How We Spent Mother's Day at Trinoma Mall

Straight from our family outing, my Mom and I headed to Trinoma Mall to spend Mother's Day there. :) We usually spend this special day at home, just a low-key celebration over food and kwentuhans with the whole family. This time, I decided to bring my mom to a special Mother's Day event organized by Ayala Mall and Madhouse! My mom seldom go out, so this is an amazing treat for her to make her feel extra special. Love you, Mom!


Ever New's Dress of the Day Promo

I've known Ever New ever since they opened their first store in Manila. Personally, I am a fan of the brand! If you go through my closet, you would see Ever New pieces I bught mostly on sale (hihi) which I am keeping until now. Ever New pieces are always classy, stylish and I most especially love the fit and colors of their clothes. Ever so girly, ever so pretty! Now, they are giving back to their loyal customers through their exciting new Instagram promo: Dress of the Day or #DOTD! 

Instantly fell inlove with this dress!

Zalora Epic Nightout

Had so much fun at the ZALORA Epic Nightout event! Zalora outfit + food + party + friends + booze = One Epic Night. :) Photos!

Pax: River Island top and shorts from Zalora & Zalora heels, Ana: Zalora top and blazer!

#MyBreak: Backstreet Boys Epic Concert

I seldom go to biglaang events, but when Aj Yabut contacted me if I wanted to watch BSB's concert at MOA Arena, I said yes without batting an eye! Haha. Didn't want to feel sorry for myself again if I missed this opportunity pa to see THE greatest & bestest (nagimbento ako word for them deserve nila yan) boyband of all time! Wala ng tatalo. Sorry. So happy I got to see them live on stage with my jowa Nico and best girlfriend Anagon! Too bad, I had to leave early because I had a Skype call (for work which I had to answer at home) so I didn't finish the whole thing. I was able to experience pa din naman the forever epic, BSB magic. One of the most amazing nights of my life! Pinagisipan ko talaga if I'll bring my treasured BSB cassette tape. O cge na bukingan na talaga ng age leche haha. Then I thought, wag na d ko din naman mapapasign haha. I remember how I would watch MTV for hours just to catch their videos with matching kilig on the side. And how I would try to imitate their dance moves (kaya puro gasgas silya namin sa bahay) and how I loved daydreaming na jowa ko si Nick Carter or Kevin. So much memories! So many good ones. Oh, what I would give just to re-live those moments. Sarap maging 16! HaHA. And then eto na nga! Thank you Kitkat and Aj for giving us the break we deserve! Taray haha. Here are photos from that night:)

 OOTDay! Thrifted top, Greenlane shop jumper, Parfois bag, Forever 21 shoes


Photodiary: Make Your Own Havaianas 2015 #MYOH2015

So glad I was able to attend this year's press launch of the most awaited event, Make Your Own Havaianas or #MYOH2015! Missed it last year because of work and vowed to go this year whatever happens. Lol. Here are photos from the launch! 

Nico's pair! Very him. Mala Lito Atienza. Haha.

Retro Summer + Giordano Concepts Store

Giordano is a brand close to my heart because it witnessed the defining years of my life, you know, the 90s. Bulgaran na ng age. Haha! I remember obsessing over their classic plain shirts (with an embroidery of the iconic man) and their classic white socks that has an embroidery of a frog! Classic super. Anyway, Giordano has truly come a long way. And I am brimming with pride and happiness over the brand's success and all their new ventures  these past years and months. The brand has evolved--in a good way-- and I'm happy to be there to bear witness and experience it! Their recent project is their new store at The Block, SM North EDSA called CONCEPTS by Giordano. Concepts is basically a huge store which houses all 6 of Giordano's lines. Photos starting with an outfit post!


Photodiary: Instax DIY Year 2

Here are photos from Instax's DIY Year 2 event last month! Learned a lot from the speakers and had so much fun bonding with friends:)

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