Boracay 2016: Flight, Accommodation, Transfers & 5-Day Pocket Money for P9000

No matter how many times I've been in one place, no trip is ever the same. EVER. I guess that's also one of the best things about traveling. There's just always something new to discover-- new places, new activities, new faces, new people. I just came home from a 5-day Boracay trip and it was AMAZING. I had been to Boracay countless times, but this was the first time I was with a large group (with family & friends from Barangay EDM 6th Avenue Cubao! Haha!), first time I stayed in a posh & budget hostel, and first time to meet so many strangers (now friends) and actually spent time with them! There were a few first-timers in the group (making it more exciting) and since all of us are budget conscious, we tried to make our trip as cheap as possible without sacrificing quality & fun! This is how we did it...

Tambay muna while waiting for the Kalibo counter to open

We booked our flight via AirAsia when they had an online sale / promo fare for Kalibo! We booked almost 2 months before our trip and paid P1,900 each (with taxes & fees) for the plane ticket. Some of us didn't have credit cards, so after booking online, we paid it in cash at 7-11.  :) 

 Trying to self check-in but for some reason ayaw sa flight namin. Lol.

 Thanks Sheila for the Jollibee treat! It was her birthday that day! 

We had time to spare so after checking-in, we went outside the airport to eat dinner! Airport food is more expensive kasi. This branch of Jollibee (across Terminal 4) disappointed us, though! :( When we got there, they were only serving Burger Steak. :/ Sheila (my balikbayan friend) and I wanted to eat Chickenjoy and Spaghetti sana. Huhu. 

 After almost 2 hours of waiting, we were finally boarding!!! 

Our original flight was 8pm, but got a text the day before that it was being moved to 10 pm. Good thing we booked Southwest for our transfers, we didn't have any problem with the delays or flight changes. 


 Say hello to my brother Joot! 

 Forever partner & seatmate Nico. Airport outfit styled by me. Bwahaha.

 Ay, shy type si Ate. Lol.

 Emergency row with these 2! Puro chika kami ni Sheila the whole flight (plus the whole time we were waiting sa airport). Haven't seen this girl for 16 years! Seems like nothing's changed. :)

 Finally in Kalibo!!!

 We all didn't have check-in baggage so we went straight to the Southwest counter!

 Ate assigned all 9 of us sa private van! Thank you!

A week before our trip, we booked na our transfers online via SOUTHWEST. It was super easy! We just filled up the forms (Kalibo transfer) and entered necessary infos like our names, flight details, hostel. You could choose from different service transfers they offer. We chose Bus + Boat + Cab including terminal & environmental fees. We paid P1338.75 per person! Our hostel was just near D'Mall, so we didn't choose door-to-door. We were able to save P100+ each. 

 Our van! Our trip from Kalibo airport to Caticlan port was exactly 1 hour lang! Wow!:)

 Caticlan Jetty Port Terminal

 we were asked to register

 I love how there's always someone assisting us from Southwest. Hassle free!

 My brother left his eyeglasses in the van and someone from Southwest returned it pa.

 Time to enter!

 We had to wait for a few minutes before we were called for boarding 

 Hello, NIVEA!

 Picturean ko daw sha. Haha!

 Our boat going to the island! Southwest have their own boats, so you could actually book them and arrive anytime. 

 Jampacked! Boat ride lasted for 10 minutes:)

When we got off the boat, we were escorted to another van that will take us to our drop off point, D'Mall. Kuya driver was kind enough to drop us in front of our hostel! Thank you! Superb service!

Second Wind's gate! Hostel is located along Bulabog Road. 

Across the hostel is Kubo bar & resto!


 Self-service kitchen

Dining & Common area

 Gate from the inside

 Books & guitars for leisure

For this trip, I partnered with Agoda & Second Wind BBB for our accommodation. They were kind enough to offer me a free private room (for 5 days!) and a pretty nice discount for the dorm. We decided to divide the total equally (regardless if some stayed in the private room or the dorm). We paid P1750 each for 4N/5D na! Not bad db?! :)
We were assigned at Dorm A, located at the ground floor!

Inside our dorm! Kagulo agad! Haha

We had 2 toilets inside the room! Convenient!

Toilet #2

 Stairs going to the 2nd floor

 Some reminders

 Private Twin Room!

 There are racks like these where guests could dry their clothes:)

 Inside the room

 The beds:) Love the Japanese style beds and the divider!

 Cute mirror!

 Clean toilet

 Hello hehe

When we were quite settled na, we decided to go out and eat 'coz we were super hungry & tired from the long trip! It was past 2am, so most restos and establishments were already closed. Good thing, there's always Andoks to save the day! Haha.
 Best budget resto in Boracay. 

 Took a photo in the middle of my meal, so please forgive this shot. Haha! Ordered fried chicken with rice and shared Sinigang with Nico!

 Boracay night life! 

We were so tired so we immediately headed back to the hostel, bought a couple of beers and spent the rest of our night (or morning) chilling at the common area. It was a pretty nice first night. :) Also met our first friend! 

Hi, Alex from Germany! :)

 Family, friends, music, beer. :) 

 Bought beer from the sari-sari store for P45 each. 

More photos from Second Wind and why you should make it your home away from home on my next post! Will also share with you where we ate and what we did during our trip! :) Love you all! Happy summer & safe travels!

P1340- Southwest Transfer
P1900 - Roundtrip plane ticket to Kalibo
P1750 - Second Wind accommodation for 5 days
P4000 - pocket money for 5 days (includes activities, transpo & food)

Total = P8500 to P9000 

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