Asia Trip 2015, Malaysia Day 1: Hotel Izumi, Bukit Bintang, Petaling Street, Merdeka Square

It's the day after my birthday! I want to say thank you to everyone who remembered and greeted me yesterday. I feel all your love and I love you back tenfold. :) It was my birthday yesterday, meaning it has been a year after my birthday trip around Asia. Meaning, tapusin ko na sana my posts haha.  I promise, before this week ends! Anyway, I am already on my last stop -- the beautiful country of Malaysia! From Yangon, we took a flight going to Kuala Lumpur. Here are photos from our first night & day. :)


My Ayala Malls Pokemon Lure Drop Party Experience

Okay guys don't judge me, but I don't play or watch Pokemon even when I was a kid. So when this craze first came out, I just felt indifferent. Little did I know that I'd totally fall for it. Lolz! When it finally launched in the Philippines, I decided to download it and just try it out. I was in a shoot in Fernbrooke Gardens that day and I ended up catching Pokemons while working. Lol. Now, I'm addicted! I would have to research more though re strategies and making the most out of the different characters. I'd be honest, I had no idea who these characters were before playing. But, now I know! Haha. It's a learning process for me everyday. Hihi. Anyway, here's what happened last weekend, during Ayala Malls' Lure Drop Party! It was so much fun grabe. Photos!


Japan Diaries 2016, KYOTO Day 1: Tatami Experience, Kiyumizu Dera, Gion & Geishas

Hello, again! Here's another installment from my Japan Diaries. So excited to share with you our brief yet sweet & extremely memorable stay in Kyoto or Old Japan.I think it's my favorite among the 3 places we've been in. This place is filled with traditional wooden houses, magnificent gardens, quiet temples, secret passageways, & beautiful geishas. In Sarah & Ana's words, the whole place is something straight from a Murakami novel. It has so much life, rich in history and brimming with beauty. :) Without further ado, here are photos and stories from our 3rd day in Japan & our 1st night & day in Kyoto. Let's go?  


Happy International Left-Hander’s Day from SHELL!

The other day, a few bloggers and I were invited by Shell for a special video shoot to celebrate left-handed customers all over the country. We had no idea what challenges we were meant to do or what the video was about. Well, now we know! And today, you'll know too. They will be releasing the video today! Anyway, we had so much fun doing it. Bonus pa that I did it with 2 of the Clingies. For now, all I can say is-- Salute to all you left-handed people! You are unique, beautiful & awesome. :) Photos!


Ballerina For a Day with Ms. Lisa Macuja + Ballet Manila's Revenge of the Classics

Okay guys, let me tell you a secret: I was once a ballerina! I know mukhang wala akong ka finesse finesse sa katawan, but I took up ballet lessons for 3 years (late 90s, early 2000s haha wag judgemental lol) and then eventually took part in a grand recital/concert in CCP. Read more...


Grid Minded

It's been so long since I last did a solo outfit post. Noh? Haha. I usually just include it in my events post or travel posts. I will try to post more OOTDs, before my photos literally get lost in oblivion. They're just there, waiting patiently inside this neglected folder in my laptop. Sayang naman. Huhu. So here's one taken recently! Before the UNIQLO Fall/Winter 2016 event to be exact. Here's my take on grids:) 

(photos taken using Huawei P9 Leica camera. Obviously)

Ayala Malls MAS! by Style Origin: More Music, Art & Style at U.P. Town Center

When it comes to fashion shows, one event that I always look forward to is Ayala Malls Style Origin. I don't know how they do it, but it just keeps getting better every year! On their 6th year, they kicked it up a notch by not just showcasing homegrown & international brands but also adding music & art in the mix. Hence the term MAS! Music by local bands & DJs, Art by local artists displayed around Ayala Malls & Style via their fun fashion shows. Throwing these three together makes for a truly unforgettable experience. Here are photos from their UP Town Center show two weeks ago!