Bershka is Now Open!

I've known Bershka through my ex who works in Dubai. I used to get sent clothes from Bershka and I've always loved it. So imagine my delight when I learned about the brand's opening in Manila! Went to the official press launch to check out the merchandise. Love them and in fairness reasonable the prices compared to other stores. Wasn't able to finish the  event since we had to run to The Fort for 2 more events (national events day hehe) but got to take some photos. Here na!

omg tombax mode! ganda ni blond girl

international blogger:)

Bershka was brought here by SSI, the same group that handles Zara! So bongga! Bershka is generally for the younger market (akong ako na yan! wahaha) and price range is almost the same as Forever 21. So go shop na!:) It's at Glorietta 2.:) See you there fellow youngsters! Lols.

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