Singapore 2015 Day 2: River Safari + Merlion + Marina Bay Skypark

Hello, friends! Not sure if you still read my blog since I often go MIA, but thanks in advance for still sticking around. I love youuuu. Hihi. Anyway, here's day 2 of our SG 2015 family trip! I've been to Singapore a couple of times, but I see to it that I discover new things & new places every time I go back. For this trip, I got to experience naman the fairly new, River Safari! I originally suggested Night Safari, but my brother is semi-blind (he's got this eye condition where he only sees things in a haze) and he can't see in the dark, so we decided to do River Safari instead. I was also finally able to see the whole Singapore from Marina Bay Sands Skypark. So beautiful. Stories through photos starting with some outfit shots!:)

Since I was saving on luggage space and weight, I only brought 6 sets of clothes for this trip, mostly lightweight, like this dress from FAB! Easy, breezy, perfect for 1 whole day of city tour and sightseeing!:) Lakas maka nautical db. Si Taylor Swift talaga peg ko my whole trip. Lol. 

 Anyway, here are more photos!
 Our private dorm room at Beary Best!

 Selfie sa umaga

 Our friendly host

 Breakfast! My mom brought adobo & spanish sardines straight from Pinas kaya improvised breakfast. Hehe. 

  I am not a morning person. Haha. 

lounge lounge lang


Love, love, love Upper Cross Street. ganda ng buildings sa likod noh? Ay, anjan pala kayo boys :P

Train station is just across our hotel. Convenient!

I downloaded the app GOTHERE.SG (super useful) the day before (River Safari was originally scheduled on Day 1 but we ran out of time) to get instructions on how to commute going there. The instructions saved on my phone was from Orchard kaya we semi got lost and took a longer route. Huhu. When we got to Jurong East (we still needed to transfer to red line), we asked their customer service  if there's a better option. Good thing we asked! She instructed us to board the red line train going to Choa Chu Kang (shorter train ride, just 3 stops compared to Woodlands) then take bus 927 or 171 going to Mandai Lake Road where the zoo and safaris are located. We didn't get lost in vain. Haha.

When we got to Choa Chu Kang, we spent almost 20 minutes looking for the correct bus stop. Buti nalang a very kind & concerned citizen guided us! She was already waiting at one of the bus stops and she went out of her way to guide all of us at the other side of the mall where our bus was waiting. Random acts of kindness. Faith in humanity restored. :) Thank you Auntie!

We missed this sign at the exit! Instead of going left, we went right. Boo.

Remember, go left! Haha. Signs are there. 

ito naman pala eeeh

If you're going to the Singapore Zoo & Night Safari, board Bus 927!

hello, bus! Remember to bring loose change or exact fare bilang d sila nagsusukli!

The ride was 30-40 minutes long so mejo ngalay tumayo. Gave up my seat for a pregnant lady. Stood with Nix nalang. Hihi.

the brother

the sister

Love how their buses have labels. 

Achie + Nico's jowa chronicles: Part 2

tour group haha

Look for this sign!


daming alam

the girls

the mag juwa (thanks Dad for our pic haha)

Achie & Nico's jowa Chronicles: Part 3


The River is Calling.... Dora! Yung naka neon po. hehe

friends na daw kayo

Let's start the tour! Experience Amazon, Ganges, Mekong, Mississippi, Nile & Yangtze in one place. 

Date date in Mississippi

Dragon turtles! Can you see them?:)



anong ganap? may naging tour guide ng kids. Haha.

Congo River


ohaiiiii! Haha.


Looks small...

...but noooo! It's so huuuuge. We were joking na baka fake. Haha.



Leps to leps

STINGRAYYYY (in deep voice)

Siblings. Eh di wow kayo na may picture.

Turistang Poorita

date date din

King. Hehe.


We so fancy, caviar and all

May excited

Andami naming moments! I wanted to take them home. Cutest eveeer.

So cuuuute! Her name is Kai-Kai. She loves eating bamboo and lying down and sleeping.

