NaFlora: Feminine Wash For Women of Every Age

When it comes to washing your lady parts, one shouldn’t compromise, second guess and should only trust the expert. I don’t. I read somewhere that some feminine wash could do more damage to your “V” and could even cause diseases and cervical cancer. It made me so paranoid that I stopped using products and stuck to water and super mild soap—until now. I’ve finally found my match! I’m so happy to share with you my latest discovery---naFlora Feminine Hygiene Wash! I, together with a few blogger friends, was invited to an exclusive press launch & an all-girls pampering session. I learned so much during the discussion! It might be uncomfortable for some people to hear the V word, much more in a very, very thorough presentation complete with illustrations, but it was also very, very educational. I’m so glad I was there to hear it! So let me do a quick rundown…

Do you know that your vagina is as delicate as your lips? The normal flora also changes as women age, that’s why it’s important to choose and use a feminine wash with the right pH level that’s specific to your needs. What I love about naFlora is that they offer specific care for women through their 3 variants. Here they are!

1. naFlora protect – for monthly periods and everyday use. Formulated to help maintain and protect the natural flora. It has lactic acid and tea tree extract that help prevent vaginal irritations. It has a pH level of 3.5 to 4.5. 

2. naFlora restore – for post partum care & as an adjunct therapy to vaginal infection . Specially formulated to help bring back a natural acidic environment and help relieve irritation usually experienced during vaginal infections.

3. naFlora moisture – the only feminine wash specially formulated for mature women. It has lactic acid, chamomile extract and additional moisturizers that help soothe and protect the feminine area against dryness and irritation. It has a pH level of 6.o to 7.5

It cares, restores and maintains the normal balance inside and outside. If you know what I mean. ;) Been using it and it works wonders. Now here are photos from our fun pampering session!

Thanks naFlora for this awesome day! You may purchase naFLora at all Mercury Drugstores. :)

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