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Living in the fast lane and living independently, I rarely get some time off. Due to the nature of my work, I am always on the go and always glued to my phone. I can't count in two hands how many family events I missed out on, plans I bailed out from. When I do get some free time, I usually spend it resting in my apartment or travelling. Now, I've come to realize that I've taken a lot of people for granted, especially my Mom (and Dad). Over the years and up until now, I've learned and still learning, that time is best spent with your loved ones. Read more...

Since Mother's Day is fast approaching, let me tell you something about my mom. She may not know it but I always tell people with great pride that she is the strongest and most patient woman I've ever known. She has dedicated her life in keeping our family together and sacrificed so much just to make sure we get into the best schools. Growing up she was always there--during every heartbreak, every new beginning, every career change, every triumph and every failure. We may not always see eye to eye but at the end of the day I know she's there to support me and my siblings 100%. 

 My mom and bro

Our Singapore trip last 2015!

 Our staycation at Henry Hotel last year. :)

Even if I'm busy, my mom would often text me asking me where I am, if I have lakad or just to randomly share with me their ulam that day. Earlier today, she sent me a random text telling me they have bangus and munggo at home (my fave!). And I know it's her subtle way of asking me to come home and visit them. And when I do go home, she would try her best to "trap" me (or any of our visitors haha) by spoiling me/us. When I'm home she'd ask me if I'm staying for the night and she'd look happy whenever I say yes. I know I often take her for granted but I'd always think "she's just there there's always a next time". But time is fleeting, and what if there's not? She's turning 60 this month and it makes me a little sad. I wish our parents could live forever. Sorry if morbid but I always pray na sana they get to outlive me 'coz life without them would be so heartbreaking. :(

 Family photo in Singapore! Happy times. :)

 Cute photo of my parents in the River Safari Oceanarium in Singapore. :)

 I always tease her and call her Dora. Hihi. Kamukha with her hair db. My mom's so cute. Hehe.

 May forever guys. :) 

My Mom has been taking care of my Dad (who's sick with liver cirrhosis), my brother who has uveitis and my Lola who's 95 years old for the past years. I think she haven't slept for 2 years na because she had to wake up all the time to make sure all of them are okay. I don't know how she does it! She would even fly to Bacolod sometimes just to visit and take care of my Lola. She's so busy taking care of others that she forget to look after herself. One time she got super sick but had to shrug it off 'coz she had to look after my Dad. :( A lot of people have taken advantage of her kindness and no matter how many times I tell her to cut ties with them, she would always forgive them. She has such a huge heart. We are not rich, but she'll always willing to help others who are in dire need. Ikaw na ang Superwoman, Ma!

 My mom helped my sister and I set-up our own place. She's always happy to help. 

I've always been independent (always the rebel haha) but honestly, I don't know what I would do without her. She's my helpline. The glue that sticks us together whenever we fall apart. And in this crazy world, she is one of my constants. I could give her the world (joke lang d ako mayaman but you get my point haha) but I know it will never be enough to thank her for everything she has done for us. I know I am not the perfect daughter, but in between survival and life's hustles, I am trying my best to give my Mom and my loved ones the best gift anyone could give them --- TIME. 'Coz you could give them all the things money can buy, but sometimes, all they ever want is to spend a few precious moments with you. And nothing gives them so much joy than to see you smile, hold your hand, laugh with you, hear your voice or eat a meal with you. I know that now. :)

One of my favorite Mother's Day video that really hits too close to home is this one from SMART! Akong ako eh. Relate na relate talaga ako. And can I share with you a secret? Writing this post and watching this ad made me shed a tear or two. Okay, maybe a bucket. Huhu. :(

Thank you, Mommy for everything! Even if we've had our fair share of disagreements I know that if I have to live my life all over again, I would still choose you as my mom. Happy Mother's Day to all your moms too and all my mom readers! You are the light that guides us home. :) 

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