My New Favorite Lippie: L'oreal Paris Rogue Signature Matte Color Ink!

I am very choosy when it comes to lipsticks. If you take a peek inside my makeup kit (and box) you'd see that I only really use a few, those that suits my color, lasts for hours and does not make my lips chap to death. And lately I've been really obsessed with my 2 favorite shades from the new L'oreal Rogue Signature Matte Ink line!!! I attended the fun launch at the Mind Museum and here are photos and more details...

Okay so why am I in love with it and how is it different from other matte lipsticks? The newly released Rogue Signature matte lip ink is an non-drying all-day matte lipstick that is light as air when worn but super pigmented like a liquid lipstick. It truly lives up to it's claim of #lessfeelmorecolor! The collection boasts of 10 different shades that are all wearable and suits the Filipina skin tone. 

 Trying out a pinkish shade

 Corals, nudes, reds, pinks!

 The red one is similar to other high end lippies but more affordable!

 I love this one!

 Had an awesome time swatching with my girl Hershey!

 With my favorite beauty vloggers and bloggers

 All the shades I brought home! Love the names super empowering noh?

 Swatched from L-R: I Play, I Explore, I Rule, I Embrace, I Choose, I Represent, I Enjoy, I am Worth it, I Don't, I Dream

 They even gave me a personalized applicator!

Me wearing my favorite shade: I Play! Love the smooth texture and rich color!

How about you? Have you tried the new L'oreal Rogue Signature lippies? What's your favorite shade? Always remember, you are worth it!!!

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