Penshoppe recently introduced its new, global group of brand ambassadors, aptly called Club Penshoppe. Composed of dynamic young members from Penshoppe’s various global markets, Club Penshoppe aims to celebrate the youth’s power to inspire others, wherever in the world they may be. Scroll down below to meet these 7 talented youths of today!


Pastel Perfect Summer with KEDS

My favorite sneakers brand just launched one of their sweetest collection to date! KEDS kicked off summer with the launch of their pastel-perfect sneakers held last month at Papa Diddi's Microcreamery where they paired their new styles with pastel-inspired flavored ice cream to cool everyone down this unbearably hot season. Scroll down below to see the different styles they just launched and photos from that day, and I tell you---they're just what candy colored dreams are made of. :)


FAVORI 3rd Year Anniversary Promo

FAVORI is turning 3 tomorrow! To thank their loyal customers, they're offering a special Buy One, Get One Promo for all mall customers on April 20. Time to hoard your favorite scents and aerators! I know I will. :) Read on to know more...


Coldplay Singapore 2017: Marina Bay Sands Tour , ArtScience Museum & Gardens by the Bay

I have been to Singapore a number of times and there's always something new to try and new places to discover. My first day in Singapore was spent touring around the Marina Bay area. This time I didn't just spend it inside the mall or outside the deck. The PR & Marketing team of Marina Bay Sands conducted a private tour just for us! We met up with the lovely Sarah and she patiently toured us inside the hotel and allowed us to experience (even just for an hour haha) the magnificent $6500 (sgd) or P200,000 / night suite! Afterwards, art immersion naman inside the Arts and Science museum. Here are stories and photos from that day...


Coldplay Singapore 2017: Arrival & Bunc Hostel

I am gonna work on my Singapore posts in between other posts because I can't wait to share with you the new and exciting things I experienced during my 8-day stay in this beautiful country. To be honest, it was a spur of the moment thing. I had no plans of flying to Singapore but a fortunate stroke of serendipity came my way. I think the music gods may have heard my pleas and saw my desperation because I was suddenly able to buy a ticket for the COLDPLAY concert in SG! What happened was, I've been scouring the net for a concert ticket anywhere in Asia for MONTHS. I will do anything and go anywhere even if I had to watch solo just to see my favorite band and be part of my dream concert. Then one day, Anagon asked me if I'm still looking for a ticket since a friend of her sister couldn't make it and is selling hers for almost the same cost. Walang ng isip isip, I said yes agad!!! I cried tears of joy, guys. Huhu. 

So fast forward to March 28, the day of my departure to Singapore. I was ecstatic because I was on my way to watch my favorite band AND I will be touring around one of my favorite countries-- again! Last time I was there was 2015 with my whole family. My Dad was still fit for travel then, so it was pretty special. Ana and Tracy flew ahead of me (Tracy on the 23rd and Ana on the 26th) so we just met up when I got there. Here are stories and photos from my 1st & 2nd day in Singapore starting with my outfit photos!  


Redefining Movie Experience with Ayala Malls Cinemas' Sureseats.Com

Whenever I'm not styling or blogging, you would often find me watching movies on Netflix or inside the cinema. I am a huge movie buff. It is one of my favorite means of de-stressing. Movies like Empire Records, Reality Bites, The Breakfast Club, I Am Sam, Interview with the Vampire and the list just goes on and on, has helped shape my existence. Nico and I love going on movie dates and we constantly check for movie updates online. So we're very happy to have discovered Sureseats.com! It is a game changer and a must have for avid film viewers like us. Because now, we don't have to endure those long lines anymore when buying tickets for our favorite movies. Read on to know more about it...


Pursuing Your Dreams Regardless of Age & Breaking Standards #ArielFearlessFilipinas

All my life my perception of happiness & success is getting a stable, full-time job at a prestigious company after graduating from college. My plan was to study without delays, graduate on time and obtain a degree, look for a stable job, find a man to marry and have lots of babies before I reach the age of 27. It's what most parents and grandparents expects us to do right? Immediately after graduation, I got hired by one of the top banks in the country as a teller. Read on to know more...