Styling Stint: COMFIT Spring / Summer 2013 Campaign!

If someone told me years ago I'd be styling an ad campaign or a billboard one day, I'd have said they were crazy. But I guess crazy does amazing things sometimes. Now here I am, trying to live my dreams one day at a time. Never felt luckier and alive my whole life. :) It's an experience and an honor to have gotten this project and to have worked with such an amazing & inspiring team. Thank you Patrick of Comfit for entrusting me with this! Now here are photos from our 60's MOD inspired campaign shoot for shoe brand COMFIT!:)

Photography: BJ Pascual
Styling: Aisa Ipac
Asst. Styling: Kaye Awatin 
Hair: Katchie Mejias
Shot at BJ's studio, props provided by Comfit team.

Thank you Jhajing, Jian Lasala, Veva Deeluxe for some of the clothes!:)

Here's a few behind the scene photos:)
Thank you Kaye for helping out! You're the best ever!

And then my camera's battery decided to call it a day. So no more photos after this shot. Haha. Anyway, we finished early so everyone went home happy.:) Also my first time to have worked with THE BJ PASCUAL. Omg it was such an honor, I'm a HUGE fan! He was so nice and helpful and super cute too.:) Hope I get to work with him again:) Photos will be up in Comfit stores soon! Haven't seen the billboard yet but saw the photo (from Comfit's instagram) and it was enough to make me kilig. Hope I get to shoot more campaigns this year. Crossing my fingers. Cross yours with me pls? Hihi. Love you! :)

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  1. the outfits are so CHIC!!! LOVE the play of patters and prints!!!

    czarina :)


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