Sanuk Returns with Latest Campaign & New Ambassadors

I have always known Sanuk as one of the leading casual footwear brands in the market. So I got a bit sad when I couldn't fnd them in stores for quite some time. BUT, I come bearing good news! Sanuk is now officially back in the Philippines!!! The global lifestyle footwear brand announced its return to Manila through an intimate, fun-filled program last March 8 at the STKD Zeppelin located at Brixton St. Kapitolyo. Here are photos from the super hip launch starting with my OOTD wearing the super cute Sanuk Maisie...

Unarosa top, Landmark skirt, Lipault bag, Sanuk sneakers

It was my first time in STKD Zeppelin and ang cool pala dito! It's actually a co-working space which the Sanuk team transformed into an event venue. Upon entry, I immediately absorbed the hip and chill vibe of the event and the whole place! 

Love this set-up at the corner! Perfect for that Instagram backdrop 

SANUK, a global lifestyle brand known for its unique footwear and hip style, has made its return to our shores! Everyone’s favorite sandal brand presents its Spring/Summer 2018 collection featuring the Chiba Quest Knit and Yoga Sling.  The next generation Sidewalk Surfer, the Chiba Quest Knit gives you that weightless feel on your feet that’s made for the journey to your happy place. Perhaps the most comfortable sandals that you’ll ever wear, the Yoga Sling will cushion your every step during your daily walks and activities. 

Yoga sling sandals!

Chiba Quest Knit

Cute designs!

Together with Sanuk’s comeback to Manila, the brand launched their new marketing campaign #SmilePassItOn: Light Someone Else’s Life with the Power of Smile, which is a call to action to simply pass on your positive vibes to everyone with a smile. Smiling is one of the most contagious and delightful gestures one can make. Aside from the fact that it instantly makes us feel better, flashing a smile at someone can turn their whole day around. I agree!!! And that’s what Sanuk is all about.  The brand’s thrust is to continue to stay true to its uncompromising and fun attitude. 

The campaign encourages everyone to post a video of themselves on Instagram sharing how they make people happy, then tag @SanukPH and include the hashtag #SmilePassItOn in the caption. Weekly and monthly videos will be chosen and Sanuk products will be given as prizes. The winners will be announced via the @SanukPH Instagram and Facebook accounts. So join na guys!!!

Delicious food was served during the event!

 Amazing set & performance by Glaiza De Castro! Love her voice!

The event was hosted by actor Benj Manalo and online personality Bea Benedicto, who are also the brand's latest local ambassadors! Ang perfect nila for the brand and their latest campaign! Both Benj and Bea perfectly represent the confident and fun nature of Sanuk noh? Quorom International’s President Mr. Toby Claudio shared a brief welcome remark and thanked all the media friends who were there at the launch. :)

 Fashion show:)

Benj is known for his role as Pinggoy in the primetime series "Ang Probinsyano" and as Tolits in the hit musical "Rak of Aegis". He’s also a professional dancer and was part of the hip-hop dance group Philippine All-Stars. I didn't know that he can dance! Wow!  

“The fulfilment I get from dancing is being free. Whenever I dance, I feel happy and whenever I perform in front of a crowd, I like seeing people smile. Hopefully, at least one, if not all my audience will be inspired with what I do,” shares Benj. 

Bea, on the other hand, started out as a print ad model until she was able to penetrate the world of television and online programs via the shows Upload, Tanods, and Kontrabando. She is now one of the most engaging personalities on social media, showcasing her own unique style and signature online material. Love this girly!!! Beauty, brains and great sense of humor. Ikaw na babe! So proud of you! :) 

Bea likes to make people smile with her quirky antics and just being her dorky self. “Sometimes just being happy yourself, helps other people be happy. I’m just here to share the sunshine,” says Bea. 

And this is why they’re the best fit for the #SmilePassItOn campaign! “I just love the comfort and style of Sanuk. The footwear is not afraid of using vibrant colors and patterns. It’s not afraid have fun, like me, it suits my personality,” says Benj. “I like that it’s an easy, everyday kind of footwear. Very comfortable, not restricting, and really cute,” shares Bea.

 Mr. Toby Claudio with Glaiza, Bea & Benj!

 Fun bunch!

 with my loves Ava, Ana, Louise, Colz and Paul!

 Thanks for having us!

Missed Sanuk? Don't miss out on their latest collection! Shop for your favorite pair at select Toby's Sports stores and Stoked outlets. You may also shop online via their Facebook page! Will share link below. Welcome back, Sanuk! :)

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