Rite of Passage

I've never been this alive and excited in my life. I still can't believe I quit my mundane 9-5 (in my case 3-11am) job 5 months ago to pursue my passions--Archive and styling (and yes, blogging!). And I've never been happier and fulfilled. I know I still have a long way to go but I'd gladly tread the path, if it meant living my dream one day at a time. And if I fail, I'd still be thankful that I still got the chance to try and make it right. :)

ARCHIVE's improving I must say. I'm now over my sabbatical (as kookie puts it) notion. I now nurture it, as if my life depends on it (well  it kinda does haha). I have a lot of bazaars lined up! I'm really glad I took the plunge and joined Port 88. It was such an amazing experience and I learned a lot from it. It also opened a lot of doors and windows (hehe) for me and the store. I now have the perfect drive and determination to follow through. I'll be announcing the schedules when it's near. :)

Anyway, my blazer collection is nearly sold out! Thanks to everyone who supported and bought. I was also contacted by one of my favorite online brands asking me if I'd like to style for them. Of course, I said yes! :) Excited. Will give you details-- soon! Thank you Lord for all the wonderful opportunities. I really hope I don't f**k up. 

So to end this post--here's an outfit shot! Dress will be on sale at my online store ARCHIVE tonight! Watch out for it :)

*i'm married to my sunglasses lately coz I'm too lazy to put on make-up. Lol.

dress - archiveclothing.multiply.com, hat-ebay, shoes-daintyshop

Anyway, I redeemed a Chic Reward frm Chictopia again! Isn't this lovely?

Fun fact: I chose "I" because my real name is Isabel. I'm not really a fan of girly names but I thought the pendant looks cool. Lol. I just hope it doesn't get trapped by customs this time. The Scarpasa shoes is still with them! I'm too lazy to go to Pasay to claim it. It's too far from where I live.

Ooh, and before I forget--To my giveaway winners, I already shipped all of your prizes. YEY!!! Please inform me once you receive it. Enjoy your prizes ladies. I have another giveaway brewing. Hope you could all join again! :)

P.S. Speaking of giveaway, you could still join Lloyda's Ichigo giveaway. Click HERE to join . :) 

And congratulations to the hip new mama Lloyda!!!:)   
To everyone: Have a great weekend!


  1. Congrats Aisa!--Good luck!=)

  2. gorgeous! love your dress. I wish you all the good lucks :)

  3. oh aisa, i am really happy for you!!! it must be really fulfilling to do what you originally love to be doing noh? congrats!!! and i love your outfit! oh and yeah,can you please send me the details ulit for the payment kasi i accidentally erased my mails. haha. oops. thankies!!! :)

  4. Your real name is Isabel? Nice to learn something new about you. You are living the dream my dear! Good luck on your ventures. I think you will be successful because you are very talented. An inspiration to all of us!

    It goes without saying that I love your outfit!

    Embracing Style

  5. gorgeous dress.. the collar is lovely!! :D im wishing all the best to you and your new career.. im sure you're going to do great!! it's nice to hear that you're pursuing your passion.. :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. cliche as I may say, but I'm happy for you! And good luck to all your endeavors. I know you'll nail everything because you love what you're doing. :D

  7. congrats, congrats Pax! alagaan mo si Archive...lalago din yan!!!

    super cute dress! i have a polka dot dress din pala that I will sell on my 2nd online shop. baka ma-bet mo nanaman iyon! haha!

  8. Love it . WoW


  9. oh wow, congratulations and the best of luck with the path you've chosen!:)

  10. oh wow, i'm so jealous of you aisa..i hope i get to have my chance to establish a clothing line and focus on fashion too. not that i'm complaining about my day job which still allows me to be creative..hehehe.

    can't wait to see this december..you're coming here right?

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥ 

  11. Wow, congrats!! :) I hope I could do the same. I really want to have a fashion-related job. :)

  12. Aisa! I'm sure you'll do great! You have such an original take on fashion and style :) Good luck with everything...OH and you look fabulous as always <3


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