Babies and Bows

Went to a christening today at Vista Verde Clubhouse. It is for my friend Ariane's baby girl, Aseana. :) I wasn't able to take a photo of her but she's such an angel. And she's so fasyon!!! She was wearing a red burberry inspired dress + a big red bow. Can't wait for her to grow up so she'd be my muse! Here's the few photos we were able to take...

l-r: my friend Aimee (manager of Saizen), Ms. Benny (owner of Pretty in Pink a ladies wear brand in Robinsons Department Store!), Fina (of the brand Sunflower--a brand you'd see at the accessories section in rob depstore)

Robinson's friends and their partners :)

Group shot:)

Went home early 'coz I still haven't prepared for our portfolio shoot tomorrow. I was panicking a little because I still don't have any pegs. Thank God for style.com! Now I'm on a roll, packing. Lol. Will be doing an editorial like layout inspired by Miu Miu's resort, pre-fall and fall collection! :) So excited. 

AND, finally found the perfect boater hat!!! Waaah! So happy. We went to Robinson's Metroeast just to look for baby stuffs. We were just finishing off our "ice scramble" (my fave!) before going inside the department store so we passed time looking at shops beside the entrance. Gozum was the first shop so I went inside and headed straight to the hats section to check, and voila! There it was, like a pot of gold. Hee! Of course, I tried it on first to check if it fits--with crossed fingers. And it was perfect! So happy 'coz I've been looking all over for one that will fit me perfectly. So...

...Anyway, here's what I wore! With me debuting my new hat. Minus the black cover-up...

And here's me in full haggardness glory (in tagalog: Loren Haggarda mode).

dress-thrifted, shoes-Elle, belt-from Vietnam, hat-genevieve gozum, bag-Thailand 

Oh, I also bought new clothes! So excited for these...

How cute is that Hello Kitty shirt?! Major, major!!! And I'm really hoping the pantsuit fits well so I could wear it to wednesday's event. That's it! Gotta snooze, I only got 3 hours left to sleep! Byeeee!:)


  1. Love your outfit, Aisa :)

  2. so lovely!!! so happy to see that you have found that hat!! it's really lovely on you!

    Animated Confessions

  3. With this outfit and the hat, you reminded me of Jane March in the "The Lover"! Soo cute though!

  4. Hey girl! Just come across your blog and it looks great.

    This outfit is gorgeous and so are you, I love that dress and the bag infact the whole outfit look stunning!

    I am now following via bloglovin, please check out my blog too.

    Yours, Elizabeth.

  5. you look gorgeous AIsa (and the hat
    )...dont worry, u dont look Loren Haggarda at all.. and tama sabi ni anonymous, kamukha mo si Jane March ng The Lover..hihi..c:

  6. I love your dress, that's the one from Baguio di ba?
    and Cute shoes!!! :D

  7. I'm not a fan of Hello Kitty but I must say it's really a nice shirt! Where did you get? :)

  8. Do we get to see the photos from the portfolio shoot? I hope so! Good luck and I hope it goes well :)

  9. You look so cute despite feeling Loren Haggarda!


  10. I am having hat-envy, yes I am.

  11. So also got the major major fever hahahaha!!! yes the Hello Kitty is so cute, in a major major way hahahaha!!!

    I love your outfit for the event...plus your hat and your shoes..


    keep it up love

  12. oh my i love the huge kitty shirt! and the pants look great!

    i'm excited to see you and other bloggers at Glitterati event! :)

  13. I got the package already!! Thank you so much! Will make a post about it soon! :) Love your dress! :)

  14. i have that hello kitty top as well! just got it in Taipei! there is also the daisy duck design haha :P


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