Boracay 2016, Day 4 & 5: Five Days on a P4,000 Budget

Here's the last installment of my Boracay post! I've already shared with you our budget, why we love Second Wind, some activities we did & food places around the area. This post is also action-packed as I will be sharing with you the tour we got and also how we spent our last night on the island (drinking & bonding with the afams, duh haha). Photos, stories and tips below!

Booked our island hoping tour kay Ate Vina (0909- 5832561) of LMK Travel & Tours! She offered a pretty good price (compared to the manongs all over the island haha). I inquired about their paraw sailing the day before, but the gang decided to go island hopping insread. It was a pretty good deal! We only paid P3000 for 1 boat (exclusive of entrance fees & rental of snorkeling gears). We were 14 all in all, so we paid P215 each. :)

 I registered all of us first for safety purposes!

 We were then accompanied by Kuya Jun Jun, the captain of our bangka that day! 

 Here's our bangka!

 Mej malumot the beach hehe

 All 12 of us + our new friends from the hostel, French girls Sirin & Elhem!

  On our way to our first stop! May emo!


Our first stop was this cliff diving gem for budget travelers! We only paid P150 each as entrance fee. It's pretty cheap compared to the P2,000 we paid sa Ariel's Point before. If you just want to do cliff diving for an hour or two, then this place is for you! 


OOTD muna!

Romper from @theseraphimline (IG), FLY shades sunnies

Since nag OOTD ako, they were almost done when we got there. Huhu. I wasn't able to warm up so I wasn't able to jump! Next time, promise.  For P150, you could jump all you want! They have 3,5,7 & 10 meters. Those who can't swim can jump too! There's someone in the water to assist you. 

My cousin Pat jumping from the 5-meter plank

THIS.IS.SPARTA!!! Joke. Haha! This Korean girl asked Nico to push her and Nico obliged. 

Joot & Nico nagmomoment

And then WOAHHH! Where did that came from? Haha! So cute my cousin RJ who jumped from the 7-meter plank!

He did it! Nice!

Tandem my sis and bro! 

Nico also jumped sa 7 meters! Naks brave.

And this is our Parisian friend Sirin. Here she is preparing to jump from the highest point which is 10 meters (she jumped from all heights). Such a rockstar!

Too bad, we were only given an hour to enjoy the place! Huhu. I will come back for you! Or if you want to cliff dive all day with unlimited food & drinks including lunch buffet plus freesnorkeling & kayaking, then choose Ariel's Point! It's worth it naman.

2nd Stop: Snorkeling Somewhere (haha)

Kuya stopped in the middle of the ocean, I have no idea where, and told us we could do snorkeling na. Those who did had to pay P20 for the snorkeling fee + P25 for equipment rental. The waves were a little wild! 

Wasn't able to snorkel because after shooting some OOTD photos, Kuya said we had to leave na coz the waves were getting bigger. So unfortunate! I wanted to swim and see fishes pa naman. Lugi haha. I opted not to rent snorkeling gears because I always have a hard time using it. I just borrowed my friend's goggles. Which I was not able to use. Boo. Haha. So we left & headed straight to Puka.

3rd Stop: PUKA Beach

Finally, some decent OOTD photos! Haha. Since we all decided not to eat in the island (so expensive!!!), Nico & I searched for a nice spot by the beach & snapped away for 10 minutes. We swam after! But it was too hot so I gave up and hid at an open resto while drinking my overpriced P100 can of Coke. Lol. I was only exposed for 10 minutes but it felt like my skin was burning. Yes, even with sunscreen. The heat and sun was super intense! I got so dark! Bwiset. Haha. 

Thanks to my photog and creative director, Nico! Haha!

OOTD photos! Sorry for my kaartehan. Deal with it, betch. Haha. 
Masakit ulo sa init?

Happy sa init! NOT.

Daming waves! Hirap magpose! Haha. My waterproof watch is from Veloci. :)

Love this map one-piece swimsuit I bought from my loves Kat Valdez! Thanks babe! And loving my sunnies from FLY. :)

The rest of the gang played under the sun (e d kayo na! Haha) for almost 2 hours. Puka beach is so nice! No lumot. Haha. Kuya was nice enough to wait for us. He joined me and my cousin RJ & we spent an hour just chatting with him. He shared with us how it is to operate a boat/banca business. He's getting his 2nd boat soon! Sorry but based on his stories & my mental computation, mas mayaman pa satin si Kuya. Haha! He almost convinced me to give up my UBER business & just get a banca/boat.  He volunteered to manage it. If ever. I don't know. Why not? :)

Time to go back to the island! Can you see the bats?:)

Thank you Kuya Jun (who looks so much like Duterte hahaha) for the awesome trip! You could contact him at 0946- 7283319. ;)

We were supposed to do Paraw Sailing for P2,500 (P180 per person) but the others backed out na so we didn't push through. They had enough sailing for 1 day. Haha. We went to Spider House instead! :)

For the 2nd time around haha

But this time, with Sirin & Elhem!

