Vintage Overload

Yesterday was Fabmanila's shoot for their new collection at Heirloom Manila. Yours truly was chosen to style the shoot. I really enjoyed working with Jen and Sheila. Such nice and professional people. :) I will not post the behind-the-scenes yet. I'll wait for Fabmanila to release the final photos before doing so. For the meantime, here are photos of me camwhoring in the oh so lovely place called Heirloom Manila. Pls. try not to vomit while looking at me, me and me. Haha! And because the theme was nomadic/world traveler, I decided to dress the part. 


Stairs. "Welcome to the dungeon" lol.

secret garden. chos.

Lovin' all the details.

While I was waiting for the 1st set to finish, Mich dragged me saying she found the perfect spot where she wanted to take my photo. So I happily obliged. She made me lean against this red wall and kept asking me to straighten my back and tiptoe a little. When I looked up I realized why...


 I wanted to strangle her but I couldn't stop laughing. She then handed me the camera and asked me to take her picture too while saying, "You're still the mother b**ch and I'm your baby". Um, thanks?

 Baby b**ch. Lol.

 Cute staircase.

 What am I even looking at?
top-Topshop, jacket-thrifted, skirt-thrifted, shoes-from friend, belt-vintage, necklace-greenhills

This bag is mine! :) Satchel type bag from Fabmanila:)

I'm a sucker for anything nautical!

Kadaberks, in english: friendships.

Red door.


I LOVE vintage. And this place--it's all that and more. When inside, you will never run out of amazing things to discover. Mr. Alex Juco, the owner, was also kind and gracious enough to accompany us the whole shoot, sharing trivias about the place and his family. He mostly did the artwork in this place. He's awesome. Know more about Heirloom Manila by clicking HERE.

Anyway, got some more photos from our Pin-Up edition shoot last Friday. I love it! Yesh.

So Katy Perry! Lol.
 Pearl Harbor-ish.
 The team!
Thank you Darz for this photo! :) 

Hope you could all join the Pin-Up Edition openshoot by the BNS group on the 25th. Again, fee is P1000 and it includes everything. :) Reserve a slot by sending an email to: INFO@BLEACHNSTAIN.COM or text VIL at 0917.570.7808.

Oh, and lookie! I'm on Trendtation's website. Stoked. :)

And thank you Chictopia for putting me on the homepage last week! :) 
(Thanks Bestie for the heads up haha)

 Happy Monday everyone!

P.S. Join Chicisimo's fashion week game HERE & my blog giveaway HERE.:)


  1. aaahhh lovely look!!! i adore your skirt and satchel so so so much!!! :D aaahh!!

    Animated Confessions

  2. Sybil buy na from fabmanila!:) they ship to canada!:) hehe

  3. love your skirt and bag.. and your pic with the horn is so hilarious.. :)


  4. OH!! I bought bags from FabManila na thrice!! You style for them? NICEEEE! congrats on the feature! so pretty and stylish!!

  5. @eElectoCutee - hehe thanks:)

    @Nina - their bags are fab! they have new styles now. I love the satchel like bag the most!:) This is my 1st time to style for them.:)

  6. new shoot for fabmanila means new bags! woah, i am so waiting for that! <3

    and oh, i love your photo against the red door, stunning! :)

  7. your captions are so funny :)) love the outfit!


  8. this is the first time ive heard of heirloom manila! it's so photogenic - i want to visit it! :) i love your skirt btw :)

  9. oh gosh i love that skirt! and can't wait for the photos! xx


  10. Congrats on another shoot aisa! Grabe dumadami na sila teh :) Love your outfit girl! :) And ang cute niyo talaga as always ni mich! mwuah!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  11. the place is so pretty and romantic! :) i love your look, i've scored a maxi skirt too and i'm inspired by your style..:D


  12. oh wow, the place looks so beautiful!! want to see the place in actual. i'm gonna have to drag my friends there for a photo shoot soon!

    also, i'm totally digging that satchel!

    boat ride through the sky

  13. The horn story is so funny! Love the outfit :D

    Lee [spunkandglam.blogspot.com]

  14. I ADORE your outfit Aisa! Dream ko magsuot ng maxi skirt, pero kamusta naman ang sagwa tignan sakin! Hahaha. The place is so pretty, perfect setting for your look (:

    Yiii na-excite kasi ako when I saw you on the front page! I was so proud haha (:

  15. Love the mini denim jacket on you with the long skirt. Shanghai is treating me well but I'm a little sick now. :[

  16. what a lovely house this is ^_^

  17. I am in love with the skirt and photos love...

    I am a sucker for vintage hehehe!!!!


  18. lovely use of colors. :D

  19. Pax, the place is super nice nga! and i love the shots at the latter part of this post. also love your polka dot maxi skirt!

  20. Aiza, love love the place for the shoot!! I agree with Kookie, super ganda! :)

    Congrats on the features! And love your maxi skirt too :)

  21. congrats on the features! im in love with the pic with the horns!

  22. wow the location is awesome! and so is the stylist! ;) lol on mitch but seriously that horn photo is uber cute!!

    xoxo Mode Junkie

  23. Wow, congrats! I like the long skirt a lot :) I have to applaud you for nailing the globe trotter look!

    -Gayle from www.gayleisvolatile.blogspot.com

  24. Oh, man that photo with the horns is so funny! This is my favorite outfit from you so far. It's very simple and kind of elegant. I will always be amazed of girls who can pull off long skirts!

    Great job with the pin-up shoot too. I like all the blue and red :)

    Bea from A plus B

  25. You are stunning. ;))) love your blog. following you now!

    Fashion Toy Gun

  26. I looove the shooting location, Aisa! Where is this? :)


  27. This location is stunning! Wow! Love your outfit as well. You're looking good in that long skirt.

    Embracing Style

  28. Oh my gosh. I adore your style. I adore these pictures. I ADORE YOU! I'm totes following. :)

    Follow, please? <3

  29. love your style..love everything that u wear..sweet and beautiful....very creative of you...


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