Singapore 2015 Day 3: Universal Studios, Images of Singapore, Madame Tussauds

Here's Day 3 of our SG2015 family trip! I don't have outfit shots because I was so hulas the whole day and didn't have time to take photos na. This day was sooooo tiring. Patayan levels. We were not able to go to Sentosa anymore after the majority decided to skip it due to time constraint. Our first stop was of course, UNIVERSAL STUDIOS

 GG sa Upper Cross Street. Hehe.

 jaywalkers. joke. don't worry it's totally legal to cross from there.

 takes us almost 5-7 minutes to buy tickets. haha.

 Lovely quote about Singapore. I think.

 May jejemon sa Vivo City. Haha jk! We rode a train from Chinatown to Vivo City, where the trains going to Sentosa and Universal Studios are.

 tambay outside muna for 5 minutes

Keds kind of day!

 You could purchase train tickets from machines at the top floor

 waiting for the train

 There are 4 stations! Universal Studios is at Waterfront Station

 lovely view from the train!  we'll try those cable cars next time

 ayan naaaa

 welcome to Waterfront! This is also where Resorts World is located

 directons everywhere

 you picture me, i picture you

 Daming alam na naman. Haha. So sossy naman your jebs haha.

 friendships kami


 more bubbles plezzzz



 the girls

 chix. hehe.

 class picture pa more

 my feeling ker-ker jowa is so happy o

 happy place!

kakosa ni miles. haha!

 father and son. naks. pa-frame nato.

paparazzi shot of dora in Universal

Popcorn? Anyone?

 First character we saw was Charlie Chaplin! 

 Of course, we had to line up to take our photos taken with him. May pasayaw pa si mayor.

And then, it's my turn!
 He took my hand and off we went. Nashock din ako coz there were still people in line so shock din sila biglang lumayas si kuya. Haha.

 Where we goin Charlie? Si Nico naconfuse din. Haha!

more lakad

he wanted a nicer background pala naman haha! And pinapalayas nia si Nico. Haha!

 Fell in love with Charlie. Natinder ako dun. Char. Haha!

 Skipped the show na because for kids mashado

 Skipped this too...

That's when we saw a few Sesame Sreet characters chillin' outside, so we ran to have some photos taken with them! Yehey!


 Nix & Grover & their magical moment haha. Eh di wow kayo na close!

Ernie's girls or one of the girls? Woops. Hihi.

Grover and his groupies haha.

 Our first attraction was Lights, Camera, Action! As usual. Haha.

 Achie & Nico's jwoa chronicles: Part 4

 Hurricane special effects! Galeng.

 Mejo na heart attack sila sa giant barko and sa patubig ni vice-mayor haha

Father & Son Part 2

New York? Naks!

Naks. Bat wala akong pic dito?!

Blogger pose daw sha.

Sci-Fi City!

We went inside Transformers, but the waiting time was 1 hour 30 minutes. So we left muna and decided to save the best for last. Hehe.

My brother wanted to try these rollercoasters but for some weird reason, closed sha! This is the 3rd time this happened! First, in HK and then 2x sa SG! He said baka ikakamatay niya kasi yun. Baka noh? Lakas maka Final Destination. Haha.

Gintong drinks

Welcome to Egypt!

Match na match. Parang konti lang naman difference!

Angry birds. Lol.

Lined up to get on my favorite ride, The Mummy!!! We had to drag Nico inside haha. 

The line was longer than usual, even on a week day. But the wait was worth it! I could do this again and again. Hehe. The others, not so much...

Casualty #1. Hala na, natulaley na. Haha!

Super funny our photos after! Nico and I looked like we were dying (omg haha), while my Dad & brother looked super chillax. Parang nakasakay lang sa duyan. Unfaiiiir. Haha! 

Yes namaaan! Reprezent! Haha.

Jurassic Park! May naliligo talaga dito sa part nato.

Lunch break muna here at Discovery Food Court within the Jurassic Park area.

Used the $10 meal vouchers we got from Cebu Air Travel & Tours! I added lang mga $3 cguro:)

After eating, we decided to line up na for the Rapid Adventure. My Dad just came from sickness so we had to buy him a raincoat so he wouldn't get wet at baka mapulmonya pa. Left my camera with my Mom (who stayed behind) coz it might get wet. So iphone photos nalag muna.... 


 Hello, Fujifilm! Sikat!

 Raincoat was $4

Buti pa sila..ready

 Boots story. Random girl na pareho daw ng boots with Nico. Okay, soulmate na kayo niyan. Haha.

 Sakay na!

 Happy kids!

 Not so happy anymore, mejo nakakasuka sha. The boat was spinning and spinning.

