Postura 24: Geeky MOD

Yey, it's a holiday tomorrow! And it's the much awaited Manila Music Fest. I might be going with my loves Paul and our PR guy Niche. MIGHT. Still got a lot of work to do though for Bloggers United and my styling gigs. Gaaah. Ana and I had been working over our BU tasks over Voxer (seriously, it's the shiznit). One month to go til the 3rd Bloggers Bazaar! Hope to see you all there:)

Anyway, here's another outfit post! Inspired by 60s MOD again. Taken from our rooftop earlier. Hee.
 The Ramp MOD colorblock dress

Love this dress which I got online via The Ramp's online store!:)  Delivery is super fast too. It was delivered the next day! Anyway, this dress is definitely for keeps. It's classy, chic, subtly sexy. You can easily dress this piece up or down.  Love the vintagey design/style!

The Style Machine hello kitty glasses. Best way to hide dark circles! Hehe.

 Holic fangs & cross necklace, Jhajing love necklace

 Jhajing snake bangle, Envy leather bracelet

Topped off the look with locally made accessories from Holic and Envy, as well as pieces from Jhajing. :) Postura love. Also obsessed with this Miu Miu inspired heels and my new peepers from The Style Machine! Love the bow and the print!:)

Okay got to run, have to work (my real fulltime work)! Also meeting Ava tomorrow, i mean later. Have a nice holiday!:)

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  1. hope u have fun tomorrow! Oh and I love your shoes!

  2. Love the Shoes!!!! =)


  3. I love your Miu Miu-esque shoes! :)


  4. cute photos :) love the simple look.



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