Eskinol x Wattpad Launch

ESKINOL, the No. 1 deep cleanser brand in the country, partners with the country's teen online  community, WATTPAD, to bring the first ever Eskinol-exclusive Wattpad online story! I myself is an Eskinol user (influenced by Anagon coz I saw how her skin improved when she started using Eskinol last year) and also a reader on Wattpad! Wattpad is where starting writers share their work and I have read countless of amazing books there! So of course, I'm really excited with this partnership. I'm sure you're familiar with "Diary ng Panget", "She's Dating a Gangster", "Talk Back and You're Dead" and other popular teen stories. These are popular stories which came from Wattpad! Eskinol now has a 3 part webisode written by the same writer of "Diary ng Panget", so expect lots of kilig moments perfect for the teenager in you. Here are photos from the launch!

 So nice catching up with these ladies and gent!:)


say hello to these popular Wattpad authors na super bagets!!!:) Galeng:)

 Old Eskinol commercial. Classic Ate Vi!

 Eskinol's newest endorser, Julia Montes!

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Eskinol's exclusive Wattpad story was made into webisodes called  "Face the Day". It follows the story of new girl &, plain jane Patricia as she discovers herself, her self confidence and how she makes new friends and a possible love. Super kakilig! Watch the 1st episode below:

The 2nd episode will be out tomorrow and the 3rd on December 5! So mark your calendars and don't miss them!:) 

Also watch out for Julia Montes' cameo as Patricia's pimple fighting guardian angel:)

Will use Eskinol before my beach trip! My beauty blogger friends attest to it's effectiveness. They use it for their knees and elbows daw. Nice!

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