Late Post: The Flawless Experience

With 3 other blogger loves, I had the privilege of touring the Flawless office and chatting with the fabulous owner herself Ms. Rubby Sy! Plus, we were able to watch the super hot Divine Lee work it in front of the camera for Flawless' new campaign. Here are photos from that beauty filled day!

shoot was nearly done when I arrived. Here's Mother D looking fierce! 

You can view some of the shoot outtakes in Flawless' Online Magazine, Flaunt. Click HERE
Mother Divine with gorgeous stylist Matt Gozun:)

I was directed to a room where the interview was taking place. Thysz was already on a roll when I entered...

Thysz interviewing the beautiful and sexy Flawless owner Ms. Rubby Sy

love her office!!! so kikay like her:)


We were also able to chat with Flawless' head doctor and she explained all the procedures, as well as the well-researched and medically consistent skin products Thysz asked about (wasn't able to contribute coz I don't really go to aesthetic clinics..never had a facial in my life!). After hearing all her explanations, I've decided to try them all out! The bearable ones at least, those which doesn't require 2 weeks hibernation. Hehe. I'm super excited to try their newest one Frac N' Roll (or Fractional Needling Therapy) coz it's this revolutionary procedure where they use tiny needles to infuse effective and safe (as in approved by whoever the authority in skin care is) serums that could remove acne, scars, wrinkles, dark spots, stretch marks, and hair loss. They had me at hair loss! You all know how problematic my hair is, being super thin and all. Learn more about Frac N' Roll HERE.

Ms. Rubby toured us around and showed us their mineral makeup line, Priori!
They have a foundation, concealer and finishing powder.

they also have these super soft brushes

Priori is the first and only eco-friendly, Perfecting Minerals with CoffeeBerry® extract that protects and nurtures your skin without negatively impacting our environment! Ms. Rubby was kind enough to give us a set each! Woooow! Ana and I loveeeee it:) It's perfect to use after undergoing a skin procedure when your face is all red or  when you're purging. 

We also took home this amazing eyelash conditioner, REVITALASH! This is sold at Flawless branches:) I only used this for 3 days (so busy I always forget) so I don't have a ready review. Ms. Rubby said you could see improvement in as little as 2 weeks. Cool!

sample wall that could be found in stores. It is divided into different skin sections.

They also showed us their mock-up treatment room and training rooms:)
training on going

 they even have a classroom inside! wow

 we then went back to the skincare room where we asked more questions. They carry the famous Cosmelan brand.

 Thank you Flawless!!!:)

Ms. Rubby adopt me. Haha. She's so sweet and funny and kikay! It was a pleasure spending time with her. She could easily ask someone to tour us around and do all the work, but she chose to do it herself. Dedication at its best. She represent her brands well, no wonder it went places. :) Excited for my Flawless consultation next week!:) 

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  1. Hahaha Ms. Ruby adopt me too! We love her talaga! :) Can't wait to try the Frac N Roll! :)


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