Robinsons Rewards Card & App Perks for VIP Day 2020 + Southstar Drug Feature

I love shopping and I’m sure most of you do too. In our current situation it is important to not only be an efficient shopper, but also be a wise one! Shopping is better when there are perks involved right? If we have the same mindset when it comes to shopping, then I suggest you download the Robinsons Rewards App stat! I have the Robinsons Rewards card but I switched to the app because aside from earning points it has many features like exclusive discounts, push notification, points tracking and you can use it to shop online. It is easily downloadable through the Google Play or Apple app store + registration is FREE! You could even link your card to the app just by scanning the barcode at the back of the card. So convenient! With this, I have more exciting news!!! Read on to know more… 


How I Stay Healthy with Best Organic's Micro Plant Powder Gold

If there's one precious lesson we all learned this year, it's the importance of putting our health first. It's an invaluable asset that most of us (including myself) often take for granted. Before this pandemic, I've been living a fast-paced life. I was always trying to do so many things at once, hopping from one place/commitment to another that I oftentimes forget to eat or go to the restroom. I was also not into fitness so I felt sluggish and tired all the time. Fast forward to ECQ, everything changed. I had more time to rest, think and just listen to what my body says. To relieve myself from stress and anxiety, I started working out. It was also the perfect opportunity to cut our consumption of fast food and junk food and just cook healthy meals at home! Still, there are moments when I wish I could live healthier but then I forget about it-- good thing I found the perfect partner to help me through this journey, MICRO PLANT POWDER GOLD!!! Read on to know more about this super food... 


India 2020: Agra 3-Day Travel Guide + I Got Engaged!

Hello again! I already shared with you our complete New Delhi travel guide, now it's time to move on to the 3rd part of our super fun India adventure, the beautiful and breathtaking city of AGRA! This is the most memorable for me (aside from my bestfriend's wedding) because this is when a new chapter of my life began-- yes, this is where Nico I got engaged! I absolutely had no idea it would happen, but I'll save that story for later hehe. So without further ado, join me as we explore Agra through my photos and stories!


India 2020: New Delhi 3-Day Travel Guide + Food Trip

Hello again! So sorry if it took a while for me to publish this post. I know I said I'd have more time to work on backlogs, but this whole situation got me feeling stuck, unmotivated, stressed and anxious the past month/weeks. As in there were nights I'd cry myself to sleep and I'd spend the rest of the day feeling dejected. Now, I have learned to slightly adjust to this new norm and I've learned to only focus on things I can control. Laying low from social media helped me slowly regain my sunny disposition and I don't feel as hopeless as before. I shifted my attention to my newfound passions--Cooking (which is kind of a big deal for an undomesticated beech like me), Exercising (also a new record but I need endorphins to make me happy haha), New Relaxing Game Apps (goodbye muna Mobile Legends) and I started writing poems again! Spending my energy on more important things like our #CoVid19Bayanihan fundraising drive also helped me a lot. So ayun, here I am!  :)

Here's the 2nd installment of my 17-day India/Penang trip! I already shared with you how we planned the whole trip as well as photos and stories of our first night in New Delhi. Our first stop was Visakhapatnam for my friend's wedding but will save that post for later. Sharing with you our 3-day itinerary at India's capital city-- NEW DELHI! Not sure if 3 days but we stayed there whole day of Feb. 7, came back on Feb. 12 at around 5pm, toured the whole day of Feb. 13 and then left for the airport lunchtime of Feb. 14. Anyway, read on to know more...


India 2020: Pre-Trip Planning, Budget + First Night in New Delhi

Hello world, I'm back! Hehe. Sorry if I haven't been blogging lately. ;( Quick life update! After styling the movie James & Pat & Dave, I got busy working on other styling projects including the new film "Four Sisters Before the Wedding". Had no time to blog or post often on social media. But now, with this newly imposed Covid-19 lockdown, I think I'll have enough time to work on my backlogs! Meaning, more travel guides and a few personal posts in between. Speaking of which, ito na! I received a lot of messages asking me to post a detailed guide about my recent 17-day India trip. To be honest, the trip wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for my bestfriend Cecille who invited me to her Indian wedding. We've been friends forever so I wouldn't miss it for the world. It was also the perfect opportunity to fulfill Nico's lifelong dream to visit India and eat authentic Indian food! I blame it on his Bollywood obsession. Haha. So anyway, we decided to hit two birds with one stone, attend the wedding and do the Golden Triangle tour after. We also did a sidetrip trip to Penang, Malaysia which has been on our bucket list since forever, too. Let me share with you the preparations we did, as well as booking tips! Read on...


Kyoto 2019 Part 1: Fushimi Inari, Gion & Garaku Guest Inn

Hello again blog friends! It's the last day of the year and I told myself I just have to publish one post before this year ends. This article is long overdue, I know, sorry. Huhu.  To be completely honest, writing a detailed travel guide could really be time consuming so it sometimes end up sitting in my drafts folder especially when I get distracted with other important matters. I was more active on social media these past months, but for the next year/decade, I promise I will work on more articles and also more videos!!! 

So anyway sa mga matagal ng nagaabang (sorry na talaga hehe), here's the continuation of my 10-day DIY Japan adventure last July! Finally. Haha. I've already shared with you our itinerary, tips and budget for Nagoya, so now we move on to my favorite city in Japan --- KYOTO!!! Read on to know all the reasons why...


Designer Kirby Cruz Launches The Fashion Hospital

As a fashion/engagement stylist and fashion blogger, I’m always on the lookout for stylish and unique pieces for clients or future events. So even if October 8 was a Sunday, I dressed to the nines and dashed to Manila to witness the re-launch of talented designer Kirby Cruz (his custom couture line) and the launch The Fashion Hospital by Kirby Cruz (his off-the-rack line)! It was truly a night of glamour, pasabogs and beautiful, beautiful clothes with the streets of Manila as our setting. One for the books! Read on to know why…