An Afternoon in Paris with Faux Pas

Went to the Faux Pas Paris Craft to Charm event two weeks ago which was held at Le Petit Souffle in Century Mall. It was a fun afternoon spent with blogger friends over great food, pretty shoes, fun activities, crafts, arts and charms. What is Faux Pas and why do we love it? Read on!


Endless Entertainment with SHARP Acquos & #HomeScreenSolutions

Last week, I was invited by the SHARP team to an intimate luncheon at Big Bad Wolf in BGC where they presented their new & exciting digital TVs and latest technology. It was my first time to attend a SHARP event and I didn't know what to expect. Well, it was so much fun! They showed us their latest products over good food and lots of laughter. These are the events I live for. Haha. Plus, I certainly learned a LOT. I now know which brand to run to for entertainment needs! I also learned a lot about the different specs that are important factors in making a decision when buying a TV set. Specifications & requirements that are essential in this time & age of high technology & impending catastrophes. How? Read on... 


Review: Eyebrow Embroidery by MK The Brow Expert Keighty Wong

I've always believed that having beautiful brows could do so much in changing once appearance, face or confidence. It's like when you have the perfect brows, you feel like you could conquer the world. Just to put it out there, I am one of those people who were not blessed with perfectly shaped or nice looking brows. Mine are super thin and uneven. My lack of talent in applying make-up also didn't help me solve my dilemma. I can't shape or fix my brows to save my life. I've always used my favorite Etude House brow gel (that looks like a mascara) to at least add some thickness to it. But, it's never enough. I have never used a pencil, brow kit or whatever it is normal people use. No matter how many times I watch Youtube tutorials, I can't seem to get it right. Haha. So, when my make-up artist friend Keighty Wong asked me if I wanted to try Eyebrow Embroidery, her new venture, I thought about it muna for 2 days before I finally said yes. I thought, my brows could not get any better than this, so what else do I have to lose? 

My before & after


Japan Diaries 2016, Osaka Day 2: Nara Deer Park, Todaiji Temple & Train to Kyoto

I am trying to eliminate my travel posts bit by bit! So happy I get to do it now as I am currently in my parent's house in Marikina, and since it's probinsya-ish and I really have nowhere to go, I'm just stuck inside the house working on backlogs. Yey! So here's my 3rd Japan post! Wish we could have stayed longer in Osaka. There are still so much sights to see and places to explore. Well, at least more reasons to go back right? Stories and photos below from our 2nd & last day in Osaka, our trip to Nara and our journey to Kyoto. :)


Asia Trip 2015, Myanmar: A Few Hours in Yangon & Flight to Malaysia

This is just gonna be a short post because we didn't really do much when we were in Yangon. From Bagan we took a night bus going to Yangon where we will be flying out to Malaysia. We only had a few hours there, but we surely didn't waste it. Here are stories and photos!


Asia Trip 2015, Myanmar: Last Sunset in Bagan + Bus to Yangon

Not sure if you've read my Bagan Temple Tour post (whyyy, you must read it guys, wahaha), but this is the last installment! Our scheduled bus trip to Yangon was leaving at 8pm, so we had a few hours to spare. We decided to spend them driving around, discovering new temples, chilling and watching our last Bagan sunset on top of Shwesandaw Pagoda. I could honestly say that this was one of the best trips I have ever done and one of the best places I have ever seen. The whole place and the whole experience was so unique, so different and I could not wait to see it's magnificence again. Photos and stories below...

Japan Diaries 2016, Osaka Day 1: Dotonbori, Namba, Shinsaibashi & Osaka Castle Park

Okay, so after planning everything, getting our visas, buying extra baggage allowances, it was finally time for our flight! Since I got caught up with work a couple of weeks before leaving, I was not able to work on our itinerary. So not me huhu. Thank God, Ana took control and we used her sister's itinerary from their trip before. It was such a huge help! Sarah and I also suggested some places we wanted to add to our list as the days went by. So without further ado, here are photos from our first day in Japan, starting in OSAKA!