Singapore 2015 Day 1: Beary Best + Chinatown + Orchard

I'm baaaack! After weeks of hibernating, I'm officially back to blogging. So much has happened this month, especially in my personal life, that I had to pull an invisible emergency button (ctrl + pause). Had to take a break from blogging (so uninspired), took a few days off from work and spent a lot of time with family. Well for one, my Lolo died. But that deserves a separate post. It's weird how this happened twice na. Someone in the family dying a few weeks before our family trip. Last 2103, it was our Lola naman. I thought it won't push through na coz a lot of us got sick a week before our flight. There was also the AirAsia tragedy which got some of us paranoid. But to cut the story short, our family trip did happen (with my Dad this time! Woots) and it was nothing short of amazing. :) Here are photos from our trip starting with my Day 1 outfit! Hihi. Also throwing in some major budget traveling advice in between. It's worth it, I promise. ;)

 FAB printed top, Bazaar shorts, Forever 21 hat, Christian Siriano for Payless bag, Keds sneakers

Love my new top from FAB! I miss wearing vintagey pieces:) Love the print & color:)

First time to bring just 1 pair of shoes on a trip and actually survived! Haha. I saved a lot of space and it matched all the outfits I prepared. :) Bought this pair for P2k+ at SM Depstore. Love the added height coz of the elevated sole. :)

And here are our photos from our 1st night & 1st day!
 NAIA Terminal 1 is getting a major overhaul. Finally. Deserve natin to. Hehe.

 My Dad with her 2 sisterettes! Tita Con (left) is the airport's Media Affairs Manager and Tita Car (right) is a doctor there. 

Loving the new ceiling. Naks.

 Class picture haha

 Waiting for our check-in. Angyare bro? Haha.

 Booked Jetstar for our flight! They had a promo last year and paid P6k for a roundtrip ticket to SG.

 Watch your step!

 Made tambay here while waiting for boarding.

 Mejo mahalia ah. Haha.

 Ordered their Pesto pasta for P270 ata a plate. Thanks Tita Con for the treat! Haha. #PGlang

 Pre-flight group pic! Thanks Titas for making us hatid sa boarding area!

 On time! There were also a few empty seats so Nico and I were able to sit beside each other. Hihi.

 Angyare Ma?

 Nakasama din sa wakas! He missed our first family SG trip when he got ill and got confined last 2013. Booo.

 City of blinding lights:)

 The parentals dating in SG! Naks.

 Check check ng signal and wifi

 We got to the baggage claiming area late. Someone arranged na our luggages when we got there. Haha! Love it! 

 Rode an ordinary taxi going to our hotel which was cheaper than riding a Chrysler or Benz taxi. Pwede naman pala haha. Paid $27 total and the driver speaks good Tagalog! Grabeee. Naamaze ako. Haha. Sa sobrang tuwa ni Nico he let him keep the change which was $3 din. Kala ata nia P3 lang un. Lol.

Upper Cross Street

We meet again! Our home away from home in SG: Beary Best Hostel :)

 Our 9-bed dorm room! 

I spent 2 days searching for a place to stay in SG and this was still the cheapest and the best. I tried to search via AirBNB and found some wonderful choices but the deposit and extra fees killed the dream. Haha. This was the only hostel with a 9-bed private dorm room that was near the train station and at the heart of the city. :) We paid $1,200 for the whole room. That's just $133 (SGD) per person, roughly P4,500 for 5 days. Not bad. Everyone got their own key card and lockers inside. There's also free breakfast (cereals and toast) & drinks. Bathroom was shared but it was never a problem coz they have 2 per floor (1 exclusive for girls, 1 for girls/boys). Each bathroom has 2 toilets and 2 showers. :)

Had our very late dinner at the nearest Mcdonalds!  

Their spicy chicken wrap is the bomb. My meal was $7 na. If burger lang, $5.

 No alcohol from 2-6am! Sorry Dad haha. Ang mahal bumisyo ha!

Slept at around 5am na and woke up at around 10am. Took us long to settle in. Excited kids haha. We had a pretty lax itinerary for Day 1...

 Gala mode on!

 Achie + Nico's jowa chronicles: Part 1

 My favorite, Mosque Street.


 Hello, Chinatown. :)

Our first agenda was to buy SGDs from my favorite money changer in Chinatown. My other favorite is in Suntec mall. They've got the best rates. For some reason though, the airport's exchange rate the night before was better. I think it had something to do with the weekend? Weird. :(

Headed to the MRT after and decided to eat lunch at Orchard na...
 long escalators

 Love that all their subway stations are airconditioned! Sana ganito sa Pinas. Hay. 

 Efficient ticketing system. Always fun loading our MRT cards! Fares range from $1 to $3 depending on destination.

 Sipsip pa more. Haha.

 Pati pag enter sa station, exciting din! Just tap,tap,tap. Haha.

 We're on CCTV! Pinoy na pinoy lang. Haha.

 Excited for our first train ride lolerz

 Mother & Son

 Hello, ION Orchard!

 Food court muna

 My favorite stalls are those that sell these:) 1 meat + 1 vegetable  + Rice for $5.50

 Drinks cart. Love it. Water was $1.70 each ata. 

