Autumn in Korea 2017, K-Drama Tour Part 2: Yeonnam-dong, Dobong Walnut Bakery, Seoul Metropolitan Library, Sinchon

Here's Part 2 of my K-drama adventure!!! Sorry if it took me forever, been busy with work the past weeks I can't barely breathe. Styling my favorite love team for an upcoming Star Cinema movie! Will divulge on April but for now, secret muna! :) I've also been sick since I came back from Cebu a month ago and was also gone for a week for an exciting media trip. Will save that story for later. Anyway, on my 7th & 8th day in Seoul & my 4th & 5th day alone in the city I decided to step out of Hongdae and travel a bit far to visit a few of my favorite K-drama locations!!! Which locations? Scroll down below for details....


A Taste of World Class with GOYA Chocolates

I work and live to travel. Growing up, my family was not big in travelling so I was only able catch the travel bug when I started making my own money. Fast forward to now, I am already in my early 30s and it feels like I am just getting started. There are still thousands of places I haven't seen and territories I haven't explored. I haven't even stepped outside Southeast Asia yet! Read more below...


Autumn in Korea 2017, K-Drama Tour Part 1: Hongdae, Myeongdong, Namdaemun

This is it guys!!! The moment we've all (kung maka all eh noh hahaha) been waiting for. I'm finally sharing with you the first K-drama locations I visited during my 7-day solo trip in Seoul, South Korea! As I said in my previous post, I had a week to myself (with Hongdae as my home base) before my family arrives. So being a huge K-drama fan, I spent my alone time exploring, discovering new places and immersing myself in this country's beautiful culture. Photos and stories below...


Autumn Alone in Korea 2017: Pre-Planning Tips, Visa Application & Hongdae

I have already shared with you the first part of my autumn in Korea trip. Since I was only granted a single entry visa, I decided to do the media familiarization tour with KTO and Cebu Pacific and then just stay behind until my family arrives-- 7 days later. So I literally had a week ALONE in Korea. A country I have never been to. I was a bit scared but also super excited at the thought of discovering a new place all by myself. So guys, eto na!!! I'm finally sharing with you the first part of my solo travel in the land of oppas, unnies, kimchi, Samyang, soju and 10-step skin care-- Korea!!! But first, some pre-planning tips including budget! Yes, you can travel to Korea without draining your bank accounts. Photos and stories below...


Beat Traffic & Hunger with Grab-A-FitBar

I am always on the run, so more often than not I leave the house with an empty (borderline jurassic) stomach. If you're like me who's always hungry/hangry on the road, I have good news for you! It is time to put snacking worries in the past as Fitbar Philippines and Grab Philippines team together to bring to the Filipino commuters the “Grab-A-Fitbar” Project. Read on to more about it!

#CebuFoodCrawl 2017 with Sun Cellular

Decdember of last year, I got invited by Sun Cellular to fly to Cebu to cover and experience the annual #CebuFoodCrawl! I love Cebu and I love eating, so I said yes in a heartbeat. Even if I was just there a month before. Haha. I will never say no to a free trip & free food. Bonus pa that I was going with my gf Anagon! :) It was a fun 3 days of gastronomic adventure and making friends. Here are photos of all the food we consumed and all the restaurants we visited. Try not to drool! :)


Vivo Launches World’s First In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Smartphone at CES 2018

Vivo, a young global smartphone brand, unveils the world’s first ready-to-produce in-display fingerprint scanning smartphone that draws attention from a global audience at the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2018. Leading with distinct innovative breakthroughs, the futuristic Vivo in-display fingerprint scanning smartphone offers consumers an unprecedented mobile experience, defining a new era of mobile interaction. More below...