Colorblock + La Boca

Went to the Rayban La Boca launch last week (which was a blast!) after a shoot I did for Unionbank. Theme was colorblocking so I had to come up with something that I can wear to the event and to the shoot. Talk about hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. Here's what I came up with...

Thrifted Christian Lacroix top, SM skirt, VNC pumps

 Ensembles belt, Sugar Kissed neon necklace, Les Roux white bracelet, Mauve studded bracelet

I love how my new favorite statement neon necklace from Sugar Kissed complemented my thrifted Christian Lacroix top (which was quite a steal I must say). Colorblocking ba kamo? Haha. 

 So anyway, here are the photos from that day!
I had to carry 4 shopping bags as props. why am i not surprised. Hee.

with THE Wig Tysman! You all know how I can only do awkward poses and smiles and I was terrified (also knowing how good he is), but he guided me and encouraged me, so thank you Sir!:) Surreal.

with other "mowdels kuno" and the Unionbank girls. Thanks Pia!

Here are photos from the Rayban La Boca launch at Buddha Bar! Crazy!:)
design your own La Boca! 

Nicole Anderson

Paul worked on his design for like 30 mins! Effort! Well it paid off coz he won!:)

a stamp for my passport! Yipee

the show started at around 10pm. Models + Ambassadors walked the stage!:)

with raleene, josh (brother of Urbandub's singer Gab) and ms. soki of warner music (photo from ral)

 polaroid with Niche!

I won't tell you about what happened after the party (it was all a blur haha) but I do remember having the best time! Paul and I even had a brief photo op with Anne Curtis (which I only vaguely remember haha). So thank you Rayban! Thanks also to their pretty PR girl JM for taking care of us.:)



  1. I love this colorful look on you Aisa. :)


  2. girl i love your outfit her!!!!!

  3. i love your outfit, it looks like barbie :)

  4. gosh.. Where should I start from? The whole outfit looks so classy !! The necklace is gorgeous ! : )
    PS- Do stop by my blog sometime..

  5. I love the outfitey! Winner your Christian Lacroix thrifted top! :)

  6. very pretty colors going on your outfit!! LOVE it!!

    paint it stripes

    New Photo Diary is up dear, Hope you can check it out :)

  7. You look great! Love your necklace! :)

  8. Love the top! I remember borrowing that for our fashion show, ate pax! Love it! Plus I love the necklace :)


  9. Nice look! :) love the accessories!

  10. such a cute dress! :)
    i love the colorful necklaces! :)

  11. love your outfit! each piece of clothing perfectly matches together !

  12. Denise Cabotage5/07/2012 2:38 AM

    I love this outfit the most!!!! :) Gandara!!! :)


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