Photo Dump: Bloggers United 4 x World Bazaar Festival

Hello! I'm currently blogging from my parent's house! Leaving in a few, going to my Grandparent's house in Cubao. Woot. Decided to do this post as a thank you to everyone who came and supported the recently concluded Bloggers United Bazaar. We would like to give all of you, especially those who have been present since the 1st one (Malayan Plaza), a warm fuzzy embrace. We love you with all our hearts:) See you all on May! BU5!:)

ano daw??? wahehe
Thrifted vest dress, Wacoal bandeau, Ruckus necklace, Esprit watch, Bedazzle bangle, People R People heels

outfitey with my blog sister Anagon!

I had a different outfit prepared for the 1st day of Bloggers United, but this thrifted gorgeous vest dress totally changed my mind at the last minute! Tried it on while I was pricing and packing my BU goods for selling and I fell in love with it immediately. Guess you already know what happened next. Haha. Story of my liiiife. Thought it was also the perfect time to finally wear this pretty pair of heels I bought on sale from PRP-- as in for P299 lang! Well, it's actually prettier on display coz it hurt like hell when worn. Lol. It's because of the zipper at the back. Any suggestions on how to lessen the battle (shoes vs walking) wounds? I really want to keep thiiis. 

Here are photos from the epic weekend that was:)
JR of Worldbex!
Madhouse surprised me with this tarp! Hihi
hello woobie!!!
the bestest impromptu hosts, Kelly and Gelo!
thank you Nicole Anderson for gracing our event!

Bloggers United is also the best place to see your favorite bloggers act all lovey, friendly and cray cray! A sight to behold. Haha.

 At hindi rin nila pinaglapas ang tarp ko. Kaloka. Haha!
eew Paul watcha doin???
mas hot ka Mikko haha
tandem pa kayo ha
at inannounce pa talaga ni kelly! haha

The highlight of this event was the unexpected visit of my favorite Pretty Little Liars star, Shay Mitchell!!! Thank you ETC for bringing her to World Trade!!! I was the 1st one to greet her as soon as she got out of the vehicle. I wanted to scream (yes I'm a fan) but I had to act normal (which was haaard). It was a good thing I brought a fellow fan yet chill to the bones girl like me, Tracy! We had so much fun touring her around and talking to her and her mom. :) Shay even blogged about her experience HERE!

she was looking for cool accessories so I brought her to Anagon's booth first, she loved it!!

haha so many cameras

And here are my photos with everyone! 

Finally, after 3 BUs, this was the first time I actually had the time to chat and take photos with readers and blog friends!:) Thank you World Bazaar Festival for taking over and lessening our tasks. Thank you Niche for our official photos!:) 

That's it for now! I do hope you all go to our next Bloggers United event on May. I am already scouting for possible locations. It will be back to a 1-day affair and we're going solo again! This means more giveaways, longer program, more fun!:)  See you May?:)


  1. Yey ! :) Super Kilig :"> Hahahaha XD

  2. I love the pic with baby asher :)) (2nd to the last pic!) ... cant wait for BU5 tey, again thanks for the fun experiences with you :) Love you forevs! Merry Christmas!!!

  3. This makes me wanna cry. I keep missing BU.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Paxie!

  4. MERRY CHRISTMAS PAXIE and #MICH!! :D:D Ang saya netong BU na to promise!! super cant wait na ako sa BU5!!! :D:D:D


  5. AS USUAL!benta ang pics mas benta ang caption!nkktuwa at nakakatawa.:)) Congrats! Bought from ur booth nga pla!!Mag thank you ka kay mich dahil sa knya napabili ako nang di oras sa booth mo.galing na salesperson!Again, congrats for the successful event!:)

  6. you look so pretty in your vest dress. such a great event. love the crowd. someday, I wish I can go there :)

    -love from Jakarta-

  7. They are one of my favorite accessories.

  8. So lucky u met her! :(


  9. I love the pictures! :) Hee! I can't wait for the next one!! Yay!!!!!! <3 See you on May again! Wii <3


  10. had so much looking at the pictures aisa! twas a really amazing experience, even when i was half super nervous for my wedding.hehehe.

    can't wait to see u guys here sa Cebu next month! and definitely can't wait for BU5! whoot whoot! <3

    ♥ latest post: "december diary: styling for footzyfolds" at vanilla ice cream | a cebuana's personal style blog ♥

  11. By far the best blog coverage I've seen of the event so far. Sana you can add more captions and links to the other bloggers/celebs too hehe


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