Christmas Babbles & Baubles

Merry Christmas everyone!!! It's 2 days after Christmas and I am still feelin' iiiit. Well, mainly because I still have a few uncrossed names on my "people-to-buy-gifts-for" list. I am such an expert on last minute (meaning post Christmas) shopping. As I said on my previous post, I really really loathe (with all my being) the holiday rush. I love shopping after Christmas (from Dec. 26-29, yes specific much lang haha) coz there are less cars on the roads, less people out too (most of them are still out of town, out of the country or are done shopping). Anyway, I spent the long weekend hibernating in Marikina. Squandered my time wrapping gifts, eating, thrift shopping, playing with our adorable dog and lounging around watching TV in my oldest pajamas. Bliss.:) And then in accordance with our tradition, we spent Christmas at my grandparent's house in Cubao.:) I think I sorely miss how Christmas was before, that I ended up wearing an outfit reminiscent to what I wore more than a decade ago.

Thrifted vintage top and skirt, Vintage Pony purse from Mom, Kultura bangle, So Fab flats

New thrift finds always excites me, so I decided to wear some of my favorites and went all vintage for Christmas! And that ends my outfit explanation. Lol. Oh wait! Lakas lang maka Christmas ng ballet flats ko noh?:)

Anyway back to Christmas shopping-- Mich (a.k.a The Grinch disguised in cute DC shoes) begged for me to trim down my list, but I stood firm and explained in 10 paragraphs why I had to be the torchbearer in keeping our holiday tradition of gift giving. How Christmas, quick and fleeting as it was, shouldn't just end up as a distant memory... of Polly Pockets and COD shows. Haha.

I understand that time changes people...perspectives..priorities. I know that it definitely changed the way we celebrate this special time now. So through my Christmas list, in my own way, I wanted my younger cousins or even my older family members to feel the joy and warmth I felt many Christmases ago. I don't get gifts from my godparents anymore, it gradually stopped when I started working. But I vowed to keep the fire going. Gifts are not just gifts, they're a testament to people's connections. :)

My point is, Christmas should be celebrated in whatever way, preferably with family and friends. Our loving birthday Boy wouldn't want it any other way.:) 


Enjoy the rest of your holidays everyone! Can't wait for this year to end. New year, fresh starts. I'm ready:)

P.S. Here are some more gifts I got from wonderful sponsors! I love you!

 new Prodigy watch from my Meister fam!

from CAVA Bags. Thanks Tipu!:)

book from my gf Ana! Yey!

thank you ETC!:)

thank you Havas PR!

new shoes from my Primadonna family!:) these babies are from their holiday collection! Thanks Denise!

thanks Perkcomm!

lace cap and Theo & Philo chocolates from Anne of Embellish! Thank you<3 span="span">

thank you Penshoppe!

thank you Cinderella!

thank you Ann of Envy for this gorgeous cuff!

 pretty clothes from Unarosa!:)

I also got yummeh Marks & Spencer chocolates from mah loves Paul, but sadly I wasn't able to take a photo coz we devoured it agad. Haha. Thank you so much for all the love:) Have to take a nap now. Catch up with you guys later. Good morning sweet world!


  1. love the whole vintage ensemble :)

  2. Aaaahhh yung COD shows! Grabe, classic!

    Happy Christmas Pax! Enjoy Christmas shopping!

  3. " Gifts are not just gifts, they're a testament to people's connections. :)"

    This is so true. Well-said! :)

    Merry Christmas! :D


  4. I like this post a lot... All the things that you said and the way you think about Chritsmas us awesome! Great post and oh I love your skirt!

  5. Lovely vintage look! <3 Happy holidays!

    XO, Mish @ http://starmishie.blogspot.com

  6. Merry Christmas! :) Hope you enjoyed your makeup book, para sa tutorials vid natin yan sa ACL suites vlog hehehehe ;)

  7. Love your new primadonna shoes, paxie! and love reading this post, too! Christmas should be celebrated with family and loved ones. <3

  8. Happy Holidays Ms.Aisa! love your vintage ensemble!! those gifts are so awesome!


  9. ten paragraphs tlga? hahaha!! thank you for the inspirations ever since chictopia!! Gumaganda ka teh parubadubdub nmn pra mhawa ako! i love ur hair color bagay na bagay! More happiness for you sa 2013!God bless u and ur fam!


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