Make Your Own Story with LEVI'S

Have your own #LiveinLevisPH story to tell & experience Live in Levi's on November 28 and 30 at the SM Mall Of Asia Atrium and on December 12, 13 and 14 at the SM Megamall Mega Fashion Hall. Levi's will celebrate unique expression and style through its Live In Levi’s Customization Shop! Exciting!:) 

Customers can either have their new Levi's purchases or their old Levi’s jeans, iconic and denim pieces embellished, altered, cut, distressed and processed on the spot.

For a minimum single purchase of P3,000 at the Live In Levi’s Customization Shop or at any Levi’s store within the promo period of November 20 to December 14, 2014, customers can avail of free customization services. With the P3,000 purchase, customers will be given appointment cards which they must bring with them to the Live In Levi’s Customization Shop to avail of the free customization.

To add to the festivities, the country's most influential musicians and bands come together to celebrate Live in Levi's, as is the international way of celebrating the campaign. The line-up is as follows:

Nov 28  - Barmbie Amalbis, Maude, Yolanda Moon, Medwin & Eugene of True Faith

Nov 30 - Basti Artadi, Up Dharma Down, Pulso, Sponge Cola

For more information about Live in Levi's, visit:

See ya there!:) xo

Press Launch: One Life with Veloci Watch

In this fast paced world, time is really of the essence. You only have 2 choices: live your life the way you want to or conform to norms and just watch the one and only life you have slip through your fingers. No matter how you choose to live your days, be sure to live it by the second, grab each moment, and make the most out of it. Have you watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? No? You should! You'd get my whole "time" point. ;) Anywaaay, Veloci, the Italian-inspired watch brand built on making each minute count, challenges you to transcend the boundaries of time with cutting-edge watches. Here are photos from the super fun launch. ;)

 It was held in Highlands Steakhouse at MOA:)

 Delicious lunch!!! Yummers.

 Ms. Roch, PR of Veloci :)

 VELOCI bosses introduced their new collections!

There were games and more food, but will post about that later. Let me introduce to you first Veloci's newest collections!

Aeronaute, an adrenaline induced wrist-taker that is always clocking in on an adventure.

The Metro collection is the perfect companion for the cosmopolitan creatures of the night, whose moments are counted by cocktails and conquests.

Pulse is Veloci’s digital watch collection made to win at every game life throws at you. All comes with a built-in stopwatch, alarm mode, illuminator, date display, fuss-free rubber strap, and water pressure limit of up to 100 meters.

Voyager, a seafaring timepiece that crosses borders and defies depths with a daring dial.

Cruise, a timepiece that matches one’s love over slow and relaxed pace, Veloci turned the hands of time to the future of watch fashion, where one can customize his preferred look with a quick change of its Nato straps.

Going back to the event, there was a surprise time management/puzzle game! Exciting.
We were asked to each get a canister with puzzle pieces inside...

Ready to rumble!

I got a hard one! Plus, I left a piece inside the canister kaya pala ang hirap buuin! Shet. Haha.

Here's my first puzzle. Got a Metro watch!

2nd puzzle

We still didn't win huhu. We almost did but the 2 last puzzle piece (the ones at the bottom) confused us. Huhu.

Had to leave early coz I had to run to a meeting...

To sum it all up, VELOCI wants to become part of your everyday life by being your watch of choice! They have everything for everyone. We all just have one life to live, whichever life you take, you could take a Veloci piece with you. Now, that's my kind of watch! 

Here's what I took home...

Thank you Veloci and Ms. Rochelle!:)

The New Veloci Watch Collections are available at the Ground Level of SM Mall of Asia, SM San Lazaro, SM Pampanga, SM Clark, SM Manila and SM Fairview as well as L Time Studios and Asprey boutiques.

Follow Veloci:

Tagaytay Photo Diary: 8 Suites Hotel, Ilog Maria, QiWellness Spa

So last month, Nico and I escaped to Tagaytay for his post birthday celebration. We finally made it after cancelling all our bookings when I got sick for almost 2 weeks. It was also the perfect time to reboot and recuperate from my sickness and all the stress that came with my job and my life. I'm not complaining ha. But sometimes, you just need to fly somewhere and hibernate for awhile to regain your vigor back. Anywaaaay, here's my story through photos starting with some outfit shots!:)

 Forever 21 top, shorts & shoes

Romwe hat, Nava shades

Slang bag, Timex watch, Silverworks bracelet

I wasn't able to take outfit photos on our first day because it was dark na when we arrived. Soyong. Will repeat the outfit soon and take photos na. So I'm posting my 2nd day outfit. It was not that cold in Tagaytay so I just wore my new favorite shorts, top and shoes from Forever 21! Super naabuse ko na the shoes. It's so comfy and stylish! I will never be THAT normcore and this is the closest normcore statement piece that I have right now. Haha. I wish I could buy this in all colors. Haha. Also loving my new vintage 80s watch from Timex & Silverworks. Sooo me. 

Here's the whole of our trip! Let's goooo...
I wanted to kill Nico for choosing C-5 over EDSA. Haha.

i feel better with my coven hat on. Trying not to feel and act sick!

