Happy 75th Anniversary Philippines Airlines!

I have a long history with Philippine Airlines. It has always been my family's airline of choice ever since I was old enough to walk and fly. When I was young, I always look forward to summer vacations because that would mean seeing our grandparents, cousins & friends in Negros and also going back to our ancestral house. My Lolo would always buy our tickets from PAL. Only the best & the safest for his favorite apo (yes, ako lang baket haha)! After my Lolo died, our flight to Negros became less frequent but PAL would always remind me of the amazing memories we built over the years. It would always remind me of my Lolo, Papa Turing. How his face lights up upon seeing our faces paglabas palang ng airport. How I would excitedly run to him and hug him and then tell him how school and life in Manila was. We would play cards at their house and he would annoy me to death with his pranks. He was my partner in crime & my favorite person in the whole world. Okay, now I feel like crying haha!  Anyway, this airline has brought our family together in so many occasions through all these years. It was a joy to be part of their 75th anniversary celebration! Photos below...

 Gracious staff and comfortable seats:)

From its initial take off to the City of Pines with 5 passengers in 1941 to its daily flights, carrying 12 million passengers annually to four continents across the globe today, the country’s official flag carrier continues to shine through.
Bohol with Guilly and his mom for Bellevue shoot!

The country’s official flag carrier has not only allowed Filipinos to experience the joys of flying and traveling to destinations thousands of miles away, but has also been instrumental in showcasing to the rest of the world what the country and the Filipinos have to offer.

Smooth and safe flight to Batanes last year:)

Here are photos from the launch last March...
 Blogger loves in Alyssa's convertible mini cooper. Bonggaaa.

Nothing compares to the Heart of the Filipino. It is one that is generous, resilient, gracious and full of warmth. One that is brimming with a certain gusto for life, and one that continues to define the very core of the country’s national flag carrier. And as it celebrates its 75 years in the airline industry, PAL is again set to make history with the launch of its new anniversary campaign dubbed “The Heart of the Filipino.”

Philippine Airlines, in celebration of its 75th Anniversary, has brought together the country’s top musical performers to sing PAL's new theme song, “The Heart of the Filipino.” The Heart of the Filipino, the core of Philippine Airlines’ 75th Anniversary campaign, honors the PAL people, and their warmth and readiness to serve. The music greats who sang the new song of PAL are Broadway artist Lea Salonga, Pinoy pop princess Sarah Geronimo and Pinoy rock icon, singer songwriter Bamboo. In a quick interview, the artists discuss what the Heart of the Filipino means to them.

Three new TV commercials are set to showcase PAL’s latest song entitled, “The Heart of the Filipino,” which was sung by three of the country’s top voices - Bamboo, Sarah Geronimo and Lea Salonga. Through this distinct branding, the airline company has brandished the genuine Filipino hospitality that allowed PAL to stand out for more than seven decades, the beauty of the Philippine islands, as well as the Filipinos’ persevering spirit and happy disposition.

The first TV ad showcases service that comes from a heart like no other – the Heart of the Filipino – with the intention of instilling national pride for PAL being a full-service international airline. The second TV ad meanwhile features the beauty of the Philippines. The third TV ad highlights some of the world’s best cities where PAL currently flies to.

As PAL expands its routes both domestically and internationally, more people all over the world will discover the warmth that shines through from the Heart of the Filipino.

 Bamboo had a mini concert! Waaah!

 He sang so many songs! Love himmmm!:)

 Happy Birthday, baby! Wow? Haha

Sarah won tickets to Saipan! Seph also won tickets to Japan!:)

With a ready smile, unmatched hospitality, and service with a heart, PAL continues to be a true embodiment of the Filipino heart and spirit, effectively trumpeting to the world what Filipinos are made of. Congrats PAL! Soar higher & continue flying high! :)

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