Taiwan's PRESOTEA: Now Serving Brew-To-Order Tea in Robinsons Magnolia!

I may not be the biggest milk tea fan out there (I'm just a moderate drinker haha), but I am a HUGE tea fan!!! I am even planning to visit a few tea plantations this March during my 10-day solo trip in Taiwan. So I was super excited when I learned that the most popular brand of bubble tea and brew-to-order tea beverages originating from Taiwan has finally arrived in Manila. Best part? It's just a few minutes drive from my apartment. Woot, woot! Anyway without further ado, fellow tea lovers, let me present to you my new favorite (and yours too once you try it!) tea place in Manila, PRESOTEA! :)

What is PRESOTEA and how is it different from the hundreds of milk tea shops in the metro?

Presotea is a well-known bubble tea chain in Taiwan with almost 400 shops internationally.  What makes Presotea different from other brands is their unique brew-to-order style! They use this cutting edge tea-brewing machine known as the Teapresso-- each cup is pressed with high quality tea leaves using espresso machine technology to maximize flavor and freshness-- to concoct the freshest and healthiest tea drinks. Compared to other tea shops that brew tea in bulk, Presotea uses one tea bag per order. Every cup is freshly made in front of the customer so they'd be sure to enjoy only the freshest flavors from the tea leaves. WOW!

 Fresh tea bags!

Teaspresso machine

It's located on the 2nd level of Robinsons's Magnolia! It's near the escalators.

Smelled all of these fresh tea leaves. So fresh!

 They made us try their 10 best-sellers-- they have milk tea, fruit tea and coffee! So good! 

Loved everything huhu

 It's also affordable! So much flavors to choose from and toppings! You could also request for liquid stevia if you want a zero-calorie sweetener. :)

 I got the White Peach Oolong Tea and Nico ordered their Signature Roasted Oolong Tea

 Sherep daw eh

 Naks blagger!

My fresh fruit tea drink was so refreshing! Loved it so much

They recently opened in Robinsons Magnolia but Presotea is already available in Cherry Shaw. Yey more locations, more awesome tea! :) Can't wait to go back and try the other flavors! I want to try one of my favorites (from the tea tasting) the A-Li-Shan Iced Tea. The leaves are from the Alishan mountain in Taiwan which is on my tea plantations to visit list. If you love milk tea or tea in general, I promise you'd love Presotea! Have you tried it? What flavor is your fave? :)

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