My Love for Computer & Online Games + A Brief Walk Down Memory Lane

I know life could be taxing especially now, so it's really important to take a breather sometimes. When it comes to killing time or whenever I want to relax and destress, I have a list of things I usually do.  It includes reading books, watching BTS videos, writing on my journal, chatting with my friends, watching my favorite TV series or playing comptuer/online games! The latter could be really addicting and I often find myself so immersed that I don't even notice the time. Before I know it, I've already spent hours (or sometimes even half a day) playing haha! Read on to know more...


My 13-year Journey in Blogging, Content Creation & Digital Media

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the evolution of digital media and the massive shift I, together with my blogger besties, have witnessed and still witnessing until now. We started from blogging (Blogspot, Tumblr, DeviantArt, WordPress) and then it shifted to Multiply, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and now Tik Tok! Not gonna lie, it scares me (nothing is constant y’all) but it’s also exciting at the same time. However, I cannot discuss these changes without going back from where it all started for me. So let me share with you my personal blogging journey! Let’s go back to 2008, shall we? Read more…

one of my old OOTD photos!


New Specs Review: Peculiar Eyewear

Truth be told, I can't live without my eyeglasses. I've always had 20/20 vision but recently I've been experiencing eye fatigue (especially when I'm on my phone or laptop for hours) and sad to admit, I now have "hyperopia" or farsightedness. Signs of aging haha huhu. Recently, I discovered an eyewear brand that not only protects my eyes & helps me with my eye issues, but it's also right up my alley when it comes to fit, style and budget! Read on to know more why you should choose PECULIAR Eyewear...


5 Tips to Care Of Your Faux Leather Items

Leather is a classic fabric that many people love. Its durability and versatility makes it an essential piece for many fashionistas. However, because of sustainability and price issues, many resort to faux or vegan leather as a cheaper and cruelty-free alternative.

Whether in the form of jackets, pants, shoes, accessories, or furniture, faux leather is stylish and classic. But since it tends to crack and tear faster than genuine leather, you’ll need to give your faux leather items some extra TLC (tender love and care) to keep them in tip-top shape.

Here are five simple and budget-friendly tips to keep your faux leather goods clean, crack-free, and beautiful...


RLC Residences: Taking Customers to Greater Heights

True to its commitment to enhance people's lives, Robinsons Land Corporation furthers its three-decade legacy of providing safe, comfortable and healhty homes through its rebranded Residential Division, RLC Residences. Read on to know more...


Enjoy Fried Food Without Guilt with the New Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer!

I love fried food so much that it scares me sometimes. You know with the amount of oil I see, but I still eat it anyway! Fast forward to now, I'm so happy to discover the joy of air frying! It's not only more fun to do, it's also quicker (so I am able to save time & effort) and most of all, healthier compared to deep frying or just normal cooking in general! Millennials may get a lot of flak sometimes for being the woke, forward-thinkers that we are, but nobody can deny that our generation does have some of the brightest, most innovative perspectives the world has seen. We’re the generation that gave voice to a lot of new trends and insights—the masters of creating ‘new traditions’ that will most likely be carried by future generations, just like one of the smartest kitchen appliances now--the Breville Smart Oven® Air Fryer


India 2020: Jaipur 2-Day Travel Guide

After a year, here's the 4th installment of our epic Indian 2020 adventure! From Agra, we travelled for 4-5 hours going to Jaipur. On the way, we stopped and toured inside Fatehpur Sikri, ate lunch and made a quick visit at Chand Baori, a stepwell located in Abhaneri village in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Before our trip, I already messaged Indian Holiday if they could include the stepwell in our tour schedule and they nicely accommodated my request. Originally, wala talaga sha because it's a bit out of the way. In return, I asked them to remove the elephant ride at Amber Fort in our package. Win-win! So tara, join me as I relive our amazing Jaipur trip...