Styling Uniform + Styling Ms. ZsaZsa & Zia

A work post! Sharing with you guys photos of Ms. ZsaZsa and Zia's outfits which I styled for ASAP. Include na din natin my last ASAP outfit:) That dreaded day when my car rebelled and died on me, twice! My fault really, wouldn't go into details, but my fault really. Haha. Photos!

Be Bitko shorts, Ruckus necklace, Aldo watch, Forever 21 top & shoes 

Every Sunday it's like a battlefield in ABS. I always make it a point to dress up (even my assistants do, mas bongga pa sakin lagi haha), really comes with the job and the territory! Sometimes you even have to level with the celebrities. This is not pagiinarte but for you to be recognized and respected. Ayan ha tip from me!:) My assistant Carvey could attest to that. Sikat na sha sa ABS coz mas kabog pa sha sa artistas! Haha swear. Kulet lng. Fun always!

Zia Quizon

 wearing clothes from Bianca Sing

Dresses from Bianca!

Clothes from Anagon for Skyscraper prod

Dress by Nat Manilag which we DIY'd! It's actually a mullet dress but we draped it. For Star Awards.

Eric Manansala earrings

Ms. ZsaZsa Padilla
 The Ramp dress

 The Ramp dress

The Ramp dress

The Styling Room dress for Titanium prod

Gown by Roel Rosal

Gown by Roel Rosal

Floral sundress by Roel Rosal, Eric delos Santos jumpsuit on Ms. Vina

pretty in a floral Roel Rosal dress for ASAP Summer video

 Red gown by Eric delos Santos

Dress from Florence Fling

Dress from Florence Fling 

 Yellow dress from Florence Fling

Gold dress by Renee Salud

Dress from Unarosa for Juan dela Cruz spiel

sequined dress by Dimple Lim

dress by cebu designer Yves Camingue

wearing Plains & Prints dress

Can't wait to share with you guys the final photos from Ms. ZsaZsa's album shoot which I styled together with Carvey and Shen. Thank you girls for forever helping me. Don't ever change! A huge Thank You to all the kindhearted brands and designers for letting me pullout for them. We love you!:)


  1. wow! Bongga naman Miss Aisa Bigatin ang clients. Congrats po! Ang gaganda nila! <3

  2. Ang KULET talaga ni Carvey Samonteeee!!!
    More The Carvey Diaries pls, hahahaha!

  3. LOVE your outfit Ms.Aisa!! i wonder how you look so fresh and even your hair always looks like it just came out from a salon,, hahaah :)

    i really adore the Styling Room dress which Zia wore!! the details are awesome! on the other hand, Ms. ZsaZsa is so gorgeous!! she has this greek-goddess(ish) beauty when wearing long gowns :)

    wow! job well done Ms.Aisa :)

    paint it stripes


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