Dare to Resist

Last Thursday, I attended Eastpak's 2010 campaign launch at The Collective, Makati. This was the campaign I styled for before (together with Melai), so I was really excited to go there and see the presentation. Well, it did not disappoint. It is now one of the best events I've ever been to. So here's what happened at Eastpak's RESISTANCE PARTY...

The event hasn't started yet when Mich and I got there. So we decided to appease our hunger first. We decided to eat at Pasta Box. Ornusa was also there ordering food and she even opened the door for us (coz she was blocking it, lol). She smiled and I almost died. Kilig. Hehe. I totally forgot about her when our food was served. Yum.

I forgot what we ordered but it's delicious. Mine was spicy with chicken in it. Mich ordered the seafood pasta. Now I'm hungry.

There's my girl crush Ornusa and her friend--at the background.
Mich's dessert--banoffee something. 

We proceeded to the venue afterwards. Upon entry we were given these cool booklets...

So cool. I feel like I belong to a secret society/secret movement or something. Free stickers also came with it plus free entrance to gigs of some bands who are included in their Resistance party list.

Upon completion--you get additional discounts when you purchase Eastpak items!

 The resistance leaders.

The event was hosted by Sanya Smith--who's rocking these Golddot boots btw.

Amazing bands entertained us the whole night...

December Avenue 

Doppelgangers? sanya and ornusa. You can't tell from behind which one's which!

Eastpak's brand manager Gie shows off his beatboxing skills, while Sanya does freestyle rapping!

Next band: Salamin. That's the very shy Paolo Valenciano, lead vocalist and son of Gary V.

...who becomes a different person when performing on stage. His movements are very much the same as Bamboo or Brandon Boyd of Incubus.

The Eastpak Resistance video was shown next...

love the effect.

Melai--that's you! Thanks Jukka for blocking me. Haha.

And then they were called onstage...

Host Sanya with leaders Ornusa, Ronald, Kathrina, Jukka. Not present was Jowee Alviar.

Gie interviewing Jukka.

Interview with Malaya Ronald Pasion.

Interviewing Ornusa Cadness

Urbandub brought the house down! Love them!

Eastpak bags were displayed in glass cases. Love.

Me with Bea (of Prime group) and Earl

got my styling fee= GC's!:)
 Wearing: thrifted leopard print dress, korean shoes, forever21 necklace

And here's Mich after--tired, hungry, sleepy.

Mich fell asleep in the middle of eating her french fries. Adorbs.=P

Meanwhile, I saw this extremely cool Eastpak campaign that has won several awards in the UK and Germany. As usual, Mich LOVED it. I'm not really a fan of the undead, but I just love how they came up with this whole campaign. I love how their tagline "I love LIFE" contradict the characters and at the same time glorifies them. It's gruesome but amazingly insane. Oh, and I love the styling too!

Oh, and please do checkout Depot Fashion's website http://www.depotfashion.com.ph/. I already posted my 1st article yesterday. Thanks Melai for letting me grab some of your photos! :) More features and articles coming up, so I hope you could visit our site every now and then.

P.S. Got featured on MTV Style! :) Stoked.

Check out the feature HERE. Mwah!


  1. I like what you did to your hair.. You look so fresh :) And mas nakita yun face mo :)

  2. @Honey - hehe thanks! actually naka ayos sha at first but everyone in the event was super laid back and chill lng so I just tied my hair to fit in!Lol. :)

  3. Oooh! I love the zombie look in those posters. Love what you did to your hair, too.

  4. Pax! Looking good! Like your hair tied up! :-) Very pretty!

  5. wooow those Eastpak campaigns are intense and awesome! the styling is wicked cool. and congrats on the feature. :D

  6. teh, ang fashionista mo talaga forever! congrats sa feature and styling gig for eastpack!!

  7. Awww GO Sanya and Salamin! looks like a fun event :)


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