So during the PR Session, we were all given our group assignments. Luckily, I was in the same group with Tracy! After the trivia game (we lost, but we had a pretty nice score so okay lang hehe) each team was asked to choose between land or water activities through draw lots. Looking back to our Roxy Fitness Camp experience, we assumed that the water challenges were harder than land. We were wrong!!! Our team got land and all of us had an extremely hard time deciding which challenge to do. I was torn between the Pentagon (where I need to do 6 challenges) or the zip bike (just 1 challenge but not for the faint of heart or those who are scared of heights). I was the last to choose (ambagal ko kasi eh! and no one wanted the zip bike) but in the end, I decide to do the Zip Bike! One time big time challenge. It also helped knowing that my gf Ana is doing it too. Yey! Stories through photos starting with my OOTD...

Sorry if I look pregnant. Or bloated. It was windy and I was super constipated. Haha. 

 Shop Copper dress, Penshoppe sunnies, S&H sandals

Fell in love with this dress, as soon as I saw it online! I originally wanted it in White, but I was feeling brave and YOLO that night (haha) so I chose Caramel instead. I'm super tan / morena and I thought this dress would eat me alive, but it didn't! Love it so much:) Thanks Copper! 

Photos that day...
 Weather was still a little gloomy that day, but that didn't stop us from having fun!

The water challenge group's dolphin watching activity got cancelled coz of the weather. Sayang! D rin naman kami kasama dun so ok lang Haha! #Bitter?

Hi teammate Kuya Jeman!

Gloomy but still beautiful

Time to assemble!

Our bus

The groups doing the land challenges left early 'coz the camp was still a 2-hour drive...

Was able to catch up on sleep on our way...

...to Chocolate Hills Adventure Park!


Briefing per group per activity

Just had to take a photo of Papi AJ! Flex pa more papi. Haha.

We were all grouped according to the challenges we'll do...

Team 3B!

Let's go Zip Bike groups! Haha.

Long walk up!

Can I style their next campaign? Hehe

Wanted to try out the other challenges but sadly, we didn't have enough time. :(

Mejo challenge paakyat. Hingal galore. Haha!

Resting for a few seconds hehe

I was super nervous (coz I did not know what to expect sa Zip Bike), but seeing the beautiful Chocolate Hills calmed me. :)

Didn't have any kind of trainers, so I used my trusty, super lightweight Converse sneakers!

You got it!


It was drizzling and raining, so it was slightly foggy.

Cutie Yuki!

Fog cleared for a while! Gandaaa.

Looks scary at first! I admit, it's slightly intimidating.

Hi Partner!


Reality! Haha!

We were the last group (#5) to do the challenge! I prayed for 1st or #1 sana 'coz I wanted to get it over with ASAP. Anyway, we had to wait for all the other groups to finish the challenge before we were called to climb the tower. We also experienced some delays 'coz of the rain. Skies cleared when it was our turn na! It was super perfect because it made me appreciate the ride more and do some sightseeing in the process. The ride was not that scary (not sure for those who are afraid of heights). You just have to have enough strength to pedal all the way through. Haha. And good thing I was wearing sunblock, because the sun finally decided to make an appearance!

Thanks Ana for this photo! Our group does not gave official photos coz the official photographer went MIA during our turn. Huhu so sad.

Verdict: This activity is THE bomb! I'm so glad I chose this! I don't know why I even wasted time panicking over something so amazing and fun. I could do it over and over. I was still a little anxious on my way up because the tower is pretty high. Once I was on the platform, I conditioned my mind to just do it and have fun in the process. My teammates Nicole from Megastyle & Joanna from Spot.ph were just lovely and super supportive. They both went ahead of me and they were both cheering for me on my way back. Hihi. Sorry girls if I took my time! Couldn't let the moment pass. The view was just spectacular and being up there, alone, with the wind on your face and the Chocolate Hills on your right? It's just incredible.  Thank you to my gf Ana for my photo!

We had a pretty good score at the end! Kahit mejo padelay ako. Haha. So proud of our team and everyone who did this activity. Also proud of everyone who finished the tree top rope challenges! Those were killer ha. As in they had to do 5-6 continuous challenges that are not for the fainted hearted. 

If you are an adrenaline junkie or someone who love adventures, check out CHAP's website below! They have tons of exciting activities, friends and families would surely enjoy. :) 

What greeted us when we got back to the hotel. This breathtaking view and the elusive Mr. Sun! Yaasss! More reason to use our Nivea sunscreens!:)

Photo of our room in daylight!

My roomie Kat arranged this so we could take photos. Thanks babe!:)

The tub is so tempting. Haha.


Glass shower


We had a  daily ration of bottled water. Hindi lang 2 bottles, 5 bottles ata. Haha. Thanks Bellevue! Really needed this 'coz I was a little sick. 

Mini sofa

View from our hotel window! We stayed at the 4th floor.:)

After having lunch and taking a quick bath, we headed to the Pavilion again for the 2nd day PR session & closing remarks. :)

After the PR session, fnally some free time to take beach photos!!!

Nivea gifted all of us these super cute dolls! Sun exposure without sunblock, makes them turn super red. Ang galing nito swear.  

The stage is all set for the party!

Spent the rest of the afternoon bonding with friends and taking lots of photos. Haha.

Shadow play with Ava!

Swimsuit OOTDs! Haha!
Nothing But H20 bikini top, Penshoppe sunnies


Reality. Baliw lang?

Thanks Ava for taking my photos!

With my forever partner, Anagon!

Ana's swimsuit is from CESA:)

Wearing highwaist shorts coz ang bloated ko! Haha! Constipated for 3 days and counting niyan. Lol.

My Chakra doll. Nag sunburn na! Wawuh.


My loves Paul and Sarah

Subject ko si Sarah nung hapong iyon. Hehe.


Cotton candy skies

Saw this while we were walking along the beach! Parang kool-aid noh?

Ito pala sha! Didn't know what it was but it's moving and breathing. Gaah!

Not so complete group pic!

Dinner was amazing. I ate so much! After dinner, we all headed to our rooms to freshen up and then went down again at around 10pm for the pool party!!!:)

Unli drinks + sick beats by DJ Tom Taus!

So bongga ng Nivea for flying him in!

Too bad party had to end early (we had an early flight the next day), but we had so much fun!!! We also went to Ana and Ava's room for some more Clingies bonding. Hehe. Retired at around 2am na. Hihi. Had to wake up at 5:30am kaya super groggy sa antok. Haha.

Had a nice sleep wearing these pajamas from Love JAMMIES!

Time to leave paradise and go back to the real world!

Blogger loves

Bye, Bohol!

The Nivea goes to Bohol gang! Sepanx! Haha. 

Thanks again NIVEA Sun for this truly amazing and unforgettable experience! Can't wait for the next one.:) Also can't wait for my Boracay trip with family and friends this March! Bringing my NIVEA kabuhayan showcase with me. Hehe. Excited to try out the other Nivea Sun variants. :) Happy summer y'all! 

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