How to Throw Your Own Labor Day Weekend Party at Home

It's the Labor Day weekend!!! That means most of you are currently having the time of your life in Boracay or anywhere else in the world that is not within a 1 mile radius of the place you call home. SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS. Walang halong kabitteran. Pramis. Hahaha. Now, for those of you who are stuck in Manila or stuck at home (like me), don't fret! Why not bring the fun at home??? You know, you don't have to go someplace else just to party and have fun. Remember: YOU ARE THE PARTY.;) My childhood friends and cousins are planning our 2nd Laborahay party tomorrow! Here are photos and stories from our Marrakech inspired party May 1 of last year....

1. THEME  
 Angelfish Resort Wear multiway dress, SM Parisian espadrilles & bag

 Aura aura sa wall ng kapitbahay

 Espadrilles from SM Parisian!

This is actually not super necessary, but it's fun planning when you have a theme right?! Last year, we accidentally decorated the place Marrakech style. Hihi. My birthday party last year was Coachella inspired. For our party tomorrow, theme is beach lang. Haha tamad na mag-isip. LOL. 

Nico and Jules haha


Of course, no venue no party right?! We held ours at our "adopted" cousin's (childhood friend hihi) house in Cubao. It's just walking distance from everyone else's house. A huge thank you Chuck and Tita Kibby for always hosting us!!! :) Sana di na tayo pabarangay ng neighbor niyo. Haha.


Our party last year was a spur of the moment decision. Just like our party tomorrow. Which we only finalized tonight. HAHA! Last year, the boys decorated the place and mobile bar, while I was in charge of the tambay area set-up. I just brought all the mats and small pillows I have at home. TADA!

 We added more mats pa later on

 The boys made streamers and the lettering above

 Enjoying the fruits of my labor

 We also bought balloons and leis for props!

All of these you can buy from Department Stores or Farmers in Cubao!


Last year, I tried searching online for pool rentals but was not able to find any. We decided to just forget about it but was able to borrow one at the last minute. Kahit maliit, pwede na! For the feels lang! Haha.

 hello Paula girl

Tomorrow, I am bringing our new pool to the party! Bought this a few weeks ago from Handyman for P5,000. Super lifesaver sa init ngayon!


Last year, we did potluck. We asked everyone to bring at least 1 dish or booze to the party. Success naman! Di naman kami namatay sa uhaw and gutom. Haha. We had pasta, grilled pork, grilled hotdog, nachos, veggies, etc. We also had cocktails! As the night progressed, everyone chipped in to buy more beer. 

They served cocktails in cute colored glasses with fruits and umbrellas as decoration. Cute!

Let's eat!

We had beer and hard drinks!

6. Lights and Sounds

We borrowed a nice set of speakers from our neighbor, Kuya Bong! I think they just plugged one phone to play party songs the whole night. Someone also brought a disco light to set the mood. No need to rent na! :) 

Here are more photos from that crazy night!


 sausage party hahahaha

 Find me! Hinatak nila ako sa pool haha

That's it pancit! Will be documenting our #LABORAHAY party tomorrow. Don't forget to check out my IG Stories for videos! :) Happy Labor Day! Mabuhay ang mga manggagawa! ;)

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