, Palawan trip last December! As I mentioned in my first post, Days 1 & 2 were spent in town visiting different sights, accommodations & souvenir shops. On the 3rd day, we were finally allowed to board a boat and do some island hopping! And then on the 4th day, we were finally given a go signal to visit Culion & transfer to Sunlight Ecotourism Resort, which I can easily describe as paradise on earth. Read on to know more...

Kayangan Lake, you're such a beauty. :)


8 Work-From-Home or Remote Working Tips for Digital Nomads

One of the greatest impacts brought about by this pandemic is the shift from office work to remote work. It has made a hugely positive effect and a great realization that working from home can be equally productive and sometimes more efficient than spending time in the office. Most workers I talked to said they save more time, energy, and money from working at home, and based on my own personal experience, I agree! Less time stuck in traffic, more savings on gas, transportation & food (because you can just cook at home), and more time for yourself which is good for mental health! Read on to know more…

Worked remotely from Boracay!

Coron, Palawan Day 1 & 2: Itinerary + Where to Stay + Souvenir Shopping

Last December, I was invited by the Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines via Kuya Melo to join their Coron influencers program/media trip. This trip was extra special & memorable because it was my first time visiting the island and it was one of my first media trips after the pandemic happened. I was so excited I couldn't sleep! Haha! In this blog, I will share with you all the places we went to, activities we did, accommodations you could stay in, traveling tips, and requirements needed. I will divide my posts into 2 because there's just so much to share hehe. So without further ado, let's start our journey to one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines - CORON!