The Ultimate Secret on How to Party Like a Star

I've been working non-stop since I graduated from college. As in a few weeks after graduation, I already started working for Bank of the Philippine Islands and then fast forward to now, I do several jobs as a freelance fashion stylist, blogger, events organizer and sometimes PR consultant. My life has been this one big hustle!!! And while I do love & appreciate quiet moments sometimes (you know, Netflix & Chill?) to de-stress, there are nights when I just feel like dressing up, strutting in heels, putting on makeup, drinking with friends while listening to my favorite songs and dancing the night away. I am a Tita and Reveler (I just googled this term now haha) all rolled into one. If you follow me on Instagram you'd know what I'm talking about. I just love social gatherings and wasting the night with my cousins and friends. More about this below...


KMC Opens Country’s Largest Flexible Workspace

I have my own home office, but there are days when I feel uninspired and just wants a change of scenery. So I often look for cozy cafes or other places where I can work in. For the longest time, I've been looking for a nice coworking space (an office that is open to the public for a fee) that is affordable and offers all the amenities which a freelancer like me could need--and guess what? I think I finally found THE one! :) Yesterday, I got invited to check out KMC's newest branch in Cyber Sigma building in Taguig and it did not disappoint. I left feeling excited to actually try it out! Here are photos from the launch...

Only P250 per person for 3 days na!!! That's less than P90 a day. WOW.


Autumn in Korea 2017, K-Drama & Family Tour: Nami Island, Petite France, Garden of Morning Calm

Hello guys!!! I'm alive! Haha. I have more travel posts to share with you but I've been busy with this new Joshlia/Kris Aquino movie I'm styling (we only have a month left until our play date which is on June 13! Waah!) so singit singit ko muna in between. Here's another Korea post which I hope you guys could use as a guide when you're planning for your upcoming Korea trips! Anyway, my family and I took a trip to Nami Island and Gapyeong where Petite France and the Garden of Morning Calm are located. Some of my favorite K-dramas where filmed here! More about that later. We didn't book a tour but instead we explored on our own. I only relied on blogs and travel guides I read online. Success naman! More photos and stories below..


James Reid is Mountain Dew's Newest #DewIdol

There are only a handful of celebrities I publicly admire and have major crushes  on (alam ng jowa ko to don't worry haha) and on top of my list is none other than JAMES REID!!! Because seriously who wouldn't? He's gorgeous, super cool, a thrill-seeker, a certified adventurer and did you know that he's also a gymnast and a swimmer?! Grabeee. And adding to his long list of accomplishments, he was recently named as Mountain Dew's newest endorser or #DewIdol! Here are snaps from the launch... 


Autumn in Korea 2017, K-Drama & Family Tour: New Sun Guesthouse, Gangnam, Cheonggyecheon Stream, Namsan Tower, Ihwa Mural Village, Dongdaemun

Hello, hello I'm back!!! Just came home from our 10-day Indochina backpacking trip and it was all sorts of awesome. Would love to share with you details from our recent trip but I will save that for later because as promised, I will finish my Korea posts and work on Krabi, Thailand muna. I did a poll on IG stories and most of you voted for these 2 places for my succeeding travel posts. Your wish is my command po! So anyway, here's another installment from my 15-day Korea adventure. After 1 week of discovering Seoul on my own (which was life-changing by the way), my family finally arrived! Hurray! Here are photos and stories from our first night and first day together..


Kevler Launches Home Products

I cannot start or finish my day without listening to my favorite music or watching my favorite series-- it's just part of my everyday routine! And since I'm a little deaf (must be a result of my addiction to metallic rock in high school haha) I am very particular when it comes to sound quality. That's why I'm so happy when I got an invite to Kevler's home system launch last week! I know the brand as one of the best when it comes to sound equipment for big events, now they just launched smaller items that's perfect to use at home! Here are photos from the launch...

 Can't believe that this amazing speaker is just P1,599!!! Such a steal!!!


My Hair's Ready for Summer with Cream Silk Fresh Hydration

One of the things I hate about summer is how it kills my hair. I already have super dry hair and it just worsens during the summer. Excessive heat and sweat makes my hair hard, frizzy and unruly! I super hate it. That's why I stock up on leave-on conditioners or use oil just to soften it. But now, I don't have to worry anymore!!! Wash and wear, I could now have soft and manageable hair! Read more below...