Weapons of Mass Seduction: Browhaus Makeup Line Launch

When it comes to perfecting or maintaining eyebrows, Browhaus has always been the go-to brand or place for bloggers. So when they invited us to the launch of their newest venture, we flocked the place like moths to a flame! I'm so excited to share with you guys Weapons of Mass Seduction -- Browhaus' new makeup range/line!!! And you are gonna love it. Why? Read on!

Their new makeup line focuses on the eyes! 

Browhaus' new make-up line are mostly products to enhance the eyes. They are high-quality products-- extremely pigmented, heavy duty, packaged nicely -- yet super affordable. I personally love the eyeliner (finally! an eyeliner that does not make me look like a panda) and their HD mascara! I have also tried the bi-liner in gold and I loved it. :)

1. Heavy Duty Bi-Liner

What is a bi-liner? It's an eyeshadow and eyeliner in one! Cool db? Designed with a waterproof gel pencil on one end and a soft smudge-tip and sharpener on the other, the Browhaus Heavy-Duty Bi-Liner offers long-lasting wear for up to 24 hours. It comes in  five eye-catching metallic shades with a hint of shimmer. 

Shades: Noir Shimmer, Midnight Blue, Burgundy, Amber, and Blush.

Price: P498 each or P1998 for bundle of 5. 

2. HD Mascara 

Get longer lashes that does not clump with Browhaus HD Waterproof Mascara! It has a curl effect that lasts for up to 24 hours. Clay minerals add gloss, helps lengthen and hold the curl without your lashes feeling stiff or dry.

The specially designed brush picks up just the right amount of formula to ensure that your lashes are evenly coated and well-defined without being clumpy. Talk about HD quality!

Color: Black

Price: P998

4. Browhaus Precision Eyeliner

The Browhaus Precision Eyeliner offers long-lasting smudge-proof wear and intense colour for up to 24 hours, making it ideal even for ladies with oilier eyelids. Its specially designed felt-tip applicator allows for precision lining so you can change up your look from fresh thinly-lined lids to dramatic Cleopatra wing-tips with ease, and erasing mistakes are a breeze as the Browhaus Precision Eyeliner washes off easily with warm water.

Colors: Black & Brown

Price: P750

5. Classic Brow Lead

Browhaus Classic Brow Lead provides 24-hour lasting wear so your makeup stays flawless as you go about your day. Amp up sparse brows with the smooth-finish pencil and neaten by adding finishing touches using the soft-bristle brush on the other end. Each Browhaus Classic Brow Lead comes with a sharpener. 

For best results, fill in brow gaps with light, feathery strokes in the same direction as your hair growth, and brush stray hairs in place. It comes in three natural shades to suit any skin tone and hair colour.

Shades: Blonde, Soft Brown, and Asphalt.

Price: P648

6. Erase Make-Up Remover

Get rid of even the most stubborn makeup with the Browhaus Erase Make-Up Remover – an oil-based formula that complements the existing range of waterproof Browhaus eye makeup! It's Suitable for sensitive skin, fragrance- and paraben-free, and does not leave any oily residues.

Price: P800

Here are photos from the launch at Cafe Naya!

Event was hosted by Sanya Smith

 Reunited with my loves Krissy & Ana!

 Demo by my make-up artist friend Bambi to my model friend Kate!:) Missed you both! (photo from Anagon)

 There was also a make-up game! These lovely ladies were asked to copy Gwen Stefani & another celeb. Nikki won both rounds! Kaw na mother!:)

 Congrats! :) Mother Jackie did great too.

 Classic Brow Lead!

 Love the military set-up!

 Eye wonder. Hehe.

 Trying out the bi-liners!

 HD clump-free waterproof mascara! A girl's bestfriend!

So happy to see you Kate!!! Gorgeous as ever. Love her make-up! :)

Thank you Browhaus & Joyce of LDL for inviting us and for the make-up dibs! So glad I found a new eyeliner and mascara to obsess on. Haha. More please? Powder & concealer next? Hihi. And while you're at it, have your brows fixed or maintained at Browhaus! :)

This make-up line is available at all Browhaus outlets in the Philippines. Visit www.browhaus.com/manila for store listings.

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