My Own #TouchofCare Story + VICKS' New Video Made Me Cry!

Have you seen Vicks' new #TouchofCare video? Yes? No? Well, one thing is certain, tears will roll! Mine did. I guess it's because it hits so close to home. Knowing a few people who struggled and are still struggling with HIV-- some winning and losing-- it's heartbreaking. Some of the things they have to fight for everyday (aside from conquering their illness) are PREJUDICE, DISCRIMINATION and ACCEPTANCE. And let me tell you, it doesn't come easy. Read on to know more..


How SNOW CAPS Helped Me Sleep Better and Reduce Stress

They say one should love the skin they’re in, and to be completely honest, I am only starting to love mine. Growing up, I have always been obsessed with skin whitening everything maybe because of society’s double standard when it comes to beauty. Now, I have truly embraced my color (thanks to the kind & encouraging words guys hehe) but I still use SNOW CAPS Glutathione! But WHY??? I know this might seem contradicting or confusing to you, but I promise you I have my reasons. One of which is the most important: HEALTH! Read on to know more… 


Travel Guide: Enchanting Siquijor (Things To Do, Where to Stay, Budget) + Bohol Side Trip

I know this is 5 months overdue but in my defense, I really thought I already blogged about our Siquijor trip last October! Waaah! Tried searching it on Google coz was looking for something but nothing came up. So ayun na nga, hindi pa pala. Haha. So finally, here it is! :) Flew to this mystical island with a few family and friends to celebrate Nico's birthday. Since he's a merman (or baka isda talaga) in his past life, he wanted another beach trip (last year we spent it in Bluewater Sumilon naman). We wanted to go somewhere we've never been before or only a few people frequent, so my cousin Rjae suggested SIQUIJOR! So we all booked our flights, researched for weeks and off we went to one of the best beach trips of our lives. Read on for photos and stories...


OLAY WHIPS: Finally, A Moisturizer That Is Light As Air!

For more than a decade, I have always followed a strict skin care regimen-- cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, facial milk/sunscreen, eye cream. And if you want younger looking skin even as you age, I suggest you start early. Glad I did! All the products I'm currently using were tested over time (works for combination skin in tropical weather) and I'm happy to include in my list Olay's newest breakthrough in facial moisturizers, the OLAY WHIPS! Guys, believe me when I say that it is really one of the best skin care products I discovered this year. Read on to know more...

My New Favorite Lippie: L'oreal Paris Rogue Signature Matte Color Ink!

I am very choosy when it comes to lipsticks. If you take a peek inside my makeup kit (and box) you'd see that I only really use a few, those that suits my color, lasts for hours and does not make my lips chap to death. And lately I've been really obsessed with my 2 favorite shades from the new L'oreal Rogue Signature Matte Ink line!!! I attended the fun launch at the Mind Museum and here are photos and more details...


Taiwan's PRESOTEA: Now Serving Brew-To-Order Tea in Robinsons Magnolia!

I may not be the biggest milk tea fan out there (I'm just a moderate drinker haha), but I am a HUGE tea fan!!! I am even planning to visit a few tea plantations this March during my 10-day solo trip in Taiwan. So I was super excited when I learned that the most popular brand of bubble tea and brew-to-order tea beverages originating from Taiwan has finally arrived in Manila. Best part? It's just a few minutes drive from my apartment. Woot, woot! Anyway without further ado, fellow tea lovers, let me present to you my new favorite (and yours too once you try it!) tea place in Manila, PRESOTEA! :)

Virtual Tour of the Newly Opened Fisher Mall Malabon

People of the CAMANAVA (Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela) area and Northerners, rejoice!!! A hip new mall just opened in town and it's every shopper's paradise. One of my favorite malls, Fisher Mall, recently launched their newest branch in Malabon and I (with a few blogger friends) witnessed first-hand the grand celebration. Here are photos from the launch of the latest shopping, dining and entertainment destination up north!