After eating, we decided to split up for an hour to shop and explore the mall. Surprised myself by buying nothing even if super sale everywhere. Haha.

Ended up being my brother's personal shopper. Lolz. Pinilit ko shang bilhin this Zara jacket which was on super sale for just $39 or P1200! He did not fall in love with it though. Kainez. Sometimes, wish I was a boy. Haha.

 Family picture haha.

 Yung chicks talaga pinipicturean ko. Haha.

My Dad can't get tired (doctors' orders!) and had to rest so we left them here muna to chill. The rest of us went to Lucky Plaza to buy discounted attraction tickets from Cebu Air Travel & Tours! It's my new secret that I'm gladly sharing with you.. coz you know, I love you guys. Hehe. You're welcome! 

 Thanks to my BFF Cecille for the reco!

 It's located inside Lucky Plaza, 2nd floor:)

 So many packages to choose from!

 My cousin Ate Dang helping me choose which packages to get

 Contact them!

 Thanks guys for the sweet deals;) Thanks Ms. Jeanette! Tama ba? Hehe.

Here are the deals we availed:

1. Universal Studios + $10 meal voucher + $5 retail discount coupon = $69 (compared to Beary Best's $68 offer without the meal voucher; Regular rate is $74)

2. River Safari = $22 (regular price is $28)

3. Gardens by the Bay + Marina Bay Skypark = $39 (reg. for Gardens is $28 & Skypark is $23)

4. Madame Tussauds + Images of Singapore = $22 (regular price is $35)

We saved $46 (plus our Universal Studios meal). Not bad!!!:) Plus, they gave all of us free simcards pa. Bongga! Simcards cost $10 minimum in SG. Yey!

 Claimed our free sim here. Gizzmoo is just a few steps away from Cebu Travel & Tours.

 Legiiiit. You could only use it sa open line na phone. Nico was able to use his and registered unli internet for 1 day kaya more more upload. My sister and cousin used theirs to text and call. 

 Dropped by the Chocolate Station in Lucky Plaza to buy super cheap chocolcates! Winner to!

 Hoarding galore

 So many to choose from, naloka kami lahat.

Naloka na si ate haha

Wish I bought more coz I wasn't able to find any other store that matched their prices! Sa Mustafa siguro but we weren't able to go there na. Huhu.

 cutie & fasyown promo girls, double decker bus & my sissies Cara & Kate in the background. Lol.

 Naksssss! Feeling blogger? Haha. Dami kong tawa neto.

 Mosaic wall art sa subway. So cool.

Decided to retire early so we could rest properly and recharge for our lakwatsa the next day. Ended our day at Chinatown! This is my favorite place in SG. So vibrant and full of life:)

 Beef jerkyyyy

 I wanted to visit the Chinatown Heritage Centre but it was closed for renovation! Huhu.

 this is the best place to buy pasalubongs! Cheaper than Bugis.

 Love the re-painted old buildings:) 

 All set for Chinese New Year!

Pag nilagay ko ba to lahat sa bahay swertehin kaya ako ng bonggang bongga? Haha.

 Chinatown's Streetfood Market is finally open! Last time we were there it was being renovated. Yipee!

 Water was a little expensive for $1.50 (it was being sold at $.80 in our hostel)

 Finally got to eat my favorite: Kway Teow! Also ate roasted pork with rice. What is gluttony.

 Dare to taste this? Fresh Frog Porridge. Ayaaaaw.


 I wanted to have my name done but it was $10 or $20 ata. Tipid mode. Haha.

 mall nearest our hostel

MRT entrance and exit just across our hostel! So convenient!:)

That ends my Singapore Day 1 post! Day 2 & 3 tomorrow! Discovered new places & experienced different things which I'm excited to share with you. Mwaaaah!:)


  1. Love your outfit! Wish I can go to Singapore one day!

    Janine | Lime & Life

    1. @janine - thank you! you should definitely visit SG. So much fun!:)

  2. Love this new post!!! Miss yew!!

  3. So happy you are back !
    My Mom is from the Philippines and we both love your blog

    I wish you a fabulous weekend,
    With love from London,
    Hayley x


    1. Hi Hayley!!!

      Thanks for reading. Love your blog!!!:) Followed:) Say hi to your Mom for me, too!:)

      Love, Aisa

  4. Nakakamiss SG!!! LOVE the kwentos! :) Ang big ng group niyo, ang galing!

    1. Hehe salamats gf!!! Oo nga mejo mahirap pag big group kasi antayan ng antayan haha!

  5. Does Cebu Air Travel and Tours accept credit card payments? Thanks! :)

  6. ok yan cebu tours ha. dami lang kse tao lagi sa may lucky plaza so i dont go inside to check, feeling ko kse nasa greenhills lang ako. hahahah pero ang mura nung toursss!!!

    1. Totoo!!! Okay their tour bundles. Haha. D naman madami tao mashado when we went there. Pag Sunday madami tao.

  7. Going back to SG next month so I re-read ur SG posts! They are super helpful! Thanks for the tips. Forever idol talaga kita =)


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