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Taking a break from PR blogging coz it's my birthday week. Pagbigyan nio nako pls. Thank you:) It has been 3 days after my birthday and I'm still smiling thinking of what happened last Thursday! If you're a reader of my blog, you'd know how I usually celebrate my "special" day...by hibernating, holing up somewhere (traveling) or blogging. Lol. Anyway, I skipped all my events last August 23 so I could do the usual and then dinner with Mich. I've already planned my post birthday celebration with friends -- videoke with my blogger loves, drinking spree with cousins and neighbors, dinner with family. I've considered throwing a party before but decided against it, coz I know how busy people are and I'm not sure if pooling all my friends together is a good idea (some might feel out of place or I might not be able to entertain everyone). Last Thursday was different, it definitely topped all of my past birthdays, even my debut party! Naks. I was blindsided, in a good way, that Mich already planned a surprise party for me 2 weeks ago! Kaya pala no one reacts whenever I bring up my post birthday plans! Haha. Here's what happened through photos...

Picked up Mich from her office then walked to Chocolate Fire for dinner!
 my date! nakatakip sha ng unan coz naka muscle shirt sha. wahaha
iced tea na d ko mashado bet

greek salad yum!

potato chowder 

Grilled ham & cheese

Beef stew:)

Comfort food at it's finest!

kaya ayan, stomach bulges!

yummy dark chocolate pretzels!

wearing Wardrobe Check top, Primadonna belt, Thrifted skirt, House of Luxe necklace:)

Will just take decent photos of this outfit as soon as I get them back from the laundry! Hehe. Anyway, I was so full that I can't even breathe! So I kept on asking Mich if we could go so we could stroll (pang pababa ng kinain!). She kept asking me if we could go to Ponti for 1 glass of wine coz she said she read somewhere that it's good luck daw to toast on your birthday. I thought, "WTF, is that even true". Haha! But I kept on declining, told her I was not in the mood to drink and I want to people watch while drinking wine so it's best if we just go to Greenbelt, then maybe watch a movie after. But noooo, she was super persistent! I asked her 3x why she's pushing Ponti, "May surprise ka noh? Aminin mo na". She kept on denying and I kept on believing her. Haha. I really didn't have any inkling since I know how extremely busy my friends are. After several trips to the restroom, we finally left Chocolate Fire. Chocolate Fire and Ponti is just 1 corner away. So Mich doubled her effort in persuading me. I kept on saying no and asked her to just take my outfit pictures inside the underpass coz the lighting is nice there (haha). Then she said, "let's go to Ponti coz I asked the chef to bake a special cake for you! Sayang naman". Of course, I believed her. Haha. But I still tried to evade going by asking her to just get the cake while I wait downstairs. She dragged me so cge na nga. At Ponti's door I told Mich I'll just stay outside coz I could hear many people inside. Grabe pagka anti social noh? She was annoyingly insistent so I relented. The first person I saw was Mark Siggaoat. You all know him as Manel's VP or Owner (naks) but he's also a good friend. I got surprised when I saw him alone near the door but I didn't really think much of it coz he's a mainstay in Ponti (he's the friend of the owner, Pat). But when I heard Mich call my love and photographer friends Darz, that's when I got surprised! As in stupified. Lol. It suddenly dawned on me that surprise party to! Especially when I saw my cousins and blog friends na. It was the first time anyone threw a surprise party for me. Awww. As time passed, more and more realizations dawned on me. Kaya pala persistent sha na mag Ponti! Kaya pala she kept on asking me if we could stay longer in Chocolate Fire! Kaya pala she kept on checking my phone every once in a while (to get numbers of my friends daw)! Kaya pala no one answers me when I share with them my post bday plans! Couldn't stop smiling the whole night.:)

close friends from fashion! Darz, Benjo and my bff Jear:)

 close blog friends!

my dear cousins!

love you guys! 

thank you Darz and Benjo for this beautiful Tecson flowers! So chic!:)

Closer look! taken the day after.

cute arrangement and design!

Back to the party...
 cake blowing! This was the 2nd cake that night. Haha. Mich wasn't able to take a photo of the 1st one:)

Me: Eeeh nakakahiya!!! (hiding behind Ana or anyone) Cge na I'll blow na kahit walang wish para tapos agad! Haha (shy type?)

was still in a state of shock but tried to talk to everyone pa din. Love:))

hello Allan and his friend:) 

surprise video presentation! yung totoo guys ganyan lang walang speaker or projector? Haha

so I just watched it using Mich's earphones. Heh. Thank GF Ana for editing!:)

super touching:)))

Thank you to my blog friends and loves Ana, Reg, Krissy, Vern, Verniece, Dani, Seph, Shai, Bestie, Mommy Earth, Lana, Arnie, Kelly, Dennis, Denise of Yabu for the sweet  messages, my best friend Cecille and Taks (straight from Singapore!) for the lovely message and dance number! Haha. Thanks to my Cubao friends Chelle and Mommy Car for the love and performance and my Branders friend Hans for the photo! Haha. And of course, my love Mich, for the heartwarming, nakakaiyak message that ended the video. :)

 The much awaited..my favorite Ponti band, OVERTONE!:) And then the rest was history...
 Since Rockeoke the theme, Tracy, Sarah and Ana sang She Will Be Loved!:) Naks!

  Mich, Ana and Sarah sang Stolen! Awww.

 then Sarah stole Kuya's mic when Song 2 by BLUR came on. Wahaha!

All I remember were the jumping and screaming and laughing and non-stop hugging! Love;)
thanks Patrick and Mark for helping Mich!:)

thank you Niche for the astig Nick Automatic shirt!

groupies? haha

 the host, photographer and events organizer, Mich!:)

I dont' have any litanya or lengthy message, coz I know you all know how much I value each one of you. All of you being there made the night more epic than it already was. Thank you for all your efforts and time and doing things you don't normally do (like sing like a rockstar) for me!:) I heard Karylle and Yael was also supposed to go (I think they did go to another venue but the party was moved and they were not informed) so sayang but still touching. Thanks also to everyone who were part of the video! You are all awesome.:) I know how busy you all are, so thank you thank you:) Thanks also to everyone who sent birthday wishes and greetings. My family and friends are my treasure and with them I struck GOLD. And you Mich, you are diamond.:) I love you, all of you, with all my heart♥ Party ulit next weeK? Haha!

Click HERE for our playlist that night!

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  1. happy birthday Aisa.. ang cute ng video.. hoping you all the best in blogging and your styling career..ganda ng mga shots..party peepz lng lolz

  2. Happy birthday to you! :D Seems like you had a great party and celebration!

    Please check backtofive.blogspot.com out! You can also follow me at backtofive's twitter too!
    You have to visit Bloggers Against Social Injustice too!

    See you there! :D

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    xoxo backtofive

  3. So awesome!! Really sorry I wasn't able to go, alam mo naman dito sa Italy.. Hehe but I love you Pax! Glad you enjoyed your birthday!! :D

  4. Haha belated happy bday! :)

  5. Sobrang saya lang!!! Sana birthday bash mo every week para more more party! Haha we love you girl! Totoo ka dyan sa jumping, screaming, laughing and non-stop hugging! Cheers to a happier life and bonggang success for you!

  6. What a fun night, sis! Sobrang di ko na alam cocomment ko sa super saya ko hehe :) Love you!!!!! EPIC IS EPIC pag Aisa Ipac talaga!

  7. happy birthday again, babe!!:)

  8. The look on your face was just priceless, babe :)


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