Lost Time is Never Found Again

I am almost, always working. I have to always remind myself to stop once in a while and try to breathe. In the industry I'm in, there's so vacation, no weekends and I'm like a doctor who's always on call as described by my best cousin RJ. I don't just do styling (which I also do for an online store based in SG), I'm also a BU organizer, social media/marketing manager of a shoe brand, blogger coordinator (sideline lang for certain brands) and you know, blogger. My family and friends always tease me whenever I miss certain events 'coz of work. I miss myself too! Hahaha. But seriously, I often feel guilty whenever I miss special moments or occasions. That's why I really treasure the time (kahit 5 minutes lang yan) I spend with friends over beer & non-stop chika over everything. I value the time I am able to go to Marikina and spend time with my family over pizza, sinigang and downloaded movies. I value the time I spend with Nico 'coz even though we are often together, I am usually "lutang", on my phone or working on my laptop. So this year and the next, I promise to make more time for everyone. I hope you like my Christmas gift, guys. Haha joooke. Okay, fine I'll still keep my Christmas list. Lol. But you know, time is the best gift you could give to anyone. It could reconnect old friends, old flames (except pag taken na, tantanan), heal wounds, heal hearts, spread cheer, lahat na ng positive adjectives. Every second counts. I realize everyday how valuable time and life is whenever I browse my FB timeline and I see all the people who are sick (as in cancer levels na bagets pa) or who experienced sudden deaths. Anyway, before I become emotional, here are outfit photos we took yesterday for Tomato Time!

Photos by Pia Stevens

PINKAHOLIC top & skirt, FLY shades, TOMATO TIME watch, CONVERSE sneakers

Here's Nico's OOTD. Minsan lang to guyzzz haha.
Sfera jacket, Guess jeans, Zara shoes

Here are some couple shots. For the love of Tomato Time. Minsan lang din to! Haha.

 So hirap magseryoso lol

 Love our new watches from TOMATO TIME!:)

Love my classic, black watch which I can wear with almost everything and Nico loved his "sporty" classic watch also. I have always loved Tomato timepieces since forever. They offer really affordable, stylish, quality watches. They have lots of other styles you could choose from that are perfect to give as gifts this holiday!!! Choose from their wide range of watches here:  http://www.tomato.ph/time

But of course, my first ever gift of time was for my bff and gf Anagon! 
Love this girl sooo much!!!

You could read our complete feature here:

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Speaking of friends, my stylist friend Myrrh's partner Koko, owns this uber hip online store, COURIER and I love it!!! 

This jacket is so cozyyyy. Also love the neon details and print! Thanks for this Myrrh and Koko! :)

You could order this (and more) online, just follow Courier on FB & IG:

Tomorrow, I shall blog about my last Tagaytay trip! Love you all! xo


  1. I like the style! Especially when you match it with any Prada products.. so sure to give you the best looks!


  2. Sobrang love ko yung skirt mo!!!! Ganda ng outfit mo as always :) Hihihi. :)


  3. I looooove this outfit post--with or without the jacket! And true, time is the best gift you can give anyone talaga kaya ako kahit busy, I drop everything pag kinailangan ako ng friends and family ko. :)

    PS grabe, andami mo palang sideline!! Naloloka na nga ako sa life ko with school, blogging, fitness, research, family, friend and personal time (at gusto ko pang sumingit ng work para naman may extra income) pero ikaw! hangang-hanga ako sayo =))

    1. hay nako sis, feeling ko nga kulang pa sa work! Haha. workaholic na ata ako. Huhu. Galing mo din!!!:)

  4. i miss this from you! <3


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