Styling Stint: Outbox Media

So after my successful styling stint for Marc and Mike Yu, I got asked again to style for Outbox Media. It was for an advertisement. I was supposed to do this stint with one of my close friend from FIP, but he bailed out at the last minute due to illness. So I asked Ana of Anagon to go with me instead--luckily she said yes! It was a very challenging gig since we were asked to do 12 layouts with 4 models. I can only imagine, if I ended up doing the job alone I might be dead by now. It lasted for 10 hours! Supreme haggardness (in tagalog: loren haggarda!).

I still don't have the final layouts but here are some shots taken from my Lumix cam. Some BTS and feeling professional shots! Haha. And turns out most of the crew are Thomasians. Yeees, go USTe! Haha.

Good Morning Ana! Sorry I'm late. Hee.

Pang facebook. Haha.

With the fab Anton Patdu--makeup artist!

And UST CommArts baby Kresta! Talented girl :)

Ana and I struggled for this shoot since we don't have enough resources (12 pegs! cmooon). We also didn't have the freedom to do what we wanted--client has the last say. To be honest, I really wanted to backout thea day before the shoot coz I don't like it when I don't feel ready. The peg/themes were always changing (just normal for styling stints) and I didn't know what to expect. Before I do gigs, I usually spend 1 day researching how I'd execute the looks and prepare all the outfits and group them altogether. For this particular stint, I felt like I was in the dark the whole time! But Meisha, the organizer, was really cooperative and helped a lot. They provided almost all the clothes and other "costumes", to my relief. In the end, I felt like a winner! Such an achievement. It was such a great experience (even with a lot of boo boos) 'coz we learned to be creative, work under extreme pressure and improvise--a LOT! I was really glad Ana came with her 2 bags of accessories. Aylavet!

First Peg: Natural/White look

Ana in action.

Cristal wearing my clothes. :)

She's so professional and nice and gorgeous!

Theme: Ballerina

We didn't have enough tights which caused a mini ruckus.
The models didn't look nice with full tights on.
We didn't have enough tutus except for the 2 pairs I brought with me.

They eliminated the group shot.
I murdered my black tights to use as ankle/legs ribbon.
P.S. Thank you Ashley Dy for inspiring our DIY!

Tip: when styling always bring an emergency kit with you composed of scissors, different tapes (especially double sided tape), pins, band-aids! Really comes in handy.

Pax and Ana DIY tandem.

the models with Meisha

photo grabbed from Carlo!

in action haha!

Theme: Belly Dancing

Too bad I wasn't able to take photos of the other girls. But Ana was the one who made their head pieces. Bravo (in tagalog: bongga!).

Ana in action :)

Theme: Disney Princess (kuno)

The Room, Panay Ave.

Outbox media owner Rosell with her adorable baby!:)

Theme: Hawaiian
Their flower crowns are all c/o Anagon Collection! Yey!

Theme: Hiphop

Amzaing pose girly! My neck hurts just by looking at her.

Group shot!

and another.


Theme: ANIME
By this time, we were told that we barely have an hour left to finish the shoot. Pressure to the max! But I'm glad we were still able to execute the right peg.

Our masterpiece Cristal! Hehe!

Favorite shot.

Behind the scene!

So cute.


In action yeeees.

2NE1sh??? haha

The shoot wrapped  up at around 9pm. I was sooo tired coz I haven't slept for 24 hours! It's a miracle I didn't pass out. Lol. It was also a blessing that I asked Ana coz her accessories saved us. Haha. Thanks Ana! Had so much fun with you. Let's talk about our next projects! *wink*. Thank you Outbox for making us part of this challenging shoot. Til our next collaboration!:)

Styling: Aisa Ipac & Ana Gonzales
HMUA: Anton Patdu, Kresta
Photography: Ash, Carlo


  1. gorgeous!!!! i love the hiphop set the most!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. may kulang kayo... AKO! hahaha sayang di ako nakasama uy yung next project natin ah! :) Hahaha. Mwuah!

  3. You did a great job! Wow, I'd go nuts if I had to do 12 layouts. Yikes.

  4. super cute shots! and i was so amazed by the girl who did that pose!! super hip hop. :)

  5. great job, pax!!! galing, galing!!! if i were in your position, baka nag breakdown na nga ako! hahaha! kudos also to pax!!!! panalo ang axes!

  6. THANKS SWEETS!!!!:) super hirap ng gig na to pero worth it na din. hehe thanks Ana again!

  7. Pax!!! Super thank you for this stint, and for always telling me that ok ginagawa ko :) thank youuu!! mwah!!!

  8. WOW totally wonderful styles...

    you are indeed talented and those models are pretty too!!!

    kisses love

  9. hi I m in turkey
    I like your blog

    very sweet :)


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