Thank You, With Love.

Got several packages the past week! Thanks to everyone who sent stuff and also wished me a Happy Birthday:) Mwah!

ombre shorts from Thread Manila

sunshiney bag from Bags in the City

cute flats from Get Sole!

bag from Fab Manila

awesome sneaks from Shulong!

Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation from Human Nature! Love this. Pwede na pang substitute sa Photoready ko.

yummy pastries from Freeway, Ensembles!:)

more yummy food from my Primadonna fam!:)

from Serial Apparel! Been using the lipstick for days now:)

Accs from Zuri! Will give away some of these soon:)

Accs from my fave store I Am Girlie! They're on sale now!

I got 2 packages yesterday from Cebu Stylist and Bell Charms! Haven't taken photos yet though. Will post soon.:)

From Romwe!:)

Can't wait! Has it been 2 weeks already? Haha OA. Anyway, got the package before this batch the day of my birthday! 2 out of 3 pieces need alteration, but they're all so pretty! Can't wait to wear them!:) Have you shopped from ROMWE?


  1. OH MY! you are so lucky. ROMWE has the nicest clothes ever.

  2. I'm sorry for the late birthday greetings, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY AISA!! I LOVE YOU <3


  3. Love the floral dress from Romwe! =)

  4. Pretty gifts. Belated happy birthday Aisa! I always read your blog. <3

    xx Diana

  5. those gifts are love!! :) you're so lucky to have them..


  6. Oh my. Glad you loved the color or the lippie! :) happy birthday again aisa. :)

  7. panalo yung lengua de gato! wait for my tat gift na pang forever, ok!: )

  8. oh, better late than never! Happy Birthday :)


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