Online Shopping at ADOBOMALL

Being in the fashion industry, I’m in love with shopping. And it helps that I get to do it for work too! But sometimes, going to malls can be such a hassle, especially when it’s crowded and you can’t check products properly! Thank God for online shopping. Ever since I’ve discovered online shopping, I’ve been ordering a lot of clothes and accessories online, and just get everything delivered to my doorstep! Minus the pagod of going to the mall. What if I told you that a better online shopping experience is coming your way? Adobomall is launching this October!


My Super Finds at Landers Superstore

Got the chance to see & shop at Landers Superstore Balintawak and I had so much fun! It was the perfect way to chase the gloom away 'coz it was raining hard that day. Spent hours browsing through rows and rows of local, imported & exclusive goods. Wanna know which items caught my fancy? Read on..

Ever New Autumn / Winter 2016 Trends

One of my favorite clothing brands recently launched their AW16 collection and I love it! Ever New Melbourne released pieces which are subtly trendy yet still very classic & classy. I love how their store is a one-stop shop! They have everything-- from stylish clothes, statement accessories, head-turning shoes & versatile bags. This is where I often hoard accessories & belts for styling. Here are photos from the collection...


Create Your Dream Space with Moodboard Manila

If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I have no talent whatsoever in interior design. I always have a hard time keeping my place organized and seldom invite people over because it's a freakin' mess. I blame it on my job as a stylist (my clothes & shoes have taken over my 2 bedrooms!), but really, it's just my lack of vision & knowledge in this area. My cousin Rjae tries so hard to help & inspire me by sending endless Pinterest inspirations and links but due to lack of resources I just ignore them. Haha! Sorry, cuz. BUT, wait! There's a solution to my problem! Or maybe your problem, too. If you don't have time to fix your house or you want it to instantly look chic, just call (or contact) Moodboard Manila! What is it ba? Read on... 


Denim Date with PROMOD

I am very choosy when it comes to jeans. When choosing a pair, I always consider if it compliments my figure, the style, if it's the right fit, the material and if it's comfortable enough to wear the whole day. So happy I found another pair to add to my growing collection during Promod's Denim Date event! Now, I'm obsessed with it. Hihi. Here are photos from the event, as well as my personal favorite...


Hotel Review: B Hotel Alabang & Bellevue Manila

In this super fast paced world, it's okay to take a break once in a while. Sometimes, taking a breather does not require a few hours flight or a few hours drive. Anyone could do some R&R within the metro! Two weeks ago, Nico and I spent our weekend in B Hotel, a 3-star hotel located in the heart of Alabang. We were also given access to their "mother", grander & bigger hotel, Bellevue. I already reviewed their Q.C. branch which was their newest venture and I had nothing but praises for it, so I expected nothing less from their 2 other hotels. The ones in Alabang are more business-y, classy & classic. It was such an awesome experience and MORE. I didn't want to leave. Haha. Here are photos!

Jansport x Bratpack Right Pack Signature Series Launch

My favorite backpack brand (Jansport) and my favorite lifestyle store (Bratpack) recently teamed up to launch a super nice collection inspired by urban youth lifestyle. Best part? It's so exclusive that they are only selling 22 pieces only available in Bratpack Greenbelt! If you're one of the lucky ones who already owns a pack, then I hate you. Hahaha! I die of envy. Huhu. Here are photos from the launch!