#RaiseItHigh with the New Dove Ultimate Repair Dark Marks Corrector

There’s no denying that for most women, smooth and even-toned underarms remain to be an unattainable goal. I think it's one of the top insecurities of women worldwide, don't you agree? Well, I know it's one of mine. Because of this, women tend to stay within their comfort zones, stirring away from sleeveless tops or feeling ashamed to even raise their hands. They try to put their faith into different deodorants that in the end fails to deliver on their promised results. Well, it’s time to raise our standards! Dove understands the different underarm woes women have, and created a real, ultimate solution that will enable them to finally #RaiseItHigh. Ladies, let me introduce to you Dove's solution to all our underarm problems-- The New Dove Ultimate Repair Dark Marks CorrectorRead on to know more...


Staycation at Zen Rooms Melbourne Makati

Got sick after I came home from Siquijor so I decided to hibernate for two weeks so I could recuperate and recharge. And for that, our staycation in Zen Rooms Melbourne Makati was just perfect timing! I spent 3 days and 2 nights just resting, catching up on sleep, watching Netflix, eating, chilling and blogging. It was just what I needed. Sharing with you a review of the place but please forgive me if I would only be able to share a few snaps. My phone gave up on me last week and all of my files (including photos huhu) all got deleted. Sadly, I wasn't able to back them up. Huhu. Anyway, read on to know more!

Singapore 2018: Little India Heritage Trail, Chinatown, Keong Saik Road + 5Footway.Inn Hostel

Hibernated at my parent's house over the long weekend, so I had time to edit some of my Singapore photos! Anyway, here's part 2 of my 8-day Singapore birthday adventure with Nico. We were aiming for a more laid-back cultural experience this time (we already did all the touristy stuff a few years back) and it was a success. It surprises me that I still get to explore and discover so many new things, even though I've already been there a few times. I have shared with you what happened during our first day and night in Singapore, now read on to know more about what we did during days two to three! Photos and stories below...


Singapore 2018, Day 1: Vintage Inn, Little India, Rainforest Lumina, Night Safari & Tep Wireless

While I am still on antibiotics, hence the self-imposed house arrest, I will be working on my pending travel posts. (Wrote this a week ago, I'm all well now! Yipee!). Still so much to share with you, guys! I am done with Krabi, Melaka and Coco Beach, now I'm working on my Singapore birthday trip before I move on to Siquijor! Writing about recent trips excites me, maybe because the memories are still fresh in my mind. Soooo, I MUST finish Singapore STAT. Haha. Anyway, it was Nico and I's first time alone together in Singapore. We've been there before (with my family), so we never really got to do what we wanted. Our 8-day trip in the Lion City all started because of an online seat sale to Malaysia (for only P1500 roundtrip!) and the rest was history. Read on to know more...


5 Button-Down Shirts Styles That You Will Fall in Love With

Oh, the humble button-down shirt! It has to be one of the most quintessential pieces in any lady’s wardrobe - next to the highly coveted Little Black Dress, of course! It’s hard not to love, when you can easily dress it up or down to suit any occasion or mood. So with that in mind, here’s a run-down of the depths of where this staple can take you:


Malacca/ Melaka, Malaysia: Two-Day Itinerary, Travel Guide & Photo Diary

Hello guys! Just came home from Siquijor for Nico's birthday getaway and it was all sorts of awesome. Will get to that soon, maybe a little sooner than my other travel backlogs. Let's see! Hihi. For now, I want to share with you our quick stopover after our 8-day Krabi, Thailand adventure. Since we were flying out from Malaysia, Nico and I decided to make a little side trip to the city of MALACCA or Melaka. Read on to know more...


Coco Beach Island Resort: Island Paradise in Puerto Galera + How To Buy Discounted Rooms!

I've been busy with a lot of things lately--blogging, styling, all those rakets in between while trying to redecorate our apartment, pay my bills and also fix my life LOL-- I am going into overdrive. I think it also has something to do with this weird lingering feeling I'm having ever since I turned 30-something (mid-life crisis sucks, will make a separate post about this). You know that phrase "So little time, so much to do"? ME RIGHT NOW. Lately, I've been doing a lot of thinking mostly about life, time, the future, and it's driving me nuts. One thing that helps me keep my sanity whenever I'm feeling suffocated is leaving the city and going on a quick getaway. Change of scenery could really be a good thing 'coz it helps keep things into perspective, it helps me breathe again. And two weeks ago, we did just that when we escaped to Coco Beach Island Resort in Puerto Galera. We left the city for 4 days, slightly disconnected from the world (walang signal dun guys and it was actually quite nice) doing nothing and just making the most out of everything in the midst of a storm. Read on for more stories and photos...

Our little haven in this island paradise