Laura Mercier Belle Nouveau x Jeffrey Tasker Launch

I was one of the lucky few who got to take a peek see at Laura Mercier's newest collection named Belle Nouveau last March 26 at The Commissary, White Space. I was there with my babe Sarah and also saw blogger loves Martha & Shen! Most of the attendees were magazine editors. Wowza. Anyway, here are photos from the event!

When I got there I saw a long table intimate set-up and top makeup artist Jeffrey Tasker doing live product demos in front. I seriously love him! He can be my cool and chic tito. Hihi. I was amazed as to how he could effortlessly transform anyone by just using 1 type of palette (for example, using the Lip Print as an eyeshadow, blush and lipstick!). 

 mini Q&A game!

live demo

Products were passed around and of course Sarah and I wasn't able to stop ourselves from trying them!

This pop out palette/palette organizer would be out soon! I think whoever thought of this is a genius. Now you can create your own palette, mix and match, store your makeup well. :)  It is lightweight which makes it perfect to take with you anywhere.

Now you have to have this Eye Canvas. It is an eyeshadow primer that works for everyone!:)

We went gaga over Laura's new line of polish! It comes in several colors & conveniently quick drying. Yey!

Sarah and I trying out the nail polish! We looove.

Laura's makeup artist Qua and Jeffrey with the model and Meg beauty editor Ning Hilario

Here are the other Belle products to watch out for!

Laura’s inspiration for 2012 draws from her background as a fine art painter and focuses on the mood and attitude of women through different art periods. For Summer 2012, she invites you to escape to a dream world that explores creativity through colour, taking inspiration from Art Nouveau's innovative spirit and painted posters. This poetic embrace of sugary happy tones in sheer textures sets the mood—soft but daring, playful yet romantic.

Chic. Confident. Playful
The face is touched in clouds of colour that bring sophistication without strong definition. Highlights include sheer milky pastel eyes and translucent lips printed in colour. Skin is illuminated with a soft, healthy touch of bronzer and glow. 

Caviar Stick Eye Colour - I've never tried this but Sarah said this eyeshadowon a stick does wonders! 

Creme Lip Print - I must have this! This product is so versatile. Use it as an eyeshadow, blush or lipstick. It works trust me, saw it with my own eyes!

Eye Basic - This is perfect it you want your eyes to look lively and hide imperfections. You can wear it as it  is or before applying eyeshadow.

Lip Glace - comes in numerous, yummy colors. Texture on the lips when applied is fine too:)

Long Lash Mascara - If you're on a quest to finding the perfect mascara (like me), then I'm sure you would love this! Don't be fooled by the color blue, it's not blue when applied. It doesn't run or smudge. Coolio.

Oil Free Supreme Foundation - this innovative new oil-free foundation will give your face the ultimate coverage! It doesn't feel heavy and stays on for hours.;)

Sheer Creme Colour (bronzer) - it's an ultra sheer face creme that when applied provides a healthy glow!

Sheer Creme Eye Colour - If you're not a fan of eyeshadows then this one is for you! It's colored but more subtle than the regular eyeshadow. 

Tone Perfecting Eye Gel Creme - this I must have! Too bad I don't have this in my loot bag. Huhu. This awesome product brightens and perfects the eye area. It also reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, giving the eye area a visibly brighter, more awakened look. NEED.
I would  definitely save up for the items on my wishlist! Coz you know, you could never have enough Laura. I think some of the items I mentioned are already available at Laura Mercier stores!:) Let me know what you got!:) Oh, and watch out for my giveaway;)

 Can you guess what I'm giving away? Soon!:)

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