Cambodia Day 3: Angkor Wat + Bayon

Here's the other half of my temple run entry! I had to separate this one coz these are the "big guns", meaning your visit ain't legit without stepping foot in these temples. Presenting, Bayon and Angkor Wat! I also prepared short amateur videos so you could experience it 2nd hand (hehe). Enjoy the tour!

Bayon Temple

The Bayon temple was constructed in the late 12th century ( in year 1181-1220 ) by king Jayavarman VII. Bayon is a second important monumental temple in the area after Angkor Wat. Bayon was the last stone temple ever built in the period of the Khmer empire. The faces that steer at you from the Bayon towers symbolize of the four sublime states of Buddhism include Charity , Compassion, Sympathy and Equanimity.

sushal ng monk! uma Ipad!

Short video. Pagpasenshan na 1st time to do a video documentation! Warning: Loud shrilling sound, decrease your volume!:)

On our way to our last stop, Angor Wat, I just took in and enjoyed the beauty that is this place:)
start ng penitensya haha. long walk inside!

After 5 minutes of walking, you would reach the 1st fortress or 1st temple. And then more more walk going to the 2nd temple. It's huge!!!
 road going to the 2nd temple from the 1st one

 under construction:(

Angkor Wat is visually, architecturally and artistically breathtaking. It is a massive three-tiered pyramid crowned by five lotus-like towers rising 65 meters from ground level. This huge temple-mountain was said to be dedicated to the Hindu god "Vishnu".

imagine the people walking around the same grounds a thousand years ago:)

 wall carvings

 isa lang masasabi ko, galit sa blouse o t-shirt mga mga tao dun dati! topless kung topless

 imagine a huge bathing pool. wooow.

eh andito naman pala si Psy e!!! Opa Gangnam Style!

 stairway to heaven?

 aww cute couple:) chillax na chillax sila grandma and grandpa

 and then i saw 2 monks! money shot! haha

 they saw me too and they even posed for my camera! Cuuuute!:) I swear mga 1 minute kami nagaasaran from afar.

love talaga the effect ng monks sa photos.

can u see the giant buddha inside?

did you know that monks are one of the most educated people in Cambodia? they get everything for free:) Bongga.

money shot. haha! the best daw if you go here before sunrise:)

 I still can't believe I personally touched the walls, pillars and saw the epicness that is Angkor Wat. Still feels like a dream. :)

Last Cambodia post later! Hope you felt the magic of this place through my photos and videos. Gotta run! Meeting up with Tracy for our Glorietta Vibe fitting. Ciao loves!:)


  1. I enjoyed reading your photo captions! ahah, it looks like you really enjoyed your trip to Cambodia. See you on Dec! :)

  2. OMg! dream ko din yan wen p kya! haha! ntawa nmn aq sa topless. gangnam style and swimming pool! hehe! i always make sure din i hve video shots whenever i go to a new country. Uploaded them on my youtube account. hehe (tauyanm1)

  3. i so love your photos and the delivery of your story.meganon?enjoyed much!c;


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