Updates, Downdates

Warning: this will be a totally incoherent post. First off, I'm so happy I finally got my new Chloe dress!!!:) Bought it on ebay. I'm inlurve.

Also, my box (from Pobox) with all my Forever 21 goodies is finally on it's way here! Hurrah! Haha. I know I know. Took me a few months before I finally had it shipped. Lol. Well, I was not in a hurry. I still had space in my box and I wanted to wait 'til I find the right products to add in. And here they are...


Cargo skinny jeans

...and a pleather leggings. No photo coz it's now out of stock. I just hope it fits me. I have a huge dilemma with leggings or pants in general. I seldom find pants that fits me perfectly.  And yes, I'm still on a shopping ban. :p

Also got a text from the sales staff of Freeway Alimall (near our house). The Ramon Valera bf tent dress I had reserved is now ready for pick-up! Yeyyyy. Excited to see it. I hope it also fits well. Ain't it pretty?

Love Valera's illustrations as design. 

I'm so swamped with a lot of things now. I'm starting to get tired of being an online marketer/virtual assistant at night, stylist/online store owner/web editor by day. It's starting to take a toll on me. But, I'm not complaining. :) I really can't wait for next week! A vacay, finally! I haven't been to Palawan, so I'm quite excited. A day before that, I have a conceptual fashion shoot, so I'm still a little stressed. Have to do a lot of pull-outs. Been talking to a lot of designers and luckily I've been getting a lot of positive responses. Thank you Jot Losa, Enrico Carado, Dimple Lim, Jerome Ang, Julius Tarog, Ronaldo Arnaldo! Even to Cherry Veric, who was willing to loan me some of his gowns but sadly can't coz he's in Dubai right now for work. Thanks also to Golddot for lending us some shoes!=) Wala lng, just wanted to say thank you to the kind souls who support freelance stylists like me. Right Jear? Heh. 

I'm also going nuts thinking how I'm gonna survive this coming Saturday, with my bazaar at The Collective, designer pull-outs, friend's baby shower and Forever 21 gift card launch at night. I.AM.SO.CONFUSED. Lol. I don't want to miss any of them. Mich said I should go to the F21 launch coz it's work. The Depot Fashion team are all going and my editor-in-chief asked me to come too. So, I have to pull-out from the bazaar earlier than my alloted time. Sorry Ana. :( 

I'm also going crazy fixing my mess in our apartment. Lol. My clothes are all over the place. That's why sometimes I hate styling, coz I often bring 3 bags full of clothes, accessories and shoes and the hardest part is unpacking them and putting them back in the closet. Ugh. Anyone wanna help me? =P 

Anyway, I'm done with my stories. Heh. Last weekend, I styled for an openshoot with BNS.  I'm getting more and more lazier documenting what happens behind the scene. I only have 10 photos. No styling photos, no outfit shots, only this. Har.

Coolest, most adorable siblings EVER. They never miss a BNS openshoot! 
Guess who among them is the brand manager of Stella Luna. :)

Group shot! No outfit shot, sorry.

Thank you Vil for the food! I love lutong bahay. Yuuum.

I also met up, with some of my friends from UST last night. My girlfriend Sheila is leaving for Canada on Monday and we wanted to get together for one last hurrah. Missed them so much. They never fail to make me feel "ME". They keep me grounded and sane. We'll see you soon Che. We'll miss you. :) And it sucks that you had to leave me here with the boys! Haha. We have a huge kada. Among all, we're the only girls in the group. Tin, my other girlfriend, now lives and works in Dubai. Boooohoo. So I guess I'll be the only rose among the thorns now. Ugh. 

@ 77 bar 

w/ Ariel. 

why so serious

tawang tawa lang. Hapdi & Kirot wall at the back. 

Food massacre at Partners! I love my sizzling sisig. Yum.

Last photo before we called it a night. have a safe trip Che! Chat date on Skype?:)

Now, I'm off to the seamstress, then National Bookstore, then Albert Mutuc for a haircut. 
What to do first?

I have another big giveaway soon! As in tomorrow! Hope you guys could join. :)


  1. I enjoyed this post Aisa so lots of kwento! hehe! In demand ka ah hehehe! And I know that girl who caries a dog on your group shot. Do you know her too?:) She's from Adobo Magazine. :)

  2. I love the Chloe dress, and the clogs wow!!! :) You are such a super girl with all that, truly inspiring! :)


  3. Denise - we're not close but we talked na coz she attended the openshoot!:) she gave me her calling card. she's nice!=)

    Mickey- hayyy thanks dear:) sana mas madami pakong health and strength to do all those! hehe:)

  4. That Chloe dress is ADORABLE!!! Oh and I agree with you about the Ramon Valera clothes...The best ones are those with his illustrations. There are about 5 styles I want to buy. Haha!

  5. I saw those clogs in the store, and the last pair was in my size. I opted to order the brown ones online though. They're really nice!


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