Vintage Madness for Madhouse Manila

I know I have already plastered my face all over Facebook a few days ago, but for documentation purposes (hihi) I want to share with you guys the final layouts from my Madhouse Manila modern vintage themed shoot last month!:) For the record, I had no idea I was gonna be the cover. Such a sweet surprise!  I had so much fun working with an awesome team:)

wearing mostly Apartment 8!

Sorry if I look awkward in some of the frames, this is a first for me! But I had to suck it in and drown modesty with fake confidence. Lol. Thank you Raj and Fifi for taking care of me! Actually, to the whole team who've been nothing but supportive.:) Thank you for the patience and the amazing experience. I will never forget this. Minsan lang ako umarte ng todo eh haha. Love you guys!:)

Download your own copy of Madhouse Manila! Click HERE. :) Hope you like it!:)


  1. SHETTT SO HOTT! So fab! I looove this!! Hindi ko alam san ako kukuha ng printed copy nung BU4 so download nalang. Congrats Aisa! :)

    1. hi pretty! thank yooou!!!:) pasensha na sa awkwardness ha, keri na yan effort na yan! hahaha. cu again soon!:))

  2. Yay! Congrats sis :) Super likeeeeeee!!!! Kaw na :D

  3. you looked better not glam up liked this.

  4. EOW POWHZ MS AISAAA... hindi man lang ako nakapagpa picture sa tarp mo :( hehe maayong pasko to you and mich and your family <3 and all the best for 2013!


  5. wow!! you look so chic!!! very pretty and adorable Ms.Aisa!!! love it!


  6. kalevel mo si danica magpantay!

  7. Actually for me every person's awkwardness is also their charm. ;) Ganda for a first! :)

  8. That's amazing, good job!

    Did you get my email?

  9. I love you! You're so cute, you should totes model part-time hehe


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