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Not sure if you've seen what I've been up to last week, but it was one of the proudest moments of my life. Even if all I did was trace, shade and color. Heee. Thanks Mich for unleashing your inner hipster for me. I absolutely love how it turned out! If you have no idea what I'm talking about then you don't love me! Joke lng. Will reveal if you scroll down. But first, outfit photos from the Shulong event last weekend!

 OMG.tk cropped top, Peanutbutter Jeri blazer, Wardrobe Check shorts, Esprit watch, Unica Hija bangle, Shulong sneakers

So here's our little project last week for Shulong Philippines!:) Ana, Sarah, Love Chic (Shai and Seph), Katrina and I were asked to design our own Shulong pairs for an exhibit and  judge their on the spot contest at Trinoma. It was quite a challenge for me since I can't draw to save my life. Mich took that burden from me (haha) and omg she's good at it! Kinilig ako haha. I, on the other hand, came up with the concept, researched places, helped with the tracing and coloring too. Love the end product!


Mich used a  pencil and then a sign pen (or was it a gel pen) to draw 

almost done! I love iiiit! 

Presenting, our design on display! Paul named it, "The Jetsetter". I chose this concept because I love to travel (it is highly enriching) and for me Shulong is the perfect travel companion. You need the best pair of shoes when conquering the world db?:) All the places you see on my DIY shoes were places I've been to and places I want to go to. So this is quite special to me.:) 

Will post about the event soon. Thanks again Shulong for the love!:)

P.S. Walking the runway later with some blogger loves for the #NewGloriettaVibe World's Biggest Fashion Show! Hope you guys could watch. This is history in the making!:) See you!

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