She tried to get on her bed but fell asleep halfway. Hehe.

Carbs pa more. "Pumapanda" = taong mahilig kaumin ng rice. 

Polar bear na init na init. Mejo nakakaawa. :(

Our ticket doesn't include boat rides but we checked them out anyway.

That's the boat ride or River Safari Cruise. Not sure if it's fun though.

To the left, to the left.

We decided to avail the Amazon River Quest. Mas close encounter with animals.

next time!

Tickets were $5 each.

The staff told us, "Just little splash"

... they lied. :( Haha. 

Nakatihaya pa the Jaguar. Sarap ng sleep.

So gorgeous the Flamingos!

So cute these Scarlet Ibis :)

The cheek and the ibis. Haha.

It was a pretty short ride and most of the animals were sleeping, so mejo not worth it. Haha. The "little splash" made it fun though. Lol.

Went inside too! Didn't take photos coz the monkeys might get agitated. May attitude problem sila. Hehe.

Would you believe these are piranhas???

The Flooded Amazon River. So beautiful.

Dora is exploring the Amazon. Hihi.

The recreated river from the surface.

Souvenir shop trippin'

Glow in the dark hehe

Our tour ended at around 2pm. Ate late lunch at KFC! Na walang rice. No rice anywhere. Huhu. Ate 2 cups of mashed potato to appease my hunger! Haha. 

2-pc chicken with mashed potato and drink costs $6

This costs $5 SGD, I think.

Our next stop: Merlion Park & Esplanade! 
Instead of riding a bus + train, we decided to avail na of this Express Coach to the city for $6. If you compute, same lang din the fare! This is more convenient pa. 

I've always wanted to tambay here at Arab St!

Took us about 50 minutes (with different stops) to reach our stop: Mandarin Oriental, which was nearest to Esplanade & Merlion Park!


Photo op muna outside Esplanade for the first timers. Hehe. Didn't go in na 'coz we have a super tight sched.

The first timers wanted a photo with the mini Merlion.

Tombax hits #1
Tombax hits #2

Eto na ang Merlion! Hahaha! What is malas???

Love this spot. So photogenic and screams Singapore!

may nagtry magphotobomb from afar
Bulldog meeting by the bulldog shrine! So cuteeee. Pero iba ata sinisipat ng 3 o.

Beautiful scenery during our walk from Merlion Park to Raffles MRT.

But before that...DORA CHRONICLES muna!
My Mom's so cute noh? Hehe.

Kamiseta top, ? skirt, Bensimon shoes, Rayban sunglasses, Delsey backpack & Hedgren sling bag (blagger! haha)

Raffles MRT

Rode a train going to BAYFRONT station not Marina Bay ha. That's where the Skypark is. Thanks to my sis Cecille for the tip!

just follow the signs


Love from the top. Eh di wow kami na. Thanks Dad for the pic. Hehe.

Group pic!

View from the top at almost 7pm. Maliwanag pa!

Inside Marina Bay

My first purchase! A pair of polka dots Taylor Swift Keds for just $25 SGD! Such a steal! Wala na jan kasi last pair na yun. Meant to be. Hehe.

Met up with my BFF Cecille and Taks sa foodcourt over dinner and then went strolling after with the fam! So fuuun.

Thanks Sis & Taks! Miss you!

Marina Bay at night. 


day off ni inday

Waiting for the light show:)

After the show, some of us who are not dying of exhaustion, walked some more to take photos at the Helix Bridge. So beautiful! My first time to actually reach this area. Haha.


So happy that their newest line, BLUE or DOWNTOWN line, is now operational! Now places are more accessible and it's easier to go back to Chinatown! Hihi. From Bayfront (also has blue line interchange) we don't need to transfer trains na. It was just 3 stops away! Woots. I love you talaga, Singapore.

That ends my Day 2 post! Will try to finish Day 3 tomorrow. Have to sleep now, ASAP pa later! Love you all!:)

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