We spent 2 hours, drinking and swimming! So much fun. :) We asked Kuya SMART car to fetch us again. For P30 each he dropped us off sa hostel. :) We then took a bath, freshened up and went out again for dinner!

Met Philip in the hostel while waiting for the others. He decided to join us! He's from Germany, works for Hugo Boss/Ralph Lauren, and came here from a business trip to vacay. Pretty impressive for a 21-year old! :)

Andoks crew. Alex joined us too + 2 new friends. Don't know their names. :(

After dinner, we then looked for a nice beachfront bar to chill at. Decided on this bar beside Tibraz/Beach Pub. We should have stayed at Beach Pub in the first place, since we have 15% discount pala coz of Second Wind! We forgot. Huhu.

Barangay EDM with our new friends! 

Philip ordered shisha and shared it with the group! Don't worry may individual mouth something naman. Haha.

Surprise cake for the birthday girl, Sheila!

Had to transfer sa Beach Pub because the bar we were at were closing early.

The gang! So much fun bonding with everyone. 

The foreigners even ate balut after we challenged them! Such good sports!:) I posted videos on Snapchat and my Facebook account. Haha.

They just ordered 1-2 beers from Beach Pub and then bought na from the local store and bonded again at the hostel. Nice way to save money! Haha. We didn't mind splurging a little on our last night. It was nice making tambay by the shore with friends. :)

Woke up late the next day and as always, I skipped breakfast. Haha. Took a bath upon waking up, fixed my things, checked out and left my things at the reception of Second Wind. They were nice enough to look after our things. :) If your flight is in the afternoon or at night (like us!), you could still swim and then just take a bath in the common bathroom. :)

Nico and I visited Bulabog beach! It's just a 2-minute walk from our hostel.

We love watching people kite surf. It's somewhat relaxing.

Our friend Alex enrolled and paid P17k-P20k for a 9-hour session/lesson! 

After Bulabog, Nico and I decided to eat lunch at this carinderia near our hostel! We just saw it on our way to the beach. The green lake/pond from the outside, drew us in! So nice. 

OMG carinderia

Sideline daw niya. Haha!

We ordered spicy bangus & longsilog!

Our cousins also ate there. Meals were just P70-P120.

Limited food on the menu but it was okay.

We didn't have enough time to swim, so Nico & I went to Tibraz for a quick crepe date. :)
15% off on all food & drinks for Second Wind & MNL guests! Just show them your room key:)

Ordered Papaya shake w/o milk! So good! 

Passed by LOLA's Pizza located along Road-1A Bulabog. It's on the same street as MNL Hostel! One of my friends, Paula, bought 4 boxes of pizza for everyone! She paid P600 for all 4 boxes. She ordered Overload, Hawaiian, Cheese & Garlic Chicken. Loved all of them! Swear. Ang mura pa. Sulit! 

Don't go here in the afternoon lang because it's super hot!!! We stayed on the other side of the road just to hide from the sun. Haha. We were able to sit and wait inside when the other customers left na. 

My balikbayan friend Sheila na aliw na aliw sa sari-sari store kaya picturean ko daw sha. LOL.

Kwek-kwek din sila

Southwest office is located in the same building as McDonalds!

Our service arrived a little past 5pm. So convenient talaga Southwest forever! Again, we paid P1340 for everything na. You could do it yourself and it could be a hundred bucks cheaper but it could also be a hassle. :)

If you want to DIY, here are some of the prices

May bus na Cubao! Is this real? Haha. HOW???

Shuttle bus ride took 2 hours compared to our arrival which only took 1 hour. It was okay though 'coz we were still a few hours early for our flight. We arrived at around 8pm at Kalibo airport. When we've settled and checked-in, we went out again to eat dinner. 

Ate at this carinderia near the guard outpost sa Kalibo airport entrance! Our meal was just P70 with free drinks na. I ordered the longsilog (it was okay! longanisa was sweet just the way I like it) and Nico ordered tapsilog. The tapsilog was yummy! Serving was limited but it was okay. :) 

Kalibo airport was renovated na and it now has 2 floors! Waiting was okay because they had sockets everywhere and it was comfy inside. We left at around 12 midnight and arrived in Manila at around 1am. It was quite sad when the trip ended but we have so much memories to share and remember! Can't stop talking about our trip until now. Haha. Can't wait for our next adventure! Palawan? Game?:)

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