Go Play With Your Hair, DOVE Got You Covered!

If I only have the patience + time, I am certain I'd be one of those girls who can't leave the house without fixing their hair to perfection. Whenever I have a special event to go to or I have a few minutes or hour to spare, I try to curl my super annoyingly straight hair. Of course, I know heat from the curler damages the hair so I use a heat protectant spray. Not sure if it's effective though because for one, my hair is still dead as a walis. Di lang obvious because I use conditioner everyday. Now, I'm so happy to share with you the only hair-saver you would ever need. DOVE's Intense Repair Haircare Range has got us all covered! So curl, straighten, perm, blowdry, clip, tie your hair away without worrying about damages. Photos from the launch:)

 Demo! They used 2 roses (delicate like our hair!) to show how effective Dove is. One was coated with Dove, the other was not. They then blow-dried both. 

So amazing how the one with Dove (right) looked fresh & alive! Wows.

Aside from blowdrying, curling, straightening, coloring, even every day activities, like towel drying, combing, brushing, and exposure to sun and wind can also cause damage to our hair.

 Hair Play stations!

Dove’s latest campaign invites women to Go Play with their Hair, while Dove takes care of the damage. Thanks to Keratin-Actives, a new, patented hair care technology, Dove Damage Therapy not only repairs damaged hair but also strengthens it to make it more resilient against future damage. Keratin-Actives provide superior nourishment and deeply penetrate into hair to repair it from the inside out, so hair looks, and feels healthy, and moves beautifully.
With my GFs Tracy, Ana & Sarah

 choose your weapon hehe

 Hair clips, pins, scrunchies were all available:)

 The DOVE Intense Repair Haircare Go Play Kit! Love this!

 Mother Earth and her new hair! So cute hehe

 My turn! 

 Wasn't able to try the Flipbook! Super fun this one!

 You had to flip your hair for 7 seconds and then they'll turn your photos into this Flipbook. Cool.

Unilever's PR, the gorgeous Apples Aberin:)

Bloggers love DOVE!:)

Get the hair you've always wanted without worrying about damages! Show the world what real beauty is and Go Play With Your Hair with DOVE!:) Thank you Unilever & Bridges for inviting us to this wonderful event!:)

Dove’s Intense Repair Haircare range is available in all leading supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores nationwide.

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DAYLONG: Everyday Sun Protection in the City

Summer's officially here and I can literally feel the sun's rays going through my skin (and making serious damage) whenever I'm out these past few days. Experts say that using sunscreen daily is a must and I have always taken that for granted. You know, selective amnesia. I thought, I'm using moisturizer naman so no need na siguro. But no!!! I started to really believe it's necessity & importance when I saw this random video online. I really wish I've seen this years ago. Here's a screenshot from the video of what sunscreen looks like under UV light...

It's like this awesome black grease of protection for our skin!

Watch the complete video here. It's scary & very educational. You'd want to cuddle with your skin after and shower it with flowers & apologies for not taking care of it sooner. Heh.

See what I mean??? The sun could damage your skin from ANYWHERE! You could run, but you could never hide ang drama. Haha. Doesn't matter if you're in the house or you're just walking in the park under the shade of giant trees. UV rays are everywhere. Those sneaky bitchezzz. 

And because I now know the important of sunscreen & sun protection, without hesitation, I went to the DAYLONG (from the makers of Cetaphil) launch a week ago to know more about this amazing product & to further educate myself about sunscreen & the city...

 Lovely set-up!

 My beautiful tablemates-- Cher, Yuki & Nikita

Gorgeous host, Karen Pamintuan

The trusted makers of Cetaphil launched Daylong to provide clinically-proven protection against the sun, all the way to the cellular and DNA level. With a state-of-the-art formula that has a uniquely light texture and a smooth finish, this Swiss brand successfully conveys its message for daily, deep, and complete solar defense.

 Dr. Daisy Ismael, President of the Philippine Dermatological Society

Staying true to its commitment of caring for the skin, whether the sun is out or not, Daylong conducted a study to reveal that the sun exposure in the city has the same intensity as at the beach. Using sun sensors that can detect UV radiation, Daylong has shown that the UV radiation in the city of Manila reaches the same level as on the beaches of Boracay. OMG

“The concept of the study was to support our advocacy for daily sunscreen wear. Daylong is new in the game, but this is how we want to make an impact – by undertaking a responsibility to provide daily sun care and protection that works even on a cellular level.” explains Jon Lee, Brand Manager of Daylong.

DAYLONG also launched & introduced their new ambassadors, five influential women, whose schedules are immersed in city-living lifestyles. Each of them has a different role: student, blogger, runner, host and writer, and mother – but each shares the interest of balancing happy and successful lives.

These multi-faceted women are student and FOX Sports Asia courtside reporter, Janeena Chan; stylish mommy blogger who works on a 24-hour duty for 2 children, Jackie Go; the triathlete mom known as The Bull Runner who is a health and fitness inspiration to everyone, Jaymie Pizzaro; in-demand beauty blogger and owner of Catwalk Cosmetics and Wigs, Marj Sia; and lifestyle show writer and host, Marie Lozano.

 L-R: Jackie Go, Marie Lozano, Janeena Chan, Marj Sia, Jamie Pizzaro

Sunscreen should not only shield skin from sunburn but should also protect against premature aging, sagging, and even cell and DNA damage that may lead to cancer. Daylong provides high protection against the harmful effects of UVA, UVB, and IR down to a cellular and DNA level.

 Nikko and I love Daylong!

 Daylong ambassadors putting up their photos on the commitment board

The very inspiring & beautiful Daylong ambassadors

I was able to try the Daylong light gel under my makeup. It's a little heavy at first but after a few minutes it eventually settled and you could barely feel or see it anymore. :) Now, wearing sunscreen is no longer restricted to beach trips! Daylong is perfect for girls on the go, like me. :)

Daylongs commitment to daily sun care can be viewed online at www.Daylong.ph, and on Daylong Philippines social media pages: DaylongPH on Facebook and @DaylongPH on Twitter and Instagram. 

Stylist Diaries: Honey + Mike Engagement / Prenup Shoot

Honey is a friend of a previous client and like all my other brides, I love her! We met a few months before their shoot to finalize the looks and I was super excited because they initially wanted the location to be Villamor or NAIA. She wanted a super dramatic red gown layout preferably with a runway or airplane in the background. Kinikilig ako just imagining it. We were not able to push through though because of time constraints and conflicting schedules but it still resulted into beautiful photos and a beautiful experience. We ended up shooting at Studio Namu near Timog, my first time. Loved the place! Here are photos from their shoot!:)

Photography: Aaron Ebio
Makeup: Allen Rosales
Hair: George Aliben of Kiehls
Assistant Styling: Pia Stevens

Their love story: They were college sweethearts (they met at a pageant and Mike immediately fell in love with Honey when he saw her in a beautiful red gown. Awww.) who after years of being in a long distance relationship finally united in marriage a few months ago and are now living in the US. So happy for you guys! :)

Behind the scene photos...

 My forever prenup assistant & cousin, Pia!:)

Meryenda for 1. Haha.

 Drama pa more hehe.

 Photoshoot din in between haha

 Sali din daw sha haha

 Bar owner? Haha

Love you BEARY much!

Congratulations again, Honey & Mike!!! Thank you for making me a part of your journey to forever. :) 

P.S. For Engagement /Prenup Shoot inquiries or bookings, email me at isabelipac[at]yahoo[dot]com :)
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