Two Days in Kuala Lumpur + AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search 2017

I think this year is looking bright for the nomadic me. Well, I'm claiming it! =D After Bohol, I was invited again by AirAsia to cover one of their events--- this time in Malaysia! This time I, together with a few media friends and my loves Kelly, were asked to cover the launch of AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search 2017. What is this all about? More details below as well as random stories and photos!


AirAsia in Bohol x Ubi Festival 2017: Festivities, Isola De Francesco & Food Trip

Here's the second part of my Ubi Festival 2017 adventure in Bohol via AirAsia! On our 2nd day, we had a few hours to ourselves before our scheduled activities. Spent the morning eating and napping. Haha. We met up with the group at around 12:30pm for lunch (where we were served dishes all made with yam!) before heading to our first stop: the TOWNHALL! But first let me explain to you guys why Bohol has this kind of festival and why Ubi/Ube is a huge part of their lives and culture. Read on...


Product Review: Love is Worth Waking Up To with DENTISTE

During this time full of short-lived relationships, most people believe that romance no longer exists except in movies and novels. But the truth is, its not about who we’re with at night rather, all of us are searching for that one person who we want to wake up to every day and face the world with. That’s why Dentiste Toothpaste is all about the good morning kiss! I personally LOVE this brand. I first saw it in Watsons, got curious, so I bought a tube. Been using it ever since! Of course, I just had to share my new discovery with Nico and he's obsessed with it too. It really works. It might be a little pricey for a tube of toothpaste, but it's worth it. Trust me. Why is it my favorite? Read on...


Travel the World with World Juanderer

One of my plans this year is to visit as much places as I can, local or international. I just love the feeling of excitement when an airline announces seat sales, making itineraries, researching about a certain place, planning my outfits for a trip. It’s true that traveling these days only takes a few minutes of browsing the internet. You jot down attractions, pull up prices, check reviews—the digital age practically made everything easy to DIY.

But, not all people loves planning and working on details. Luckily, you can get people to do this for you while you relax and enjoy your trip for what it is—a great opportunity to immerse yourself in a brand new environment without racking your head in anticipation of what could go wrong. Arranging bookings, securing documents, making reservations—these are just a fraction of what World Juanderer, a travel consulting company that specializes in providing excellent travel experiences, can do for you.


AirAsia in Bohol x Ubi Festival 2017: Visita Iglesia & Amorita Beach Resort

One of my plans this year is to travel more, so when I got an invite to fly to Bohol to cover the Ubi Festival in partnership with AirAsia, Amorita Resort & Bohol Provincial Tourism Council, I just had to say yes! Our trip was short but sweet--literally-- as we devoured meal after meal made of ubi/ube or yam. It was an amazing 3 days of pilgrimage and pigging out!  Here are photos and stories through photos...


Taiwan Diaries 2016, Day 2: National Palace Museum & Shilin Night Market

Hello after almost a month of no blog post! So happy to share with you that things are going well for me work wise which explains my absence. I have styling gigs (my bread and butter!) almost everyday and I am so so tired but so so happy. I will try to post more often, I promise! Anyway, on our 2nd day in Taipei my brother's eyes acted up because of his uveitis. He was in pain & couldn't see anything so he decided to stay in and rest his eyes for a day. We were supposed to go to Jiufen but decided to do it the next day when he's a little well na. We agreed to go somewhere he won't really miss, somewhere near. So we went to the National Palace Museum! Here are photos and stories...


Taiwan Diaries 2016, Day 1: Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial, Bo Pi Liao Old Street, Lungshan Temple, Ningxia Night Market, Modern Toilet

I won't be making a year-ender post this time because to be honest, this year was all a blur. So much happened, and they all happened quickly. So much joy, pain, frustrations, triumphs. I'm just too tired and too lazy to look back and unearth my emotions. Haha. This time, I just want to look forward and hope for the best. :) So, on the last day of the year, I will be sharing with you photos and stories from our first day in the beautiful city of Tapei, Taiwan while secretly daydreaming and wishing for more travels next year. :)