Merrell's Getaway to Adventure Campaign + New Collection

I am not a huge fan of fitness anything (gym, yoga, etc), but I do love the great outdoors! In college (and until now), I was a member of UST Mountaineering Club (after going through tests & deliberations as an applicant-- for a year!) and it was truly one of the highlights of my life. I was able to climb and conquer numerous places & mountains such as Batulao, Tapulao, Makiling, Malasimbo, Daguldol, Pinatubo etc. I have met amazing people who are still my friends until now. It has been years since my last "official" climb but my love for the mountains never waned. Because of this, I've always been in the lookout for nice and comfortable outdoor shoes that is both stylish & functional. One word that stuck with me? TRACTION! Until now, it's one of my deciding factors when buying shoes. One brand that's quite popular in the "mountaineering" circle is Merrell. I've always wanted a pair, ever since I started climbing, but I didn't have enough money back then. Fast forward to now, I'm still a huge fan of the brand. That's why when they invited me to the launch of their new collection + an exciting new partnership with DOT, I immediately said yes. I just couldn't wait to see the new line they are launching. It definitely did not disappoint! Photos and the big reveal below...

 Event was held at Basil resto:)

 Getaway to Adventure launch

Merrell's new campaign, Getaway to Adventure, is in partnership with DOT or Department of Tourism! They aim to promote Philippine destinations and to encourage travelers to go on adventures.

This year, Merrell pushes the boundaries of adventure even further by launching an even bigger ‘Getaway To Adventure’ through projects that reach out to more people and create bigger impact in the environment and the community. Merrell is involved in: Voluntourism (giving back to nature through volunteering & tourism), safe adventures with Trail Adventours, outdoor exploration thru PH Mountains App & adventure sharing with LooLoo App!

The Department of Tourism’s TPB Chief Operating Officer Domingo Ramon C. Enerio III says that “Merrell’s ‘Getaway To Adventure’ dovetails with the DOT’s and TPB’s efforts to highlight the diverse attractions of our over 7,500 tropical islands, whether popular or unchartered, and to promote the Philippines as Asia Pacific’s adventure capital, serving international and domestic travelers who choose to explore the great outdoors.

 Watching Apl De Ap's DOT video:)

Treading the great outdoors with the perfect footwear has always been essential, and Merrell’s Capra Collection offers an array of shoes ready to take on any terrain! 


The Merrell Capra Rapid features M SelectTM Wet Grip and Capra hoof-inspired siped sole ideal for wet, slick, and unpredictable terrain. Its quick-drying upper and midsole are self-draining, keeping the feet light. This is perfect for waterfalls hopping! 

The lightweight Capra Bolt is designed for adrenaline-packed hiking adventures and will keep you surefooted and rooted in confidence. Its UniFly midsole ensures stability, agility, and a more efficient stride on faster trails, while the M SelectTM GRIP’s Capra hoof-inspired sole allows optimal footing on unpredictable terrain. This is perfect for climbing uneven terrain, steep and slippery trails to and from the summit of each mountain in three days.

Don't slow down for anything—not even streams—in Merrell’s quick-drying, highly ventilated hydro-hiker sandal with a grippy outsole and supportive upper.

Can't wait to go on an adventure with friends!!! :)

I finally got my own pair of Merrell! I cannot wait to take these babies out for a spin...

So prettyyyy

Taking on new adventures is made easy with Merrell’s high-performance footwear specially made for the urban adventurer and outdoor enthusiast in everyone of us. Now, I can't wait to go on my own adventure! Mt. Pinatubo? Kawasan? Mt. Pulag? Suggestions are welcome! :)

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