Salmon Polka

I have a terrible headache. I've been doing a lot of things I can't seem to wrap my head around it. And I need more money. Haha. Well, we got the new apartment! So we need to buy and pay for more stuff. So help me God. I can't wait to transfer all my things there. Now I can arrange my clothes by color and not use my bed as a hamper. I also bought 2 shoe cabinets, so now I can really store my shoes. Yahoooo! I'm quite excited. But with this I need to learn how to sacrifice and cut back on my spending. SO... goodbye shopping. For now.  I'm sure Mich is rolling her eyes as she's reading this. YES Mich, I will save! And no Mich, leave my blazers alone. Not selling them. :P

Speaking of blazers, I was meaning to sell this salmon one. But when I put it on as I was shooting for Archive, I changed my mind. Heee.

salmon blazer - Archive, polka top- thrifted, shorts-space, shoes-ichigo, bag-Archive

The bag is for sale on my online store. :)

So, it's now 5am and I'm still awake. And it's not because I like staying up late. I'm working. Tomorrow, I have a long day ahead. So many places to go to. Ugh. Sometimes, I just want to sleep all day. I miss the days when I could sleep for 16 hours straight without waking up.

Anyway, if you do have time I hope you could drop by Vogue France or Hypeed to vote for my look! :)

Click HERE to vote. :) But only if you want to. No pressure. :)

Oh, and I'm on Manilastreetstyle's My Style corner. Click HERE to view my feature. Again, only if you want to. :P So toodles, still have work to do and I have 2 styling gigs to prepare for. Will blog about that soon! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Two days til my Carlainity bag + SEPA necklaces giveaway ends.
Click HERE to join. :)


  1. Love that blazer! The polka dots are cute too!

  2. great outfit!! congrats on your feature!! :)

  3. it's good you're keeping that blazer!! it looks amazing on you!

    Animated Confessions

  4. yaaay more shoe space = more photos of great shoes :)

    I love your shoes in these photos :D

  5. love the blazer and your shorts...pretty!!! will vote for you in hypeed


  6. Pax! i love the green polka dot top! It's bagay with the salmon blazer!

  7. Hey Paxie!

    I love your blazer! I've long been looking for one in the same shade! I work in the Senate, so I'm always on the hunt for quirky corporate-ish wear :P

  8. Good call on keeping the blazer! Its such a pretty color, plus I like the 'structure' <3 Hee!


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