Chevron x Visa payWave + “Drive Away a Millionaire” Promo

I live my life in the fast lane and I am almost always on the go, so anything that will make my life easier, will make me save time and give me security gets a nod of approval from me! So glad I can now experience all that and more whenever I gas up at CALTEX through the VISA payWave card! How? Scroll down below... :)

 Drove to Caltex Shaw for a demo! :)

Fun Fact: Caltex with Techron contains the new Clean & Glide. This technology lessens friction thus reducing wear and tear between key engine components and helps provide enhanced engine protection, improved fuel economy and maximized power with continued use over time, all key in helping provide a more reliable motoring experience. Just what our vehicles need! :)

 These beauties walked us through the whole process! 

So basically we just told them the amount we're paying, they handed us the Visa paywave machine/terminal (that powder blue one hanging by their shoulders) and all I had to do was wave the card on top of it. No swiping, no signatures, no pins and the card didn't leave my hand! Super safe and convenient! :)

 I have this card at home! Excited to use it next time I gas up! Make sure your card has the Visa payWave sign on it. :)

 Happy drivers!

 The launch was held at Buffalo Wild Wings, Estancia Mall

Caltex, marketed by Chevron Philippines, Inc. (CPI), is enhancing Filipino motorists’ gas-up experience with the introduction of Visa payWave, contactless payment technology. Visa cardholders purchasing Caltex fuel worth Php2,000 and below at participating Caltex stations nationwide can now enjoy the same fast and secure transactions without the need to input PINs or sign credit card receipts. They can simply wave their Visa payWave cards in front of the Visa payWave readers.

For purchase exceeding Php2000, Visa cardholders will have to sign for the particular transaction or enter a PIN.

CPI Country Chairman Mr. Peter Morris & Visa Country Manager, Mr. Stuart Tomlinson

“Motorists gassing up using Visa payWave will definitely be able to experience quicker service in our forecourts. Motorists can transact securely and with ease, knowing that they remain in control of their card at all times,” said CPI Country Chairman Peter Morris. “To excite consumers to try our latest innovation, we’re also holding a promotion that’s sure to give added value to their fuel purchase.” 

“As the global payments leader, Visa always wants to reduce friction in the payment process. We are excited to partner with Chevron Philippines once again to bring seamless customer experience to motorists. Visa payWave is much quicker, more secure and more convenient than cash,” said Stuart Tomlinson, Visa Country Manager, Philippines and Guam.

To kick off the partnership, Chevron, together with Visa, will be holding the “Drive Away a Millionaire” promo starting April 21, 2017 to July 31, 2017. Visa cardholders using Visa payWave to purchase any Caltex fuel (Platinum with Techron, Silver with Techron and Diesel with Techron D) at participating stations will get the chance to win Visa card credit worth Php1 million! Three lucky motorists will also receive 1-year Starcash worth Php100,000! WOWWW!!!

Each Caltex fuel-up using Visa payWave will entitle motorists to three (3) raffle entries for every Php500 payment increment. Meanwhile, each Visa contact transaction is equivalent to one (1) raffle entry. Motorists gassing up at Caltex can also get an instant prize of Php50 discount to be deducted outright from their fuel purchase. 

Raffle Draw Date
Covered Period
1st Raffle Draw
May 26, 2017
April 21, 2017 12:01 a.m.
May 20, 2017 11:59 p.m.
1 winner of 1-year Caltex fuel supply in the form of StarCash worth Php100,000
2nd Raffle Draw
June 30, 2017
April 21, 2017 12:01 a.m.
June 20, 2017 11:59 p.m.
1 winner of 1-year Caltex fuel supply in the form of StarCash worth Php100,000
3rd Raffle Draw and Grand Draw
August 11, 2017

April 15, 2017 12:01 a.m.
July31, 2017 11:59 p.m
1 winner of 1-year Caltex fuel supply in the form of StarCash worth Php100,000
1 winner of Php1 million Visa card credit

The Caltex Drive Away a Millionaire promo will run from April 21-July 31, 2017 at Caltex stations. Go gas up and win!!! :) Goodluck to us all! :)

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