My Top 10 Favorite K-Drama Shows to Binge Watch

I never ever ever thought I'd be one of those people who, as they say, "nilamon na ng sistema". Early last year, I would silently judge my friends Tracy and Anagon (sorry mumshies) whenever they'd talk about K-drama everything in our chat group. I would just silently fade away, leaving them to fan girl over this oppa or that unnie. Even my jowa Nico would spend hours just watching his favorite Kim Woo Bin and I'd tease him to death until eventually he'd stop watching. I secretly & silently judged you too, Nics. HAHA! And then, one day, TRAIN TO BUSAN happened. And I secretly got obsessed with the lead star, Gong Yoo. I also had a small crush on Choi Woo-Sik--that cute baseball varsity guy who was the last to die. Such a cutie db?! So anyway, when I found out my oppa Gong Yoo has a new show, I swore to the K-drama gods I'd watch it. And the rest is history! Now, my eye bags & under eye circles has gotten worse from binge watching K-dramas and Korean movies. Huhu! I can't believe I'm now part of the system. And, I LOVE IT!!! No ragretzzz! Now, here are my favorite series which I would never get tired of...


FAVORI Father’s Day Promo

It's that time of the year again, when we pay tribute to the most important men in our lives. I'm sure most of you are still searching for the perfect thank you gift. If you’re looking for a practical yet sleek gift for Dad this Father’s Day, check out Favori's special one-day promo!  Scroll down for more details...


Product Review: Snow Crystal White Tomato w/ Natural Sunscreen

A lot of people have questioned my love for glutathione telling me I have no need for it because I already have an amazing, natural tan which a lot of people would kill for, and wishing for anything otherwise would be a sin. Guys, it is not in my plan to be as white as Snow White. Promise. Cross my heart. I use glutathione or whitening products to even out my skin tone, make it more luminous & radiant AND the best part? Its health benefits!  Did you know that it’s one of the most powerful antioxidants?  If you’re an “occasional” (keep telling yourself that Pax! Haha) drinker like me, glutathione could help protect and repair the liver! And with all the skin whitening and food supplements being sold and marketed, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself countless times, “Which one really delivers and which one to buy?!” Now here’s something that might top your list: SNOW CRYSTAL WHITE TOMATO with Natural Sunscreen (wow!!!) from well-known company Vida Nutriscience! Why? Read on to know more!

EDSA is Now Powered by Super Fast #SMARTWIFI

This year--this month to be exact-- something I never thought possible even in my wildest dreams was brought to life. I never thought I'd be able to witness such an amazing feat in this lifetime, actually. First it was our airports, now EDSA!!! Could you believe it? I've always been amazed by other countries' free public wiFi service, wishing and hoping we' have the same service back home. But of course, it was all just wishful thinking. NOT ANYMORE!!! OMG. Guys, I am so happy to share with you all that we now have free public wiFi at MRT stations and along EDSA!!! And just like the airport, the government partnered with the country's top telecom company, SMART! Read on to know more...

Thanks to my cousin Kikoy for the real time pic! Hihi.


Fly for as low as P17 through Air Asia's RED Hot Sale!

I live for seat sales. As a budget traveler it helps a lot because I could allot more money for tours or accommodations. One of my favorite airlines, AirAsia, just brought back their famous RED HOT SEAT SALE! Book flights until June 11 for as low as P17!!! Wow! More about it below...


Coldplay Singapore 2017: 5FootWay.inn Hostel, Chinatown, Everton Park & Haji Lane

Here's the continuation of my Coldplay in Singapore blog series! I am holding off on my Coldplay concert post for a bit because it involves more time and more feelings. Haha! So for now, I will share with you other parts of my 8-day trip. From Little India, we transferred to Chinatown (my fave!) and stayed at 5footway.inn Project Ann Siang hostel for 2 nights. :) Here are photos of the hostel and the places we went to that day!


Sagada 3-Day Travel Guide: Tours, Accomodation, Food & Budget

Hello again! Welcome to the 2nd part of my Banaue-Sagada travel guide. I have already shared with you all facts and details from our one day sidetrip in Banaue and Batad. You can read about it here. We spent one whole day in Banaue and visited the isolated town of Batad which was absolutely beautiful and then we travelled by land to Sagada. From Banaue, we took a public jeepney to Bontoc for P100 and then from Bontoc we boarded a jeepney heading to Sagada for P50. Here are stories and photos from our 3-day Sagada adventure! Read on...