Penshoppe recently introduced its new, global group of brand ambassadors, aptly called Club Penshoppe. Composed of dynamic young members from Penshoppe’s various global markets, Club Penshoppe aims to celebrate the youth’s power to inspire others, wherever in the world they may be. Scroll down below to meet these 7 talented youths of today!

Seven fresh faces represent the group in the Philippines, where they’re collectively referred to as #ClubPenshoppePH. They paint a picture of the Filipino youth, a group that continues to triumph over hurdles to become a celebration of acceptance, diversity, and individuality.

 Hosted by Cesca Litton

“#ClubPenshoppePH is made up of individuals who have overcome challenges to make a name for his or her own self,” shares Jeff Bascon, Brand Director of Penshoppe. “They are shaped by their diverse backgrounds, personal experiences, and inspiring stories, and it shows in their unique styles.”

“They’re also noticeably multiracial because the Filipino youth is no longer bound to the long-standing typecasts—that we should be of a certain shade and have a certain set of characteristics. Our youth is global and that’s something we all should be proud of,” adds Bascon.

#ClubPenshoppePH is composed of PBB heartthrob Tanner Mata and international model Tyler Mata, Spanish model Emilio Francisco Perez, young actresses Loisa Andalio and Sofia Andres, Brazilian model and former Teen PBB housemate Maria Fabiana, and Hashtag member and actor Ronnie Alonte.

Founded in 1986, Penshoppe is a homegrown fashion brand that has become a much-loved destination for casual clothes in other parts of the world. Its clothes, with its bright colors and dynamic designs, are known for reflecting the bold and adventurous lifestyle of Filipino youth through the years.

“Each member of #ClubPenshoppePH is more than just a pretty face. They all have a story that everyone can relate to, will inspire everyone to go for their dreams and see the good in others. We can’t wait for everyone to get to know them better,” Bascon says.

 (L-R) Maria Fabiana, Tanner Mata, Ronnie Alonte, Sofia Andres, Tyler Mata, Loisa Andalio, Emilio Perez


This Spanish cutie and former lifeguard calls the Philippines his second home and is known in the industry as one of the most hardworking male models today. Hardworking, well-traveled, and undeniably stylish. There’s no doubt that Emilio is the ultimate personification of new-age cool. For someone like him who is always on the go, only clothes that perfectly combine comfort and style will do. Dress to impress? More like dress to go more places.


On the outside, Loisa is just like any regular teenager. She’s charming, a bit shy, loves to shop, and enjoys desserts as much as the next person. But don’t be fooled by this ASAP BFF5 girl’s seemingly sweet and innocent appearance. Loisa is a true fighter. And a testament to that is her blooming showbiz career that has taken her from the streets of ParaƱaque to some of the most stunning places in the Philippines and abroad. One of the things this beautiful girl is known for is her ever-evolving taste in fashion, which ranges from light-colored tops and shorts, to jeggings and leather jackets. One thing that’s consistent though—all her looks are always on point.


This 19-year old international model is very passionate at what she does, easily changing her looks at the drop of a hat and transforming her personas in photo shoots, making her a certified darling of the camera. But off the limelight, she returns to being a bubbly teenager whose infectious energy and undeniable charm are enough to break the ice with everyone she meets. Maria’s looks are always inspired by her travels. Sometimes, she’d wear outfits that give off an urban feel and other times, she’d look like an island girl who’s out for a day at the park. One thing that’s always consistent though, is her friendly personality and approachable demeanor.


There’s something about Ronnie’s Asian looks and seemingly bad boy appeal that girls can’t get enough of. He rose to fame as one of the members of Hashtags, a group of young dancers who are mainstays in ABS-CBN’s It’s Showtime. Ronnie has always known that he was destined for great things, and he understands that to realize his dreams, he needs to work hard and work smart. After starring in two of the biggest films in last year’s Metro Manila Film Festival, people are dubbing singer and actor Alonte as the next big matinee idol. What does he like to wear? For the Kilig King, it’s mostly dark clothes and trendy silhouettes that show off his best assets.


Aside from starring in some of the country’s most memorable television commercials and teen movies, Sofia is also known for her dedication to her craft. She’s a promising actress and dancer who spends most of her time learning new techniques to improve her work. In addition, she’s also known for her devotion to her fans. She’s one of the few celebrities out there who take time to reply to every single tweet of support sent to her. Sofia’s fashion style exudes passion all the way—much like a Latina. She likes to wear slim-fitting clothes that complement her long legs and slender figure. She’s also often seen sporting loose waves, which just adds to her effortlessly sexy vibe.


While at first glance it’s hard to tell Tanner apart from Tyler because of their identical looks, it couldn’t be easier for those who know the twins better. Tyler has always been the more adventurous brother—often traveling to exotic places to experience new things. He’s also more mischievous. But that doesn’t mean that he’s less responsible than his twin. In fact, Tyler is known as the supportive and more expressive brother, not shying away from speaking his mind. Tyler’s style is also more playful compared to his brother. He loves to wear bright colors and patterns that perfectly match his bright and outgoing personality and confidence. He also likes to dress up from time to time, which he does with impeccable style.


He’s tall, good-looking, smart, and well-mannered. Girls love him and guys want to be him. After all, he’s dubbed as the Philippine’s very own Superman. So it’s no surprise that Tanner captured the hearts of Filipinos when he entered the Pinoy Big Brother house last year. This Fil-Am ventured into modeling along with his twin brother, Tyler, after their parents separated. In the U.S., Tanner worked as a real estate agent. Tanner’s personal style can be summed up as model off-duty. He likes to keep things low-key by wearing plain shirts matched with jeans. Sometimes, he also throws on a bomber jacket just to add a bit of spice.

Club Penshoppe is a global initiative to find new faces that will inspire Penshoppe’s local markets to see their youth in a different light. It kicks off in the Philippines with #ClubPenshoppePH. :)

To know more about Penshoppe, please visit www.penshoppe.com or follow them on Facebook at Penshoppe, on Instagram with handle @penshoppe, on Twitter as @PENSHOPPE, and on Snapchat at @teampenshoppe.

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