Bazaar for All Seasons Photodiary

A super late post! Here are photos from last month's Bazaar for all Seasons at Eton Centris. Had a booth and sold personal stuff along with some blogger loves! :)

we love Anagon!

cupcakes by Pastry Project

outfit shot!

florals kinda day!

performance level si kelly

our artsy phog Niche

broke the plastic container. as in eksenang lumusot ako. haha

mirror mirror on the wall

chika with Laureen girl

kulang pa accs ni Kelly

nalurkey sa Bubbles envelope bag!

with my bff Cecille! and Chie her sister:)

we love Bubbles! hi Tati!

Nino of Pink Parlour;)

ayun oh. haha!

Thanks Jewel for inviting us. Til next time!:)


  1. love love love this post!! super madaming thanks paxie for adopting me that day :D haha see you on tues!!

    The Bargain Doll

  2. Nakakamiss naman to!!! Salamat for happy times, Pax :) :) More more pa!!

  3. you girls look absolutely gorgeous :)


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