 This is the last part of the ride where the "boat" had to go inside a super dark office kuno. The "boat" will then be pulled up na super near sa mouth of a huge, hungry T-rex. So shempre emote na emote na kami and then a voice said, "Please put down your feet. Please put down your feet". Moment of silence and then tinginan. Kami pala ng brother ko yun. Hahahaha! We tried to secure our sneakers from getting wet kasi Lol!

We also wasn't able to watch na Waterworld because we didn't have enough time. We still had 2 places to go and it was already 5pm. Sayang. Oh well, next time!

Far, Far Away land!

We took quick photos lang. Skipped Shrek na din. 

Good thing naabutan namin one of my fave characters, my ultimate crushie, Puss in Boots!!! 

We were not able to take photos with them coz the line had a cut-off. At least we saw them!:)

Shrek's house

50's diner!

The Ker-ker mechaNICO. Lol.

agawan base bebe? or arms sideward raise?

Here's a photogenic alley we discovered near the diner!
yellow cab

old NY:)

Dekwatro ng nakatayo. Ikaw na.

Mini OOTD. Wearing Promod top & shorts, Keds Taylor Swift polka sneakers:)

Finally, Transformers! Swerte coz we just had to wait for 30 minutes...

Ako na ang dakilang taga picture. Haha.

3d glasses! Wala pa din ako sa pic huhu

Our ride!

So basically, it's a 3D ride wherein your "car" will act as the Autobot's new recruit. Andaming ganap with Megatron, Optimus Prime, Bumblee, etc. Super fun!!!!


Na ADHD sa bubbles!!! I really have this weird obsession sa bubbles. I automatically chase them. Isip bata much. So glad I found someone as weird as me. Lol.

We were waiting for my sister and sis-in-law when a line suddenly appeared. So pila din ako! Sa minions pala yun! Woots!

 Sobrang cuuuute!

Sobrang cute din these two Universal staff who secretly took a selfie using my phone. Haha. Stay awesome guys!

Our last photo was with this sweetheart.. Betty Boop! Who I'm sure was Marilyn too. Haha.

After Universal, we rode the Sentosa Express and went down at Imbiah Station where the huge Merlion, Madame Tussauds and Images of Singapore are situated....

Selfie pa more sis Meg haha

Daddy Merlion

just follow the signs!

Tumawag si Bruce Willis. Unfair daw sha lang magisa sa labas. His exact words were: "Got demoted. They took me outside. I'm melting. I resign."

Jowa chronicles Part 5


We went inside and gave the tickets we got from Cebu Travel & Tours. We were told to go to Images of Singapore first, so we obliged. We thought it would just be a corny tour or show, but we were very wrong!!!

Regular tickets are priced at $35

Going to the Images of Singapore tour

We were greeted by ate girl who told us to keep our cameras coz photos are not allowed. Aww.

Let me share with you nalang what happened. So we went inside and we were greeted by another pretty lady who was a great actress! I love her! Nakaset-up the room like an office during the early days in SG. The whole tour was about how Singapore became a dragon city or nation na theater type complete with actors and actresses.  They were all great. :) Sobrang fun! Best in participation na nama ako haha.

After the tour, which took about 40 mins, Madame Tussauds na!
who is kuya? what am i? haha

Obama and Nix. Very professional looking lang ah

Papi David....Guison. Charot! Beckham pala. Hihi.

Achievin mo yan with Yao Ming

Virtual soccer na super walang kwenta. Ang hirap sumipa. Haha.

hands that rocked the cradle. explain. haha.

Mejo scary si Madame Tussaud

from wax to taong wax.

Ganda ni BFF Taylor!

All Hail the Bey

Idol niya daw kasi si Elvis


Tita Madge and her pusang kalye. Haha.

Marilyn Monroe:) Norma Jean:)

ET and the itiks. Wahaha

Jackie Chan & Jackie Chan-e

Brekky with Mareng Audrey

Victims of Bruce Lee

with my bf Johnny Depp

Sylist of Tita Angie

Wait lang mars Nicole, pic muna


Ultimate selfie with the stars!
 Katy Perry at the Grammys

joking with Marilyn

 Angelina at the Oscars

 Oprah on the set of... Oprah

 Audrey Hepburn at Tiffany's

 With my idol, Nelson Mandela

 And my inspiration, Mahatma Gandhi

With my new bf Leo:)

We decided not to Sentosa na and went straight to Vivo City to have dinner and shop a little. Headed home after to recharge for another day of exploration! Day 4 & 5 coming soon!:) Try ko tomorrow. Record na to. Haha. Gotta go! Showtime pa later. Toodles! xo

Read about my SG trip last year here:


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