Roadtrip Adventure with Shell V-Power Nitro+ & Mazda

Two weeks ago, I, together with a few blogger friends and members of the press, went on a surprise road trip adventure! Our trip was fueled by Shell V-Power Nitro+ and our cool rides were provided by Mazda Philippines. The invitation came at the last minute and normally I decline such invitations 'coz of other commitments, but I quickly said yes because one, I patronize and use Shell fuel in real life as a driver and two, I just love events which involves travel and adventure! It was a fun-filled day spent with my favorite fuel brand, blog friends and new friends! Stories through photos below...

Bulletin Board: Uniqlo x Lemaire, Ever New End of Season Sale, People Footwear S/S '16, #WeAreFlossy, 555 Tuna Rice, Cherry Mobile M1

It  has been quite a while since I last did a bulletin board post, so here's a new one! Sharing with you guys exciting news, promos, sale events and announcements from your favorite brands! Read on...

1. Uniqlo Appoints Christopher Lemaire as Artistic Director of Paris R&D Center & New "Uniqlo U" Line

Get Creative with Mi-Pac

Do you still remember when you were a teen? How picky you were with the clothes you wear, the shoes you put on, or the bags you use? It only makes sense because this is the phase in our lives when we try to figure out our personality. We try a lot of hobbies, subscribe to a fashion trend, and listen to peculiar music. I remember how I was so caught up with printed everything, Lisa Frank, rock music, boy bands, etc! This is one of the times when our self-exploration peaks. We experiment, a lot! But this is also the time when we really start expressing our individual selves in the most creative way that we can. Good thing is, Mi-Pac is here to help you figure out what your personal brand is!:)

Tropical Hibiscus Natural Tote (P1,590), Bum bag, Backpack


Travel Guide: Alibijaban Island in Quezon

Grabeeeee, I am so excited to share with you this quick yet super meaningful DIY trip! The Talisayin Cove group wanted one last beach getaway before the rainy season starts, and we all agreed to go someplace not all people know-- ALIBIJABAN Island in Quezon Province! In the end, only Nico and I pushed through (you missed a lot guys! Haha) and I am so happy we did. It was truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I did some research before going there because it was our first time and I can only count in one hand people I know who've been to the island. Thanks to my loves Cha Ocampo & Jean Dalida for giving me tips and answering my questions haha. I learned a lot from this blog post but there were still a few things we discovered on our own. I will try my best to cover all bases and make this post as detailed as possible. So, let's go? :)


Forever Summer with ROXY + Giveaway!

I've always had this love-hate relationship with our weather (lalo na pag summer waah) and the beach, but ever since Nico and I got together I've learned to love it. I could now stay under the sun and not squirm like a worm under it. Haha. I have also learned to let go of my apprehensions and insecurities when it comes to my skin color. Anyway, this is not a skincare post (LOL), but in relation to my newfound love for the beach is my obsession with awesome beach wear or swim wears. One brand on top of my mind when it comes to that (as well as outdoor activities) is ROXY! It has become my constant travel companion. My Roxy fam sent me a getaway set a few weeks ago and I love it...

Simple Skin Commitments with CETAPHIL

I am not getting any younger so taking care of my skin is very important to me. I have also mentioned before how I have lived with my skin allergy or atopic dermatitis my whole life (it started when I was 3 yrs old). Skin care regimens could be very overwhelming at times especially in my line of work. I am often on the run and often tired which most of the time leads to neglect. But, you know, skin care should not feel like a task! You could achieve healthier skin by just following a few simple steps. Here's how...

Skechers Shows You How to “Move In Style”

Skechers has always been known for combining comfort with style. In fact, Skechers shoes even boast of up-and-coming innovations like Goga Mat™ Technology and Memory Form™ design to ensure maximum breathability and comfort! Style and support - what more can you ask for, right? :) 

This year, Skechers leveled up shoe standards with the Move In Style Fashion Show in collaboration with style bloggers and fashion designers Camille Co and Kryz Uy! Top runway models strutted the four product highlights of Skechers: the GO Flex Walk, Originals, Skechers Burst, and GO Step. See more of the fashion show below!