Ilocos Trip Day 1 Part 2: Hello Also Paoay!

You've already seen some of the places we visited in Vigan, now you'll see more plus our visit to Paoay (the Marcoses' town!). Will narrate through photos!

Paoay Church
Whie taking this photo, someone approached me and told me she loves what I'm wearing. Awkward, but thanks!:)

there were students shooting! they're so cute.

 ganap outside

On our way to the other tourist places, we passed by a pasalubong place...
bet ko the polka dress ni girl! standout sha eh noh!

Free samples! Yummmyyy. Bibingka and Macaroons.

tourmates! cge kaiiin!

Also stopped for lunch at a local carinderia. In fair, masarap naman ang food! Dedma na sa plato ko (na 3 nag ulam) and plato ni Mich! Lol

We also went to Jurassic Park! Ay sorry d pala, Baluarte pala!
oooh. puro dinos.

Chavit's tigers. Rawr.

Chavit. Charot. Chavit's miniature ponies!

naamaze ako! or nabother ata. Pony na nga miniature pa! Mini mini to the highest level? So even if you can actually ride them, I chose not to. Wawa eh.:(

Then something strange happened while I was taking photos of Mich and the Ostriches...
ngeee! sino yan babe? I swear cute kuya just suddenly entered the frame and posed. He even called his wife to join. Lakas trip ka kuyaaa!

hello there beautiful

ganyan ako sa war. keri?

super pretty bird na ubod ng sungiiiit! Che!

bambi? and child??? is that you?

awww borlogs na sha. 

All animals are taken care of and are all owned by Gov. Chavit Singson. Asan ang white tigeeer???

Our next stop? Malacanang of the North!!!
I remember the last time I visited was when I was just 6 years old!!!

Bong Bong's room

5 Ferdinand Marcos wax figures. Ay! Ay! Si mich pala yung isa. Lol.

Ferdie and the queen. Me. Charot.

Can't help but smile and feel all jelly inside after reading these... Awww...
"To Imelda, Beyond eternity. I love you" (yun eeeh)

"To Imelda, my love, no matter how dark the night, how dreary the day, however heavy the burden of state and depressing the ways of friend..My soul lifts, my heart soars and my face lights up at just a glimpse of you." (*tears*)

dining room downstairs facing the veranda

may emo and uma outfit shot

guest room

walk in closet... i want!!! to open this cabinet. haha

THE Madame's room! Cuuute


personalized bag

Ferdie's office

love the mural behind me!

forgot kaninong bedroom to...


 ilang hapag kainan paaaa

We also passed by Ferdinand Marcos' mausoleum, but pictures were not allowed. Creepy sha and surreal ang feeling. Imagine walking in a dark room, with mala Gregorian music and props by the door. The only light in the room is by the crystal encasing his body on a bed of flowers.

self timer nalang! haha

Last stop: WINDMILLS!

work!!! haha

And that ends Day 1. So tiring and we were all itching to bathe na! Day 2 next!:)


  1. i love the photos you took sa mansion nila marcos. MORE! hehe they have style and class alright. it shows sa interior design ng room and the furniture's that is being used.

  2. Natawa ako a Bambi and child comment mo! haha!

  3. Wow! gusto ko din pumunta ng Ilocos. Sayang di kami natuloy ng mga officemates ko.

    Cool photos and nice look Ms. Aisa!

  4. awww! I've been there 2 years ago and i miss the place! winner ang bibingka nila! nakapagpapicture ka ba with Tom(tiger in Baluarte)? xx

  5. Wow! Na-improve na pala ang sighting sa Malacanang of the North! Last time I was there it's soo creepy... Or maybe dahil gloomy lang nun? HAHA oh well, nice blog post! LOVET!

  6. Hay nakaakinlove message ni Ferdi kay Meldi!!!! <3


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