Autumn in Korea 2017, K-Drama Tour Part 3: Samcheong-dong & Daehangno

Annyeonghaseyo!!! Orenmanida. I know my Korea posts are long overdue but I'm finally getting back on track with it! Had to put it on hold for a few weeks 'coz I had to prioritize some things. Anyway, here's Part 3 of my DIY K-drama adventure! As I've mentioned in my previous posts, last November I went on a 15-day Korea trip with Korea Tourism and then later on with my family. I was able to venture out on my own in between. Decided to use my alone time exploring the city by going to different shooting locations from my favorite Korean dramas! On my 9th and 10th day in Seoul, I visited some locations from The Heirs< While You Were Sleeping & Goblin! Photos and stories below...


Sanuk Returns with Latest Campaign & New Ambassadors

I have always known Sanuk as one of the leading casual footwear brands in the market. So I got a bit sad when I couldn't fnd them in stores for quite some time. BUT, I come bearing good news! Sanuk is now officially back in the Philippines!!! The global lifestyle footwear brand announced its return to Manila through an intimate, fun-filled program last March 8 at the STKD Zeppelin located at Brixton St. Kapitolyo. Here are photos from the super hip launch starting with my OOTD wearing the super cute Sanuk Maisie...

Lub d Hostel Adventure: Makati, Philippines

This is it! We've finally reached the end of my (our) Lub d journey! It was fun yet bittersweet reliving that super fun week, hopping from one place to another and making memories with the most amazing people.  In my last post I shared with you our quick visit to Bangkok. We stayed there for a day and then flew back to Manila the day after. Upon arrival in Manila, we all boarded a van and headed to our last stop-- the newly opened Lub d hostel in Makati!  


Wacoal Mood Launches Travel Bra & First Store in UP Town Center

What are the things that changes/sets your mood? What are the things that make you happy? Well, here are mine! Some of my instant pick-me-ups are-- eating my favorite food, spending time with people I love, listening to my favorite songs, reading a good book, traveling and wearing stylish undies that fits me perfectly! Speaking of travel and undies, Wacoal Mood (Wacoal's new playful & youthful brand that target millennials of today) recently launched their very 1st concept store located in UP Town Center and along with it different styles of ROLLABLE underwear fit for travelers! Read on to know more about it!


Lub d Hostel Adventure: Bangkok, Thailand

Hello guys! How was your weekend??? I know I said I'd finish my Lub d posts before the week ends (that was last week huhu) but I got caught up with important errands. Will finish this week, I promise! After Lub d, I am also going to back to my Korea posts. Sorry for the delay but please bear with me. Anyway, we're almost at the end of our trip! Huhu. I've shared with you photos and stories from our adventures in Siem Reap & Phuket, now I'm going to share with you what happened during 1 night in Bangkok, Thailand. That 1 night I honestly thought I was going to die in a foreign land. Haha! Mejo OA but I almost got rushed to the hospital. First time I got really scared and conscious about my health! More on that below...


Lub d Hostel Adventure: Phuket, Thailand

I was about to publish this 5 minutes ago when I accidentally deleted all the text and photos inside the draft!!! So here I am trying to remember everything I said and typed huhu. I was THIS close to the finish line but my finger pressed the wrong key and it all disappeared. KILL. ME.NOW. Anyway, no point crying over spilt milk. HUHU. So after 3 amazing days in Siem Reap, we then flew to Phuket, Thailand for the 2nd leg of our adventure with the Lub d team! Here are photos and stories from our quick yet memorable trip to Phuket...


Fly Directly to Melbourne via Cebu Pacific Starting August 2018

I was actually planning to fly to Australia last year for a shoot but it did not push through because there were limited flights and the shoot was in Melbourne. But here's some good news!  The Philippines' leading carrier, Cebu Pacific, just announced the launch of their direct flight between Manila and Melbourne, Australia starting August 14, 2018 with a seat sale from February 27 until March 3, 2018. Waaaah! Read more below...