Super late lunch at Jollibee!

We left Manila at around 2pm (had to attend to some things pa kasi huhu) and arrived around 5:45pm (coz of traffic & stopover). I felt slightly frustrated (muntik nako mag tantrums) because of the 4 hours that we lost. But I thought, I wouldn't let that ruin our very short vacay. 

8 Suites Hotel is located along Tagaytay-Calamba road, the road going to Tagaytay Highlands, and it's just a few blocks after Picnic Grove!

road to oblivion. deep. haha. this is the road going to our hotel!

mejo creepy lang pag gabi hehe. it's not advisable to stay here if you don't have a car or you can ask them to call for a tricycle going out. 

Finally! So nice and serene:)

I originally wanted to book a room in Taal Vista but the P4k+ deal in Deal Grocer excluded breakfast and the room doesn't have a tub which Nico is totally obsessed about. Haha. That's when I saw 8 Suites' offer (also through Deal Grocer) na same price but has a balcony with a nice view, free breakfast and a tub! Winner. The only downside is the location. It's 10km away from the Leslie's area. But if your plan is just to chill, relax and stay in one place the whole night/day (alam na but not judging!), this is the perfect place for you. 

Here's our room!

glass windows all over!

there's a divider that you could open if you want to view the outside while in the tub

tiles need a little grouting though :/

After settling in, we then decided to leave our base camp to have dinner...

I didn't want to eat Filipino food muna (meaning Leslie's haha), so ended up eating at Pancake House...

 huli ka!!! hahaha selfie pa more

 our diet plan... zerooo. Haha.

Weh. Hahaha

We were not in the mood to drink, so we just went home and spent the night watching Palibhasa Lalake reruns (super epic!) over Hello Panda and hot tea. Hehe. Nico had a hard time sleeping because the glass door leading to the balcony has no lock. Hashtag praning. I was totally fine with it though. I stayed up 'til 3am just watching movies on HBO. Hehe.

 boom puyat!

 What a view:)I wish I could wake up to this every single day. 

 Our free set breakfast. Yum.

Love my daisy sweater from ROMWE!

 Our 360-degree view:) Absolutely breathtaking! Super sulit.

Took a short nap after eating (spell baboy) then checked out a little past 12pm...

 Balcony sa common dining area downstairs

 The view inside:)

We then descended to the garden to take some more shots!

Here are their rooms directly connected to the garden...

Our spa appointment was not until 4pm, so we decided to checkout the ILOG MARIA BEE FARM since I've never been there before. It was a 10 to 15-minute drive from Tagaytay proper and you had to drive through a narrow and masukal road to get to the place. Totally worth it though!:)

So, Ilog Maria is a bee farm where you can buy different products made from honey, bee pollens, beeswax...

 You know it! Visit www.ilogmaria.com

 I wanted to buy everything! So hard to choose which products to take home.

 Bought one! Really relieves my throat.

Should have bought one:( It's only P65

 I saw an old man bought 10 bottles of this! I guess it's that effective, so I bought a couple for myself too.

Bought a bottle of honey face scrub. I love it!!!

Killed time and waited for 4pm at that mall near the Skyranch. Ate meryenda lang so that we won't feel bloated during the massage. Sharing with you one of my favorite snacks!

Ted's batchoy & dinuguan + puto from Razons. Yum.

Proceeded to QiWellness Living afterwards. It's super easy to find. It's just along the road, Aguinaldo Highway to be exact, and it's beside Joaquin's Bed & Breakfast. Just look for this red door!

 They are usually closed Mondays & Tuesdays, but they still accomodated us. Yey!

When we stepped inside, someone immediately struck the huge gong by the door. Maybe to welcome us? Announce our arrival? Invite good vibrations? Signal the start of our session? Haha. By the way, booked our 3-hour spa session via Deal Grocer again. Yipee.

 Cool dining!

pahipster haha

The beautiful, beautiful view. It could render one speechless. Super ganda.

 Naksss, lakas maka haciendero ng pose ah! Haha

 Their resto:) I heard they serve great food!!!

That Kuya with Nico was super helpful and really explained everything to us. Thanks for the great service! We were asked to wait because the masseuses were still busy with other clients. We definitely didn't mind waiting though! 

 One of their rooms. So niiice.

We were served hot tea and we took lots of photos and just soaked in the beauty of the place while waiting. We were supposed to take a dip in the jacuzzi but for some reason, their heater was not working that day so we just skipped that part.

 Close up view of Taal lake & volcano. Wonderful. 

 Koi pond

 donya mode. i deserve this. haha

 Welcome to our assigned room!


 The whole massage session took 1 1/2 hours. It was relaxing except for some parts. Ate girl the masseuse spent so much time working on my feet that it felt sore after na:( It was still amazing though!

To know more about this place, visit: http://www.qiwellnessliving.ph/

That's all folks!!! Have to sleep now, got appointments later. Waaah. Geting ready for our Boracay trip this week! Kwento soon!:)
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