Part 1: Summer Kickoff in Bohol with NIVEA Sun Protects

It's amazing how when I hear the brand NIVEA, it immediately equates to SUMMER & FUN. Maybe it's because of their yearly summer kick-off out of town adventures that I've heard so much of. It has also become one of my summer/trip staples, especially when there's sun exposure involved. So, when Pao of Eon sent me an invite to be part of their 2016 Nivea Sun Protects Summer Kickoff event in Bohol, I said yes in a heartbeat! Double rainbow excitement and fun pa when I found out that all of us "Clingies" are invited and we're staying at my favorite hotel in Bohol, BELLEVUE! First time I was there, it was for work (as a stylist for their campaign shoot). This time, I am going with friends and blogger loves! The Clingies have been meaning to go on an adventure together, so this was the perfect way to start our year and jumpstart our plan! Without further ado, here are photos from our intense and super fun trip starting with what I wore!

 Mango top, Iconique Clothing culottes, Penshoppe shades, Shop Copper choker necklace, S&H sandals

 Got stuck in traffic so checked-in late na! 

 Ana and I tried asking if we can seat together, got surprised when Ate said pwede! Yey!!!:)

 Seatmates!!! Ate gave us seats sa Row 4! More leg room:)

 We almost occupied the whole plane. Haha! The Nivea crew were 100+ in total. :)


 Cliche window shots

Then, it started raining and the ride became a little bumpy. We were about to land in Bohol, we were so near, but Captain said they can't see the runway (0 visibility coz of the rain) so we had to do an emergency landing in Cebu! We had to stay in Cebu for almost an hour before we were given clearance to fly and land in Bohol. Start palang adventure na! Hehe.

Mactan, Cebu airport

Snap taken by Ana! Haha! This is me sleeping through turbulence, bumps, etc. IDGAF talaga. Haha.

 Finally landed in Bohol!!! Hi Yuki! :)

 It's so sunny parang walang nangyare! Haha. 

 Warm welcome by Nivea and Bellevue! :)

 Waiting for our luggages

 EPIC FAIL: Double lock but I was not able to lock it. Haha!

 General assembly

 Hi Sarah!

 Our bus!


1st Stop: Bohol Bee Farm 

 Follow the signs!

 Clingies minus Paul!
 Yes, with our honorary member AJ. Haha.

Favorite people

 NIVEA Sun has got us all protected & covered! They offer sunscreens in different variations.

What are the different variations of NIVEA Sun? 

1. NIVEA Sun Protect & Moisture - This non-greasy product offers deep & lasting moisture for 24 hours! Wow!

2. NIVEA Sun Protect & White - This is my fave!!! Brought my own pa. Forgot that we have supplies pala. Anyway, these products help reduce skin pigmentation and melanin production to effectively lighten the skin and prevent uneven skin tone because of its Active Whitening Complex. 

3. NIVEA Sun Protect & Bronze Spray - This is for all those who desire that amazing sun-kissed glow and a natural tan. It offers protection from the sun’s harmful rays while supporting the skin’s own natural tanning process by stimulating melanin production, giving you a natural bronzed glow.

4. NIVEA Sun Protect & Light Feel Invisible Sun Mist - I cannot wait to use this in Boracay this March! I've tried it at home and it's so lightweight and amazing. It offers efficient sun protection combined with a pleasurable sensation of freshness.

5. NIVEA Sun Kids - Children have a very special set of needs because of their sensitive skin, this line is especially formulated for kid’s delicate skin and are extra water resistant, which helps in retaining the SPF value longer when kids swim or sweat.

6. NIVEA Sun Cooling After Sun Spray - another favorite of mine! Finished a bottle last summer. Hihi. This quick absorbing light spray has Aloe Vera that cools and soothes while helping restore skin moisture after prolonged sun exposure.

Delicious organic food for our late lunch!

 Beautiful view to dine for. ;)

 My pabebe girls Ana & Tracy. Harhar.

 Ana and her friend! Sweetest cat na artistahin! Marunong magpose! Blogger? Hehe

 Welcoming remarks by Nivea's Country Manager, Mr. Konstantin Stremme:)

"For more than a hundred years, NIVEA’s commitment to providing effective and trusted skincare for all remains constant," says Mr. Stremme. "Summer is a very exciting season and we hope that everybody gets to fully enjoy their sunny moments with the most caring protection of NIVEA Sun."
Short briefing by the Nivea & EON team!

 They sell herbs and spices too!

 Date with mah gf Ana

 May nakiki-date sa likod haha

I wish we had more time to explore the place and spend a few hours just lounging at the lower deck. The view is spectacular. Next time. :)

 Busmates Batch 2

The rain & re-routing of our flight caused a major setback and knocked us all off our schedule that day. Instead of having free time, we had to go straight to the Bellevue Pavilion for the PR session. Still fun though!

 Barkadahang "Row 4" forever. Haha!

Dr. Liang Chen of Beiersdorf Research and Development's Far East Hub presented and explained to us how UV rays could be harmful (no matter what time or location) and how sunscreen could save us. 

 One should choose a sunscreen that protects you from both UVA and UVB!

Okay, here's the thing. There are 2 kinds of rays which reaches the earth's surface. They are called UVA (long wave ultraviolet A) & UVB (short wave ultraviolet B). UVA could penetrate the skin's thickest layer or the dermis and cause skin damage & could even weaken the immune system. UVB on the other hand, burns the superficial layers of the skin causing sunburn. UVA could penetrate glass, UVB don't. Get it? Point is, you should battle both. Both rays could harm the skin and cause skin cancer.

 UVB and UVA could cause skin cancer, premature skin aging and eye damage. 

Dr. Chen also shared some vital infos on choosing the best sunscreen! Aside from choosing one which offers both UVA and UVB protection, one should also not rely solely on numbers. Just because you see the highest SPF ever on a sunscreen bottle, it doesn't mean it offers the best & highest protection. I admit, that's how I thought about it before. I only buy sunscreens that has SPF 100 and higher! I know better now. Using sunscreens with high SPFs could also be dangerous because people who use will think they are safe and might stay longer under the sun, overexposing themselves to UVB and UVA rays. 

Remember this: SPF 100 is not twice as good as SPF 50, or not 3x as good as SPF 30. In reality, they just offer the same protection! Why? According to studies and the Skin Cancer Foundation, SPF 15 blocks more or less 93% of all incoming UVB rays, SPF 30 blocks 97% and SPF 50 blocks 98%. If you go higher than 50, it will only block maybe 1% more. Ideal SPF according to doctors are 30-50. :) 

 After the lecture, groupings were announced! 

 There was also a trivia game where the winner gets to have longer time in the race. Or was that extra points? 

After the game and PR session, it was finally time to check-in at BELLEVUE!

 Refreshing drinks for us

Here's our room! Shared this with Kat Valdez! :)

So happy with my Nivea kabuhayan showcase! I forgot na we will be given supplies, I brought my own pa! Sayang sa extra baggage weight. Lol. I've been using the white one for months now. I love it!:)

 Dinner at Lamian Resto downstairs. Forgot to take buffet photos. Sorry. :( But dinner was great! :)

 Weather was still uncooperative. It rained hard that night. 

Found this sweet note and more sunscreens when I got back to our room. :)

After dinner, Sarah and I bonded with the EON team over stories and beer! Had to retire early though because we had group activities the next day.  Sharing with you stories & photos from Day 2 next! :)

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