BAYO Celebrates Modern Filipinas in New Campaign + My Bayo Story

I've known the brand BAYO all my life. I'm sure most of you 90's babies could relate that it's one of those brands that has become my/our closet staple (lalo na mga nagooffice jan), one of those local brands that has become a part of our history. :) For 27 years, I watched the brand evolve and flourish even with all the competitions coming in and that's kind of amazing right?! I am so happy that they continue to withstand these ever changing times, much like the country and the people they represent. This 2019, BAYO celebrates the evolution of Modern Filipinas through a beautiful collection that tells her story. Read on to know more... 


Antipolo's Hidden Gem: Luljetta's Hanging Gardens Spa + Garden Suites

Last week, Nico and I went on a quick, but very relaxing getaway east of Manila, just less than an hour drive from the city (well, at least from our place in Cubao hehe). I love going on little breaks in places that are accessible yet still far enough from the busy city. Places like Antipolo's hidden gem-- Luljetta's Hanging GardensI've always wanted to visit this beautiful place after seeing countless photos of it online but never got the chance, so the invite from Travelbook.ph to check out this Bali-inspired paradise was just perfect timing. I'm also in desperate need of a nice respite from this summer heat that is just killing me. So without further ado, let me take you on a tour of this lush oasis that is the best destination if you want a quick escape with your friends or loved ones. Read on to know more...


Innisfree Opens in SM Megamall + My Favorite Products!

Last April 5, my favorite Korean skin care brand INNISFREE just opened their 2nd store in SM Megamall and I couldn't be happier! Aside from being just a stone's throw away from me, the store also carries and offers most of their best-selling products. Now I can now stock up on my favorite skin care products anytime. I remember panicking 'coz I run out of my Green Tea Seed Serum which I got from Korea, luckily Anagon gave me a new one as a gift! If you're from the South, they also have a branch in SM Mall of Asia. Anyway, sharing with you photos from the media launch last April 4 where a few bloggers/vloggers and I was able to take a sneak peek of their new store before it opened to the public. Read on to know more...


How Nico and I Spent our 5th Anniversary in Taal Vista Tagaytay

Nico and I aren't big on anniversaries. We do birthdays best though. Haha! But this year we wanted to do something special since we're celebrating an important milestone in our relationship--reaching half a decade! Can you believe it? We've had our ups and downs and there was a time we had to take a brief time off but we're still here. Will save our story for later, but for now will share with you our amazing anniversary celebration in one of my favorite hotels, TAAL VISTA in Tagaytay! :) Read on to know more...


Indochina 2018: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Travel Guide 2018-2019 (Itinerary, Budget, Accommodation and Tips)

Lately, I am feeling super inspired to work on travel posts especially personal trips I shelved for quite some time. There are times when the feeling of "burnout" becomes so overwhelming that I can't even bring myself to open my laptop. Have you ever felt that way fellow bloggers or writers? Anyway! So sorry if it took me one whole year before writing this post. So many things happened in between that I was not able to go right back to it. And so, finally, here it is! The first part of our super epic 10-day INDOCHINA adventure! Traveled with a few of the Cubao crew making the trip more special. Our first stop? HO CHI MINH, VIETNAM! Read on to know more...


My Own #TouchofCare Story + VICKS' New Video Made Me Cry!

Have you seen Vicks' new #TouchofCare video? Yes? No? Well, one thing is certain, tears will roll! Mine did. I guess it's because it hits so close to home. Knowing a few people who struggled and are still struggling with HIV-- some winning and losing-- it's heartbreaking. Some of the things they have to fight for everyday (aside from conquering their illness) are PREJUDICE, DISCRIMINATION and ACCEPTANCE. And let me tell you, it doesn't come easy. Read on to know more..


How SNOW CAPS Helped Me Sleep Better and Reduce Stress

They say one should love the skin they’re in, and to be completely honest, I am only starting to love mine. Growing up, I have always been obsessed with skin whitening everything maybe because of society’s double standard when it comes to beauty. Now, I have truly embraced my color (thanks to the kind & encouraging words guys hehe) but I still use SNOW CAPS Glutathione! But WHY??? I know this might seem contradicting or confusing to you, but I promise you I have my reasons. One of which is the most important: HEALTH! Read on to know more…