I died and went to heaven's kitchen.

Last Friday, I had dinner with my sister at Mom & Tina's. She asked me to taste test their food and survey the place coz that's where she's gonna get married this coming December. My sister doesn't want a big wedding. She and her boyfie hates attention that they asked me not to prepare a program or make any surprises or speech. I'm still persuading her to at least prepare an AVR just to entertain guests while they're eating. She's totally weird. Anyway, major food porn coming up next. Makes me want to run to Mom & Tina's right now. 

Lovin' the interiors... it feels so much like Christmas. :)

Can you see me peeping? heee.

ralph lauren shirt, fab pants, custom made shoes, Golddot bag

When the food came, I totally got disoriented that I only remembered to take photos when I was about to finish my food. 

 I ordered this steak (called chuck steak) and WOW--it's one of the best I've ever tasted (at least for a commoner like me, lol). It was cooked to perfection. The juice, moisture and taste was just right. It's a little pricey though for P400. But still worth it. My sister ordered callos...

.And Mich ordered this...

... it used to be a baked ham sandwich with chips and cucumber slices. All gone in a blink of an eye.

The food was soooo delish. Yes, it's a little pricey but it doesn't hurt to treat yourselves to a great meal every once in a while. I was so determined to finish my food quickly coz I was excited to finally taste their famous desserts! And boy, it was not an easy task--choosing which ones to taste or buy. I wanted everything.

 Which ones to buy? 

Caramel Profitale (not sure of the name though but it's heavenly)

Dark Toblerone something. Tastes heavenly as well!

Brought these cupcakes to the openshoot at BNS the next day. They went crazy over it!:)

my bidang golddot bag. lovely.

That's it pancit! This entry makes me hungry. Grrrr. Craving for those cupcakes. Killer.


Ana, Melai, and I would be really happy to see you guys there.
 Let's take photos and make chika! See you!:)


  1. eeep chika indeed!:) ill be there to support! heehee

  2. the caramel something looks really yummy! sana maka drop by ako sa Sat. bakit naman kasi one day lang. haha!

  3. Yum so many goodies and sweets! Love all the Christmas stuff. ^^

  4. Those desserts sure do look heavenly! And the place looks charming :)

  5. Wahaha! I can totally relate about remembering to take photos of food only after you've nearly finished it up.

  6. the food looks delish!! and of course i just cant resist those yummy desserts!!! wow!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  7. where is mom & tina's located? :)

  8. The ice cream and muffins look drool-worthy!



  9. you are lovely and i love your shoes and bag!



  10. the place is amazing! i like the christmas details they put in it.

  11. naw those cakes look so delicious! i walked past a cupcake store today going to work and i was seriously drooling inside! silly pretty cupcakes

  12. Love all the decorations!

    Just came across your blog!



  13. Aw, I kind of understand your sister. I kind of shy away at attention too. A different kind of bridezilla! Haha :)

    THe location looks so cozy though! I wish I had a wedding to dress up for too.

    Bea from A plus B


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