Ultimate Peace Shirt

Finally! I already have something to blog about. Lol. Which means, I'm back in Marikina. Which means, I've reunited with our dull gray wall again. Dear Wall, oh how I missed you. I've been in hiatus because whenever I stay in our apartment in Cubao, I always find myself just staring at the 4 corners of our flat. There's not enough light, not enough walls. Good news is--we finally found the perfect apartment! :) No, it's not yet ours (not yet) and we had to submit a lot of requirements to be considered and for them to be able to do background checks (yes they're cautious like that). But the owner is my aunt's close friend SO I'm pretty sure we stand a bigger chance than the others. Still, I refuse to be too complacent.

Anyway, I had a joke joke-an (in english: joke, joke) photoshoot earlier this morning for Archive's new collection. I'm a fast worker so I will already unveil it later at 9 pm. Watch out for it! :) I have maxi skirts, vintage dresses, cute tops and some more skirts. I also found myself using just one particular shirt for most of the photos. Well, it's one of my favorite shirts. So now, may I present to you guys my overused shirt and my many ways of styling it. :)

thrifted peace shirt, Archive skirt (up for grabs later!), Ebay boots, Anagon necklace

I love the artwork on the skirt!:)

And here's a candid shot (coz I'm not always ready!) + a photobomb. Seriously?

'Coz 10 seconds can never be enough.

Booooooooo Mich. Boooooooo.

thrifted peace shirt, vintage skirt, Ichigo shoes, SM boater hat, Archive bag

The bag is for sale! Catch it later on Archive. :)

Look # 3

Um. Yeah. (skirt to be sold later on Archive)

Look # 4 (my fave)

Archive lace topper (up for grabs later), thrifted peace shirt, Space shorts, Ichigo shoes

It's seriously so hard to let go of such amazing pieces. But I need money. So goodbye! So long wonderful pieces. Nice meeting you! Lol.

Anyway, I just wanna annoy those who are hungry. I'd like to share with you the most expensive burger meal I ever ate. 

A P600+ meal from Brother's burger. It's soooo delicious and so expensive. Blech.

And totally random but somehow related to this post, here's where you can find me in Cubao...
Find me! :P

P.S. Last few days of my Carlainity bag + SEPA necklaces giveaway!
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  1. looking great paxie! hehehe. fave pic is prolly the one with mich in it! :p

  2. haha! katawa nang-asar pa ng gutom. :))

    love the styling aisa! :)

  3. Dull? I think not! I love the wall. It's interesting, but doesn't detract from the outfits. It has a wonderful, moving texture, almost like a watercolor, yet it still has an urban feel to it.

    I love the skirt. It has such a fun shape to it.

    I am on the other end of apartment hunting. I am doing the screening! Hope you get your apartment :)

  4. I love look 2 the most! :) welcome back to marikina!

  5. thanks Lloyda dear!:)how's the new mom?:)

  6. @April - sorry naa. hehehhee:)

  7. @Catie -really? thats cool! What do you usually look for in a good tenant? hehehe. btw, i just got a call from the screening committee, i think we're in!:) thanks for the wonderful comment:)

  8. You really have a great style! Especially look number 4 loved that!

  9. I want that jacket!!!!!!!! <3


  10. wow.. amazing pieces, dear!!! i love the way you rocked all the skirts! :D

    Animated Confessions

  11. look #3's my favorite! altho, i'm also eyeling those eBay boots!

    and good thing i just ate at Banapple, so i'm not that jealous at your Brothers Burger!!

    boat ride through the sky

  12. Lovely pieces aisa, no one can rock the blazers like you :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  13. I loooove the 4th look! But I totally share the same sentiments about trusty, go-to shirts. I have these favorite comfy shirts which I will FORCE to go with anything :P


  14. Oh, those skirts are all so pretty! I love the different ways of wear, and your shoes!

  15. I totally love the 4th look!!

  16. you really are awesome at styling! I wouldn't know how to style a tee in more than two ways =p but this somehow gives me an idea! i love look #4!

  17. Those first boots are amazing and you look great per usual :)


  18. I love all the skirts! They look astonishing. And that t-shirt, so urban and cool. Hope you feel wonderful in your new home! :D

  19. me wants all your skirts. me wants your apartment. please adopt me.

  20. in love with look 3 and 4!

  21. i would understand how hard it is to let go of these items! they're all sooo chic...i most especially love the maxi skirt...i want that! :D

    ♥ vanilla ice cream | POLKA DRESS giveway this way! ♥

  22. the food looks delicious...and I really love the 4 looks...but I am instantly digging the last look... love the maxi skirt and the jacket plus the bag too...oh wow!!!!

    Great great styles...



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