The New & Improved TheMall.ph!

Yes, you guessed it right--online shopping!!! I CANNOT WAIT. Attended an intimate bloggers lunch at The Gallery, Eastwood Richmonde Hotel last week hosted by the TheMall.ph team. :) Janey Aniban of The Mall/Stylebible said it will probably take 1 year to finally launch the e-commerce platform, but it's definitely worth the wait if you think of all the amazing products you'd be able to buy with just a few clicks. Yipeeee. Since it's overseen by the fashionable people behind Stylebible, expect only the best selection of stylish merchandise (clothes, shoes, accessories, novelty items) from different brands you/we love.

I'm sure you're familiar with this budding relatively new site (I think it was launched last year) that serves as a support or online shopping directory for their sister sites Stylebible, Cosmo, etc.

 Nikki Santiago of Stylebible talks about the new & improved TheMall.ph!

TheMall.ph is a virtual shopping mall that serves as an online storefront for budding local brands as well as retail establishments. 

Ms Isha Andaya explaining about site improvements and TheMall as a shopping/selling platform.

They have a lot of interesting features! 

Steal Her Style feature! Yiiii Sarah!:)

You can even mix and match clothes, Polyvore style!

Love their search function!:) You can easily sort products based on what you're looking for:)

I love how user friendly it is, easy to navigate, lots of interesting features and they consistently show you how to wear certain items or trends. So, have you signed up?:)

Nikki, Mark and Janey <3

 with my loves Alyssa and Mother Shen!

Oh and mark your calendars!!!
The Mall.ph
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