Japan Diaries 2016, Tokyo Day 3 & 4: Yokohama, Cup Noodle Museum, Going Home

This is the last installment of my Japan 2016 posts. I hope you had fun reading through each and every one of them, as much as I did writing them. :) We spent our last whole day in Japan at a place called Yokohama. We were supposed to go to the Ramen Museum and Cup Noodle Museum, but we ran out of time so we were only able to accomplish the latter. For 500 yen or P230 entrance fee, it was worth it!  Read more about our fun experience below...


Japan Diaries 2016, Tokyo Day 2: Yoyogi Park, Meiji Shrine, Harajuku Shopping, Shinjuku

Second to the last Japan post! Rushing this na so I can work on Taiwan which is just as exciting! :) On our 2nd day in Tokyo, we did not go very far. We explored Harajuku again (we were only able to take a quick glimpse the night before) and traveled to Shinjuku to meet up with a friend and for Ana and Sarah's Robot Show. This day is pretty chill and we spent it mostly on shopping & window shopping. Photos and stories below...


Review: Hair Color by STATUS Salon

Had my hair color 3rd week of September at Status Salon, Eastwood branch and up until now I'm still loving it! My sister keeps praising it and asking me what color I chose. To be honest, I have no idea. Haha! I just asked the hairstylist to make my hair color even (it still has color but the top part of my hair has darkened na). Here are photos!

Product Review: Belo Baby Cologne + Contest!

I've always been a cologne kind of girl. This could be attributed to my forever skin problem, because of which I was told to stay away from leather seats or anything leather (my skin breaks out a few minutes after contact), dusty places, itchy fabrics and perfumes. But in my line of work where I'm always out meeting new people, I just couldn't leave the house without spraying any scent on me. Shempre I want NEED to always smell fresh & look presentable! My new discovery, Belo Baby Cologne, is just what I need for everyday! Read on..


Japan Diaries 2016, Tokyo Day 1: AirBnb, Shibuya, Ginza & Harajuku

Taking a break from posting events and press releases thorough a travel post! :) Before I work on my Taiwan entries, I shall finish Tokyo first. So to recap, from Kyoto, we took a night bus going to Tokyo. We chose to ride a bus instead of the train because it is cheaper by 50% and also to save on 1-night accommodation. We also had time to spare so it was perfect. Compared to trains which only takes 4 hours, this bus ride took 9 hours. It was not a big deal though because the ride and our seats were super comfortable! We were snoozing a few minutes after our bus left the station and woke up when we were already in Shinjuku, Tokyo.  Since we were able to have a good night sleep, we had enough energy to explore the city! Here are photos from our first day...

SM GTW jumper, Stylestunner top, Skechers rubbershoes


#TheHottestFair Event + Jadine for Parisian & Milanos Holiday 2016

My favorite shoe brand and my favorite love team (I've never been this attached to a love team ever since Jericho & Kristine Hermosa haha) worked together to create a beautiful campaign for their holiday collection and launched it by means of a fun fair! Attended #TheHottestFair event which also featured #JadineForParisianxMilanos and I was super excited to see the new styles from Parisian (and Milanos for the jowa & brother) and of course, see the hottest pair on the runway! Here are photos from the campaign & launch...

#LoveEmThisChristmas & Love'Em Lit Holidays at Ayala Malls

I have not been feeling the Christmas spirit the past months and weeks because of all the work I had to do and the weather, but everything changed when I attended the Ayala Malls #LoveEmThisChristmas "Love'Em Lit Holidays" launch 2 weeks ago. After that, I was able to say, Pasko na nga!!! I love how Ayala Malls come up with new, special & delightful experiences every year for their shoppers and their loved ones especially during this Yuletide season. So what are they up to this time??? Read on...