Late Post: MEG's Fete Rouge & FLIQUE Launch

I rarely go to events now, when I do, it usually happens all in one day/night. That's what happened 2 weeks ago when I went events hopping (4 events!) with my blogger loves.:) Here are photos from 2 magazine events we went to, MEG & FLIQUE! Will blog about our Bar Dolci experience some other time (it requires more work haha).

MEG Magazine celebrated their 14th year anniversary at 7th High last June 21, theme was Fete Rouge! Guests were encouraged to come in red. Of course, I came in my all denim all Giordano outfit. Lol. Got too lazy to change. :/ We also left before the program started. :(

 host Patty Laurel

Aside from it's 14th year celebration, this event also launched Meg's newest project, I Am Meg: Own the World in Style, the search for the next style ambassador! It's gonna be a reality TV show hosted by Bianca Gonzales.

Bianca interviewing the finalists

the finalists, styled by Ava!:)

Cover girl Marian Rivera with Meg's editorial team:) She was also the winner of Meg's face search 8 years ago!

We had to run to Opus next for Flique Magazine's launch party! Sarah and I changed at the back of Paul's car. Crazy. Lol. We were excited for this one coz the theme was 90's, kaya pinaghandaan! Haha. Here are photos from the successful launch where we went wild over our favorite 90's music. Haha.

 1st issue! It's more of a bloggers mag:)

 Flique's editorial team and owners!

hosted by Bianca Valerio

cover girl Yeng Constantino

with Wendy and Carlo of PBB! Love them

Forgot to take a photo of what I'm wearing but my peg is... myself. Lol. While some people took inspiration from Clueless and Mean Girls, I decided to stick to my style nalang. Haha. I wore a plaid distressed sweatshirt with "Welcome to the 90s" written in front, a neon green bodycon skirt and neon green wedges, plus of course my light wash denim jacket! Couldn't get any more 90's than that:) Anyway, congratulations FLIQUE! Can't wait for the next issue!:)

That's all for now! More posts lateeer. Good morning! Happy Saturday!

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  1. Taray ng peg mo tey, myself! Hahahahah! ;D To more fun nights! :)


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